Meal Planning for Busy Moms

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Meal planning: Save time, save money, and take the stress out of dinner! This is a foolproof method for easy meal planning, including free printables!

Meal planning is a lifesaver and if it is new to you or you have gotten out of the habit, I’m here to help! You need meal planning in your life! Here’s why:

Meal Planning Saves You Time.

No more worrying about what you are going to feed your family. With a plan, you know just what you are going to make so you can get right into the kitchen and get it done. It also makes a trip to the store faster because you aren’t wandering the aisles trying to see “what looks good” that day. Instead, you have a shopping list and a plan.

Meal Planning Saves You Money.

You can plan around sales, what is in season, and healthy inexpensive whole foods. When you use a meal plan, you also eat out less often and buy fewer expensive convenience foods. Meal planning also helps to cut down on food waste in your kitchen because you know what’s in the fridge and how/when it is going to be used.

Meal Planning Makes Your Life Easier.

This is the biggest reason you should meal plan. Even if you have ample money and ample time, everyone needs less stress in their life. When you choose to meal plan, you free up so much mental space. No more last minutes scrambles to get dinner on the table. No more dreading 5 o’clock because you have no idea what you are going to make, and no more frustration over spoiled food in the fridge.

How to plan dinner:

1. Pick Your Plan.

Pick a main genre and then pick 7 sub categories (one for each day of the week).
Genre One: Meat-Based – chicken, hamburger, seafood, red meat, pork… you get the idea.
Genre Two: Grain-Based – rice, pasta, bread, corn, potatoes, beans, lentils.
Genre Three: By Cuisine Type – Comfort, Italian, meatless, soup, breakfast, Mexican, pizza night, grill, ethnic, slow cooker. This is what I personally do.

2. Make Master Lists.

Write all 7 of those genres on a piece of paper and write down all the meals that you can think that fits the category. These are the lists that I use most often and any hyperlinks in the lists will take you to recipes on my blog.

Example. Category: Soup

Tortellini soup
Potato soup
Corn chowder
Vegetable soup
Taco soup
ABC Soup

Example. Category: Mexican/Tex-Mex

Meat enchiladas
Sweet potato and black bean enchiladas
Traditional ground beef tacos
Slow cooker pork tacos
Smothered burritos
Taco salad with chili
Quinoa stuffed bell peppers

Example. Category: Breakfast for Dinner

French toast
Waffles with buttermilk syrup
Pancakes with berry sauce
German pancakes
Egg sandwich
Breakfast burritos
Egg and potato bake

Example. Category: Italian

Spaghetti with meatballs
Slow cooker veggie lasagna
Easy baked pasta
Creamy bacon pasta with tomatoes

Example. Category: Ethnic

Peanut noodles
Green curry
Red curry
Fried rice

Example. Category: Pizza Night

French bread pizza
DIY mini pizzas
Deep Dish Skillet Pizza

Example. Category: Comfort Food

Biscuits and sausage gravy
Chicken “nuggets”
Chicken noodles
Chicken pot pie
Easy Stove Top Chicken and Rice

Example. Category: Super Easy

Oven sandwiches
Egg sandwiches
Baked potatoes
Stovetop mac-n-cheese
Grilled cheese and tomato soup (store-bought soup)

The possibilities are endless! The goal is to write down things that you know how to make and are comfortable making, and that aren’t new to you (new recipes have their own spot). This list-making process will streamline your meal planning so much, so don’t skip it. This is what makes it easy too! You can make lists for your favorite slow cooker meals, meatless meals, or anything else that you think you might want. Don’t feel like you have to only choose seven categories to make lists for either, you might want to have 9-10 master lists to draw from. It’s up to you!

This is your master list. Don’t lose it! I recommend saving it on your computer under a very easy title so you can look it up.

3. Print off a free calendar.

Lucky for you, I have a free monthly calendar for you to download! Yay! It even has a space under each day of the week for you to write in the category that you are going to use. I also have free weekly calendar for you in addition to my monthly plan to have more room to write. This is a great tool for writing your shopping list. Sign up below to download both files and print them out!

4. Fill Out Your Monthly Calendar.

Put one genre at the top of each day of the week. This might vary from month to month depending on your schedule and the season. I tend to do my “Quick and Easy” list during baseball season and I like to swap out something in the summer to plan for a grilling night (normally Saturday). Now use the lists you just brainstormed for each category and fill in the calendar with what sounds good and what you want to make. Incorporate any date nights, eating out, family events, and designated leftover nights (I use my leftovers for Sundays so I don’t have to cook one day a week).

I’m also mindful of the day of the week and how busy it is. Tuesdays are always really busy with music lessons and Scouts, so I plan on really easy, fast, or slow cooker meals for that night. This is also a great time to specify trying a new recipe. One of your categories can be “new recipes” or you can just stick a few in with whatever category they fit. I normally only plan for one or two new recipes a week (or none depending on how busy life feels), but I’ll rarely try more than that in a week.

5. Fill Out Your Weekly Calendar.

One day a week (I like to do this on Saturday or Sunday), sit down with your monthly meal plan and a blank weekly meal plan. Fill in your week and make note of any sides you might want to add or plan on making. This is a great time to “shop the sale” and plan on sides based on what is on sale. I’ll also make a note if I’m making something in addition to the main dish, like breadsticks or rice. Make a shopping list for the week and plan your shopping day. When you get home from your shopping trip (I shop Monday mornings), you can plan to do a bit of meal prep to make your nights even easier (more on that coming soon).

Then all that is left is to use your plan and love it! No more guessing what’s for dinner. No more digging around the cupboards trying to put dinner together. You can make a few months worth of monthly meal plans and then just cycle through them.

Meal planning: Save time, save money, and take the stress out of dinner! This is a foolproof method for easy meal planning, including free printables!
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Since dinner isn’t the only meal you have to make, I thought I’d also share with you how to plan lunches. Planning lunches and breakfast is pretty simple but it’s extra. If you only have energy for planning one meal a day, I find planning dinner the most helpful.

How to Plan Lunch:

When it comes to lunches, I like to have a few main “go-tos” that I know I almost always have the ingredients for in the house. I have a list of my go-tos inside one of my cabinets for an easy reminder. I also like to make “salad in a jar” for myself and have those on hand. Here’s what we normally have for lunch: tuna salad, egg salad, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, homemade “lunchables,” nachos, or leftovers from dinner. Those few ideas are quick, easy, and I generally have everything for most of them. Lunch is low-key and not as planned, but I still have an idea of what I’m going to make most days of the week.

How to Plan Breakfast:

Breakfast is planned based on the day of the week and it doesn’t change week to week.

Sunday – Pancakes or Waffles (make a double batch to reheat on Thursday)
Monday – Oatmeal
Tuesday – Eggs
Wednesday – Oatmeal
Thursday – Pancakes or waffles
Friday – Eggs
Saturday – Cold cereal or granola and yogurt

Easy! I love cold cereal on the weekend because the kids can get it for themselves and I can stay in bed an extra minute or two.


You can plan out your snacks or you can keep a list of things that you can eat inside your cupboard with your list of easy lunch ideas. I do the latter. Here are some of the snacks that I like to keep on hand: nuts, string cheese, boiled eggs, fruit leather, homemade energy bites (date balls/homemade Larabars), fresh fruit and vegetables, hummus, black olives, good dark chocolate, frozen fruit and bananas for smoothies. And these snacks in jars that I can prep in advance!

Meal Planning

Tips for success:

• Be flexible: No one can plan for everything, and that’s fine. A meal plan is there to make life easier, not to bind you to some sort of eating contract.
• Go basic: If you’re new to meal planning, just focus on planning out one meal a day, such as dinner, and keep it simple. Now’s not the time to try out seven different dinner recipes using unfamiliar ingredients. Stick to tried-and-true basic recipes you know and love.
• Overlap ingredients: Plan out meals that use the same ingredients. If you roast veggies for pasta on Monday, make enough so you can use the leftover veggies in tomorrow’s lunch wrap or in eggs.

And there you have it, a small novel on meal planning. I can’t wait for you to try this and to love it!


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  1. Jessie says:

    I LOVE this post! You break it down so efficiently, completely awesome!! Thank you very much for writing this!

    1. Melissa says:

      I love hearing that! Thank you for taking the time to comment, that made my day.

  2. Gita says:

    Thank you for making this ‘chore’ so easy, sensible and fun. God bless YOU!

  3. Angela Ter Zakarian says:

    HI Melissa,

    I think the best way to make a meal plan is to indulge a plan in which the recipes for the week use the same ingredients.These reduce the food waste and grocery bill only because you have left a bunch of ingredients in the fridge that way used only once. And further, every dinner recipe should be covered up with the following day’s lunch so you have leftovers which means less planning and cooking!

    And yet to mention, these tips are great, thanks for sharing.


  4. Maryjane says:

    I love the detail here! I can’t wait to start planning:)

  5. Rosana says:

    Very helpful tips on meal planning. Your method is so simple and easy to follow????

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    This is great! I love your schedule templates! I included a link to your post in my blog about new years resolutions for moms 🙂

  7. Tiffany Sorenson says:

    I meal plan each month but didn’t have a master list. Yesterday, after reading your post, I made a master list and linked everything! Yay!

  8. katie w says:

    Whoa, this post is amazing! I love meal planning but I’ve been slacking off since the New Year. Your printables are great!

    1. Melissa says:

      So glad you can use it! It’s so handy when you just get it done!