DIY Christmas Rag Wreath

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I loved this project and I think my DIY Christmas Rag Wreath turned out really cute. I had this grand vision of all the ways I would style this wreath for my photos. I thought of it hanging on a pretty colored front door, gracing a vintage door handle, rocking it on a perfect mantel, and perched on the back of a dining room chair in a beautifully decorated kitchen. I started to take pictures and reality set in. I have an unpainted white door that’s full of stains and finger prints (primer isn’t known for great washability and the thing has never been painted). I have no dining room chairs, just folding chairs and piano benches around my table. My mantle is a little plain this year; I didn’t go crazy with the decorating because sometimes I just can’t. I have no pretty door to hang it from either. Here’s what I’m getting at. I’m pretty good at styling pictures but that doesn’t mean I live in a magazine. I sure hope our dream house will be gorgeous but for right now I live in a little rental that’s a bit on the dumpy side. It’s drafty, has more mice than I’d like to admit, and my bathroom is in my bedroom, yep, you can sit on the toilet and see my bed (really!). It’s quirky, old, and kind of dirty (the 5 kids living here doesn’t help much). One day I’ll be cooking in a lovely kitchen with a large island, new appliances, and a fancy backsplash lining the walls. In the mean time, I’ll be cooking in a homey kitchen full of sticky little fingers and a stove with three burners that work. Don’t let the pictures fool you, I’m pretty normal.

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This wreath is homey, merry, and bright, plus, it’s super easy. You don’t even need a wreath form!

DIY Christmas Rag Wreath

You have a million and one options when it comes to the look of this wreath. I like the Christmas option and I picked colors that match my decor. I like true green, Christmas red, white, and a bright but traditional feel. Pick fabric you love. You can use scraps you already have or you can pick up fat quarters (the precut squares) at the fabric store. Pick varying fabric, patterns big and small, one solid (can have a pattern on it though) and things that catch your eye. You’ll want to pick 4-5 different materials. They don’t all have to be super matchy either, some variation is going to make the wreath look interesting. Fat quarters are generally 18 by 22 inches (short and fat compared to cutting a quarter or a yard off the bolt) and are really easy to cut into the right size. You’ll need five fat quarters for this project. You are going to cut the fabric into 2 inch wide strips that are about 6 inches long. This can vary a little, but that’s the goal for your fabric strips.

When it comes to cutting a rotary cutter (the pizza wheel looking thing) and a mat will really make this go fast. I borrowed one from my mother-in-law to use. You can use scissors but it will take a lot longer to cut.

The wire hanger was harder to find that I thought it would be. I ended up ordering a pack of 25 wire hangers on the internet and we made a bunch of these with my eight to eleven year old Activity Day girls from church. If you have a wire hanger in your closet, hang on to that thing, you never know when you might need it.

DIY Christmas Rag Wreath

DIY Christmas Rag Wreath

What you will need:
Around 150 pieces of 2 by 6 inch material, 5 fat quarters are just about the perfect amount
Wire Hanger
Rotary cutter and mat or scissors (the rotary cutter is really handy here, if you don’t have one I’d find someone to borrow it from!)

1. Cut your fabric into 2 inch by 6 inch strips.
2. Bend and shape the wire hanger into a circle. The hook makes a perfect wreath hanger.
3. Tie the fabric strips onto the hanger. Scrunch them together tightly as you go. You can single or double knot, it doesn’t really matter.
4. Put in a movie and tie, tie, tie!
5. Continue to tie and scrunch the fabric together until the wreath is as full as you like it. Fluff and twist the fabric so that it pokes out all over, the messier the better. You can add a bigger bow to the top where the hanger neck is if you like.

Tips and tricks:
You can’t mess this up. It’s a great project for just about anyone who can tie a knot.
Bonus: it stores great! Just fluff it well before using again.

DIY Christmas Rag Wreath

With a little fabric, a hanger, and some time you can make scrap fabric wreath magic. Isn’t it fun? I knew you’d like it!

DIY Christmas Rag Wreath

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  1. This must be why fabrics has been following me home my whole life. Our grocery store even has a small room of quilting fabrics…..I love grocery shopping now! Oh the possibilities for all the holidays and months with no holidays. Sounds like I need to go grocery shopping……I’m on it!

  2. Thank you for tutorial. I we just moved into our home and I needed something for the front door!! Looks like a great weekend project!