Meal Planning

Life is about planning.  Don’t wait to be acted upon, you do the acting.  A big part in being healthy is planning and preparation!  My life is so much easier when I do a monthly meal plan!

Here are a few ideas for you-

Plan a month at a time… then if you are feeling lazy, reuse the month later!  Thomas doesn’t complain about eating the same meal once a month…

My biggest help is planning by “genre”
Genre one – meat based – chicken, hamburger, seafood, red meat, pork… you get the idea.
Genre two- grain based – rice, noodles, bread, corn, potato, bean….
Genre three (which is what I personally do) – by cuisine type -Comfort, Italian, Meatless, Soup, Breakfast, Mexican, Pizza Night, Grill, Ethnic

1) Pick a main genre and then pick 7 sub categories (one for each day of the week)
2) Write all 7 of those genres on a piece of paper and write down every meal you have ever made or eaten that fits the category.

Ex: Breakfast:
French Toast
German Pancakes
Egg Sandwich
Scrambled eggs
Breakfast Burritos 
The list is endless just for this category!

3) Print off a free calendar from the internet.
4) Put your genre at the top of each day of the week.
6) Now use your lists you just made and fill it in with what sounds good and what you want to make.  If  you are wanting to try a new recipe… then put “new recipe” in that spot.
7) Now decide what day of the week you want to shop (Wednesdays are my day) and then plan to buy the next week’s meal ingredients.

I love this method… it saves me so much time because the decisions are made!

I don’t plan snacks or lunches… I just plan on buying the fruits and veggies that are on sale that week to be sides and snacks.  Lunch we normally have left overs, quesadillas, noodles with butter and Parmesan, sandwiches, or tortilla chips with melted cheese (nachos!).

Breakfast  is plan based on the day of the week and it doesn’t change week to week!
S- Pancakes or Waffles
M- Oatmeal
Tues – Eggs
W- Oatmeal
Th- Pancakes or waffles
F- Oatmeal
Sat- Cold Cereal

Oatmeal is cheap and wonderful.  Don’t buy the instant stuff, it’s nasty… we put honey, cream, yogurt, frozen berries, coconut oil, and/or cinnamon in ours.  Even Macey eats it up!  On Sunday I normally make a double batch of the pancakes or waffles and then freeze the rest for Thursday.  I almost always add pumpkin to my waffles and pancakes just to make them a little bit better!

Do you do any wonderful planning that I should know about???
Don’t let the planning stop there… I alway plan the days I do laundry, clean the bathroom, ect.  It frees up a lot of time because I know what needs to be done, do it, and move on!

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I’d like to see your list of ideas for the other nights.

LOVE IT!!! You are so inspiring! I MUST do this! Thank you!

Bless This Mess - About Me

I’m Melissa, and I want to help you feed your family wholesome food.

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