Nothing compares to the unique and delicious flavor of sourdough bread. It tastes even better when it’s fresh from the oven! Learn how to make award-winning sourdough bread with these simple recipes! Other recipes include ways to use sourdough starter and sourdough discard.

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The first question is, do you have a sourdough starter to work with or would you like to make one so that you can get starter on your sourdough baking journey? If you do not have a sourdough starter yet, please see this very detailed post on how make a sourdough starter at home, it gives all the details you’ll need and a printable day by day feeding schedule.

If you already have a sourdough starter that is ready to be used, feel free to check out the recipes below!

I have a really unique approach to sourdough bread making that does NOT involve making any autolyse, hydration ratios, or lots of folding and stretching periods. I have a very hands off, no-knead method and the results are still amazing.

I create sourdough recipes for the home cook. The recipes are simple, straight forward, and not at all fussy. Results a tender amazing breads with out all the babysitting.  You are going to love my approach to sourdough! BUT if you are a professionally trained chef or someone who really wants to get into very formal and traditional sourdough methods, I’m probably not your girl.

My go-to classic round sourdough crusty loaf recipe is found here.

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Through the global crisis I have helped hundreds if not thousands of people get starters going and make their first loaves of sourdough bread. Through working with so many people one-on-one via social media I have really learned so much and have fine-tuned my methods to make them even more user friendly.

That being said, if you need some support, let me know! The first place you should look if my sourdough starter post and my classic sourdough loaf recipe, they contain a lot of information. Then if you still have issues, reach out! I’d love to help you trouble shoot and I’ve gotten very good at doing it over the internet!

You can reach me at or you

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