10 Tips to Get Outside with your Kids EVERYDAY this summer. You can do it!


Summer is the perfect time to get outside and get active with your kids. The keyword in that sentence is with. Just sending your kids outside isn’t the same. I’m talking about you physically being outside with them. They’ll love doing things with you and the attention that you are giving them. You’ll love that they aren’t idling their day away in front of a screen and you might even like the added exercise for yourself, sunshine on your face, and the decreased mess inside the house. I think that kids want to be outside having adventures and building memories, Continue Reading →

Healthy Road Trip Snacks – that you don’t have to make!

Healthy Road Trip Snacks that you don't have to make yourself!

Remember that one time we went on a crazy road trip to visit my family in Indiana and Kentucky (58 hours in the car with 4 little kids… oh yes we did!)? It was a great adventure and I thought I’d share our favorite healthy road trip snack with you all today. With that long in the car, we had LOTS of time to snack. I’m normally the type of person who will make a lot of what we are taking, but I was at a conference for 4 days before the trip with only one day at home before Continue Reading →

Perfect Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

perfect pb and chocolate chip cookies

Summer is such a great time of year because there is just so much going on. I love a good party/get-together! I find myself always needing a treat to take places and I like to have something in the freezer in case I’m not in the mood to turn on the oven. To spruce up my traditional chocolate chip recipe I decided to go for peanut butter chocolate chip and  that combo makes for one unforgettable treat. Here’s the great part. These freeze like a dream. I make a double batch, bake them all, and then freeze once the cookies Continue Reading →

Peperoncini Beef Sandwiches


Emily from One Lovely Life is here sharing a perfect summer sandwich today. I love that this is made in the crockpot! No need to turn on the oven and it practically makes itself. Summer sides are easy too… corn on the cob, quick refrigerator pickles, or watermelon are perfect for this quick and easy meal. Take it away Emily!

Currently… summer edition

Fresh rainbow chard from the garden

Thinking… how grateful I am that my kids like to read. Here they are enjoying a few new bookmobile books in the back of the suburban one day last week. I was busy in the garden and they were happy as clams to enjoy their newest finds. We’ve also plowed through 3 or 4 chapter books in the last few weeks. They love it when I read aloud to them at night and I like it too. We just finished all three of the books in the My Father’s Dragon series. I highly recommend them!

The Ultimate Fajita Burger in honor of #burgerweek

fajita burger1

Few things are more delicious in the summer than a perfectly grilled burger. My friends over at NoshOn.It are hosting a whole week of burger recipes from all of your favorite bloggers. #BurgerWeek is going to be epic! I was so excited when they asked me to participate. I decided to put a fun Tex-Mex twist on a traditional burger because I love all things Mexican food. The Ultimate Fajita Burger is all the glory of a cheese burger with my favorite fajita elements. A little spice, some sweet bell peppers, and guacamole make for one killer burger. Everything is Continue Reading →

Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade – summer sipping just got tastier


It’s that time of the month again! 12 bloggers, 12 recipes, 12 ingredients or less. This month’s theme is all things 4th of July/summer party/BBQ. Now you have a big list of some delicious looking recipes that are just perfect to enjoy with friends this summer. I made a delicious strawberry rhubarb lemonade to share today. I’ve been making fresh made-to-order lemonades at the farmer’s market for the last month and each week I bring a few “flavors” besides the traditional lemonade. I’ve made strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb, and strawberry rhubarb lemonade and they have all been awesome. The strawberry rhubarb Continue Reading →

Summer Fruit Desserts Explained – the difference between cobblers, crisps, grunts, buckles, and more!

Summer Fruit Collage wTXT

Emily from One Lovely Life and I are teaming up in the coming months to work on some fun posts for you all. Here is the first collaboration and I love it! Emily is a ninja in the kitchen and she’s here explaining the difference between all those delicious fruit desserts that make summer so tasty. You’ll feel so knowledgeable and very hungry when you get done reading. Take it away Emily! Summertime is here, and delicious fresh produce is everywhere! Summer brings fruit of all kinds–nectarines, peaches, plums, and cherries to the markets. I’m always looking for yummy ways to Continue Reading →

Pasta Salad for a Party

pasta salad

We are big fans of the Fancy Nancy books at our house. Fancy Nancy is a little girl who loves new adventures and using extra fancy words in her books. In a few of the books Fancy Nancy and her family eat “al fresco, which is fancy for outdoors”. Somewhere along the way, my kids picked up the term “al fresco” and now it’s part of their normal vocabulary. On many warm afternoons they ask if we can eat dinner al fresco and on more nights than not I indulge. I love eating outside as much as I love hearing Continue Reading →

15 Minute Donuts from Scratch

15 minute donuts

Happy National Donut Day (or is it doughnut?)! I don’t celebrate national anything, but when my IG feed was bulging with donut pictures this morning I scrapped the post I had ready and thought I better get this one out. I did a little research too and National Donut Day has a pretty neat history, read about it here. Donuts are one of my very favorite guilty pleasures. I love them! I’d take a donut over a chocolate bar any day. I don’t have access to fresh donuts where I live, so I’ve gotten pretty great at making my own. Continue Reading →