Cheese Steak Sandwiches

Mmmmm… who doesn’t love cheese steaks? I don’t love meat, but this is one of my favorite sandwiches!  I bought some cheap steaks when they were on sale, and let’s just say, they were cheap steaks.  I felt like I was eating a hockey puck last time we made them.  It was a big pack so I still had some in the freezer.  I thawed them and marinated them a day I planned to make burgers on the grill.  I grilled them too while the grill was hot and ready, stuck them in the fridge, and used them the next night for these! If you like a little heat, some creamy horseradish would be so good with this. I seasoned my steak when I cooked it… don’t forget to do that!
Cheese Steak Sandwhickes
2 T. butter, plus more for buns
1 medium onion, halved and sliced
1 green pepper (or half green and half red so it’s pretty)
1 lb steak (1/2 to 3/4 inch thick), grilled
Tostito’s Queso Cheese dip
4 fresh Hoagie buns

In a large nonstick skillet, melt butter over medium heat.  Add onions and green pepper.  Saute until soft (about 12 minutes).  While onions and pepper are cooking, slice steak into 1/4 inch slices against the grain.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees and put a dark cookie sheet in to get hot.  Split the buns in half and butter the insides.  When veggies are done, add the steak.  Place the buns, butter side down on the hot cookie sheet.  Heat steak until warm.  Add about a 1/2 cup of queso cheese to hot veggies and meat – you want enough to make it creamy but not soaked.  Pull the pan out of the oven when the buns are toasted.  Turn your oven to broil.  Flip the buns over on the pan, so that the cut/toasted side is up.  Fill each bun with 1/4 of the cheesy mixture and place mozzarella on top.  Put the sandwiches back in the oven, under the broiled until the mozzarella is melted.  Serve hot!

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  1. Those look so yummy!!! I love making cheese steaks, too. At Walmart, they have a package of meat that’s raw meat cut into super thin pieces. It’s usually in the frozen meat section at Walmart. It costs about $4. That’s the perfect size, for our family, to cook stir-fry-style in a pan and then add in peppers and onions to make a cheese steak. Sometimes we add mushrooms, too. Mmmm!!

    Oh, yeah and sometimes I add cream cheese, too.

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