How to Freeze Bananas

This is the Best Way to Freeze Bananas! Stock up while bananas are on sale and keep your stash in the freezer for smoothies.

How to Freeze Bananas stock up while they are on sale and keep them in the freezer for smoothies!

How to Freeze Bananas

Frozen bananas will change your smoothie life and I’m here to show you how I do it.

When you freeze bananas and blend them, they almost have the consistency of homemade ice cream. Some kind of magic happens and they just get amazingly smooth and creamy. Frozen bananas are a great base for smoothies. They are very sweet, they are a pretty inexpensive fruit, and that texture just can’t be beat.

To start your frozen banana collection, I would buy 3-4 extra banana bunches for the week and let them rest on the counter until they get nice and ripe. Then freeze them all at the same time and you’ll have a nice stash for when you need them. I like to keep two bags in the freezer. One I am using, and one I am adding to. Once I have a stash built up, then I’ll just buy an extra bunch of bananas a week and put them in the freezer as they ripen. When I empty the “using” bag, I start using the bag I was adding to, and then that first bag becomes the bag that I add to. It’s a simple way to rotate through your supply.

My kids are also awful about getting a whole banana by themselves and then eating 3 bites and leaving the rest somewhere for me to find. So now instead of trying to save the banana and get them to eat it later (and in Southern Utah they end up dehydrating on the counter before they eat them), I just break off the top where they bit it and then throw the rest of the banana in my frozen banana bag in the freezer.

Sometimes I can get overripe bananas for free or on major discount and I always take advantage of that. I like to peel them all and break off any parts that are really black. I took this picture to show you what I do and don’t keep. If you can see, some of the bananas are a bit soft and bruised looking but the parts that I’m throwing out are definitely black and getting slimy. I’m sure you could use them I just don’t like to. I think that they start to have a rotten flavor to them that I can even taste in banana bread, so I give those pieces to the chickens.

How to Freeze Bananas stock up while they are on sale and keep them in the freezer for smoothies!

Then I break all of the bananas into pieces. If you have a high power blender you could break them into 2 to 3 inch pieces. If you have a more traditional blender then I would recommend breaking them into smaller 1 inch pieces. This is a great job for your kitchen helpers.

How to Freeze Bananas stock up while they are on sale and keep them in the freezer for smoothies!

We just stack them on a baking sheet, add a lid, and stick them in the freezer for at least 4 hours.

After they have started to freeze, we break the banana pieces apart and stick them in freezer bags.

How to Freeze Bananas stock up while they are on sale and keep them in the freezer for smoothies!

I’ve skipped the baking sheet step before and just chucked a whole lot of ripe bananas in a freezer bag. They were quite hard to get apart because they were all frozen together. I had to chisel then apart to use them! That being said, it is ok to add a banana or two worth of pieces to the bag of already frozen bananas without pre-freezing them (this is how I keep my supply up, remember).

We have smoothies 5-6 days a weeks and so we use a whole lot of bananas!

My husband asked me if I could freeze bananas for Banana Bread and I have no idea. Do any of you freeze bananas for banana bread? Do you let them thaw first?! I’d love some more information on it if you do.

Now run out and stock up on some bananas, because I have a huge smoothie post and a Blendtec blender giveaway planned for Friday (UPDATE… I’m a month off, check back at the end of April… oops)! You’ll want to be prepared.

Now you know how to freeze bananas! And if you’re interested, here’s my two cents on how to freeze asparagus.

For your eating pleasure, here’s a few smoothie recipes you’ll love:

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Best Way to Freeze Bananas!

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57 Responses
  1. I always freeze my old bananas skin n all. I think they r much tastier when they get old in the freezer. They then thaw out n slide right outta the skin. However I do keep them longer than 6 months in there with no issues at all. They create some liquid which adds more flavor to breads. I was reading, up to 6 months in freezer but I have no problem keeping them longer. GREAT turn out!??

  2. Cathy

    I freez my bananas in the skin whole. I make banana bread, banana cake, smoothies. I put my bananas in the microwave for 1 minute peel them and make my recipe.

  3. Terry

    Yes I freeze my bananas for bread, I freeze them whole 3 to a bag that is what my recipe call’s for. I let them set on the counter while get everything ready they threw enough to mash and I am on my way to bread.

  4. Nicolette

    I always freeze my bananas in their skins. It’s super easy to peel off once frozen. You can take the bananas out and let them thaw for a few minutes then just take a knife and sling them. You can let them thaw longer then they will literally just slip off.

    I freeze my bananas for banana bread all the time, no issue. And you can freeze bananas before they go black, the skin blackens in the freezer naturally, its very interesting. Still work perfectly!

  5. Jovanna

    I enjoyed reading your post since in my family im known to be the one to freeze absolutely anything and wvwrything to cut on waste and add on oreservation. To answer your question, yes, you can most certainly freeze bananas for bread making, I do it all the time. I actually leave the skin on my bananas as I freeze thwm to helo with the freezer burn situation. I allow my bananas to ripen fully in order to allow the natural sugars to develop then i freeze them whole. When im going to ise them for bread recepie, i take the ones i need, place them in a large bowl and let them thaw..once thawed, i remove tge skin and add all of my ingredients, all that is, except sugar, its not needed. Then when my breads are about 3/4 of the way done i pull them oyt of the oven add toppins like chocolate chips, mini marshmellows graham crackers, shreded coconut, and other fruits or leave them plain then put them back into the over to finish baking. once baking time is completed I allow them to cool enough for me to handle them in their pans before unmolding for individual wrapping in plastic wrap(by now you can guess I gift and sell them lol ) they also freeze very well for up to a week.,and thaw perfectly well for eating….but they dont really last that long…lol

  6. Stephanie

    I left the skin on and sliced into small pieces. I did this for baby food for my grand baby. Unthawed in microwave on low power for less than a minute since they are sliced about a quarter inch thick. Then mashed it up since she is only 6 months. Only about 20 percent power.

  7. I’ve always Wondered about this. My blenders on the pathetic side so I would worry that I’d get lumps in the smoothies when they have not broken down properly. Any tips?

  8. Tena

    Yes you can freeze the whole banana in the freezer. When you are ready to make banana bread the bananas out of the freeze about 20-30. When they thaw a bit the peel comes right off. Frozen solid you can’t get the peep off and you have to cut the peel off with a knife.

  9. I toss my ripe bananas peel and all in the freezer and when I make banana bread I just thaw them out and whip it up. I am of the mind the riper the better so I will wait until they are almost black before I freeze and I get begged to make my bread

    1. Mine don’t with the peel gone! Weird huh, if you let them thaw on the counter though they turn brown as they do, but they come out of the freezer just the way you put them in.

    2. Lydia

      We peel our bananas once they are ripened, break them in half and put one and a half bananas in a sandwich bag and freeze them, we add chocolate or vanilla Slim Fast, coconut almond milk, and ice to fill a blender. This makes enough to fill two tumblers, and we drink it on our way to work. The bananas have never turned brown.

  10. alyce

    I freeze banannas for my bananna bread in slow cooker. I think my bananna bread is 10 times better using banannas that have been frozen. I let them thaw out first and the mash and mix them. I understand when you say they turn into a creamy like texture.
    im glad to hear you do this…I thought I was going a bit over the top lol but after reading this piece it def makes sense.

    I am branching out to smoothies. 🙂

  11. MiChelle

    I use frozen bananas but I let them thaw all the way and then I squeeze them out of the skins into the bowl. Perfect every time and the bread only lasts a day in our house!

  12. kea

    I do freeze bananas for banana bread. I now will freeze them your way for smoothies. I just put a very ripe banana in the freezer. I don’t wrap them. I just lay them on a rack. When I want to use them, I peel them and they are very easily smashed for the banana bread.

    Easy Shmeezy!

  13. YUMMMYY! I followed the recipe exactly. It turned out wonderfully moist. One of my boys did’nt care for the frosting but, I loved it and so did everyone else. I had never heard of banana cake but, this is one great cake and flavorful. The best part is how moist it is. I will make this for sure again. Thanks for posting. As my kids would say ” this rocks”.

  14. The taste of this was great, and it was very easy to make. I didn’t cook it long enough and so there was a somewhat soggy, floury area in the center, but that’s my fault! LOL Made another one today and cooked it longer; it got VERY brown. I sent it home with gf, but she’ll let me know how it was. Great,I’me sure! Thanks for the easy tasty recipe.

  15. Toni

    I freeze bananas often precisely for use in banana bread. I freeze them in their skins and just take a couple out when needed. Slit the skin and the mushy banana slides right out.

  16. Lisa

    HI, just a little information for you. I bake banana bread quite often, my husband and mother love my banana bread. When I buy bananas to eat, my husband started leaving 1 or 2 on purpose and tell me, “oops, I guess you will have to make banana bread with those”. Little did he know, I need at least 5 bananas to make one bread. I started putting them in freezer bags, smashing them up, and when I had enough to make bread, I will pull some out, thaw it, and make bread. Comes out great!

  17. Bonnie

    I use frozen bananas in banana bread regularly. Just let them thaw, smash them with a fork, and add them in. I rarely use bananas that have not been frozen in the bread. Use a yellow cake mix and add two thawed frozen bananas for a great banana cake also.

  18. Lois

    I just cut up each banana and wrap the whole banana in saran wrap, that way I pull just one out of the freezer and put in my smoothie. Works great for me. My freezer is full so I don’t have room for a whole pan of bananas.

  19. Hailey Beth

    Love this! I’ve always wondered if there was an easier way than chiseling them apart and here it is 🙂 Also, I’ve used my smoothie stash for banana bread! Sometimes, it’s even tastier!

  20. Amanda

    America’s test kitchen actually says to microwave your bananas to get the watery goodness out of them – it ups the banana flavor without adding density. If they’re frozen you get the water as they thaw. Good stuff – don’t discard!

    1. Yep, after they are frozen I put them in freezer bags then they look like that for a good long time. I found an old bag in the freezer a week or so ago and it was probably 6 months old and bananas were just starting to brown. Use them frozen in your smoothies. If you let them sit at room temperature to thaw then they turn to brown goo.

  21. tari

    I get frosty bananas when I freeze them. I usually break into thirds and double bag, yet they always have the frost. I’ve turned up the setting in my freezer too. Any suggestions?

    1. Hmmm. I’m not sure. Does the extra frost bug you? In my mind it doesn’t really hurt anything. Most of the time if your freezer is getting extra ice accumulation it is because it doesn’t have a tight seal which allows it to suck in air for the outside which condenses and makes the ice. I have a freezer that does this really bad right now but everything gets really icy and I have to defrost is every few months.

  22. Dana @3boysunprocessed

    Pinned! I need to start freezing in bulk for smoothies. They just aren’t the same unless the banana is frozen! Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. Nicole

    I found you researching if I should run electricity to my coop a few months ago….and now I found this I needed when my Mr brought home 5 bunches of bananas. Lol
    I guess I need to check in with you and look around here more! Lol

  24. Love this post, I also have kids who partially consume some of the banana and then don’t want to finish it! I will cut it and freeze it to make cakes instead of finishing everyone’s leftover bananas. I love them but don’t always feel like eating them.

  25. Lindsay

    I use frozen bananas in banana bread all the time. Sometimes I’ll pull them out and let them sit in my mixer with my butter while they both soften. I’ve microwaved them for a second too. One thing that helps me is to break my bananas in thirds so that it’s easy for me to remember how many frozen pieces equal one banana 🙂

  26. Mary gilkey

    I freeze bananas whole in the peel for banana bread. I remove them from the freezer to thaw, peel and smash for my recipe. No water problem so not sure what that is about.

  27. I love freezing bananas for smoothies. I have made banana “ice cream” several times which is such a nice treat. My baker grandmother always taught me that the moisture that you don’t drain the produce you freeze before mixing it in to your baked goods. Just thaw and use as directed. I have never had any problems.

    1. That was a hacked up comment. Scatterbrained I am today. My grandmother taught me the moisture was part of the recipe (the liquid is always there, it just looks different when it is fresh vs. frozen).

  28. Amy-Alisa

    I use frozen bananas in my banana bread, I just set it out the morning I know I want to make the bread and toss it in the mixer. Sometimes it’s still pretty cold, but it doesn’t seem to affect my recipe. I’ve never had to drain my frozen bananas.

  29. sara

    I use frozen bananas in my bread. I pull them out and put them in the oven while it heats up to cook the bread, that defrosts them and they are all set to go!

  30. I definitely freeze bananas in all the ways you have mentioned and use for smoothies or banana bread. It is a lot easier later on if you have peeled the banana before freezing. However, you can use the chunks or pureed banana in either smoothies or bread. I agree with Kim. Drain the liquid.

  31. Jodi

    I had a bunch of bananas in the peels in the freezer and the other day I took one out to use in a smoothie. I thought since it was whole and I was using a bullet that I better thaw it a bit first. What a shock that within haf an hour I came back to a watery, squishy, unusable banana! I tossed the rest of the bunch from the freezer after that. Not sure what I did wrong. The nanas were yellow and not overly ripe when I froze them. I’ll have to try flash freezing chunks next. I make myself a strawberry smoothie using almond milk, diet cranberry juice, 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder and about 6 strawberries every night. I like to add some banana once in a while too. I buy the baby bananas mostly because the grands seldom eat a whole one but when they go on sale at .39 or less a pound I get the big ones.

    1. Christa

      Bananas will turn black when you freeze them regardless of whether they are over ripe or not when you freeze them. They are still usable when they thaw but for smoothies I suggest the method she goes through above. For banana bread, you just open up the peel and let the banana slide into a blender to blend up for banana bread.

      1. Holly

        I use the frozen banana in my bread too but I also freeze the veggie meats from the juicer for breads too the kids love the breads and I’m getting all that fresh fiber into them

  32. Kim

    Bananas are a lot like zucchini when you freeze them. They release a lot of eater when you thaw them. I use frozen bananas for banana bread all the time, but I thaw them, and then drain the extra liquid before using them. For some reason fresh bananas work fine, but if I don’t drain the water from the frozen ones, the bread will be too moist and kind of a rubbery texture. I have found the same thing with zucchini. It works just fine fresh, but if I use frozen zucchini, I have to drain off tons of water.

  33. Connie in VA

    I use frozen bananas in banana bread. I don’t even peel them before freezing – just stick the whole banana in the freezer. When I make banana bread with frozen bananas, I pop them in the microwave for about 30 seconds to thaw before peeling and throwing in the bowl.

    1. Lauri Henderson

      I do the same thing except for putting them microwave. I usually let them out to room tempurature. But putting in microwave is a nice short cut to know as another option. Thank you!

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