Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

I’m enjoying a lovely week in Kentucky with my parents and we are driving up to Indiana today to see some of my favorite grandparents. I just love being in Indiana; it will always feel like home. Don’t worry, I did get a few posts ready before I left on the trip, and here’s one of my favorites. 
My friend Kate not only is willing to share her parties with us (owl party and circus party), but she’s also willing to let me share a party that her sister-in-law did. 
This was a cute Minnie Mouse/Mickey’s Club House party for a first birthday.
Hanging on the door to welcome guests in and set the theme right from the start:

A welcome table was set up right inside the front door. I loved the pictures of the birthday girl playing with Minnie Mouse. Isn’t that a sweet touch? They had balloons, a guest sign-in book, and Minnie or Mickey ears for guests to wear at the party.

Some of these gigantic balloons (like the one above) are pretty expensive, but add a lot of impact. The party-throwers actually bought the balloons a few days before the party and also used them at her one-year-old photo shoot. The balloons held up well and were used at the party. What a smart way to save.

Cute Minnie ears:

Black, white, and pink were definitely the colors for the party, but the polka dots can’t be forgotten either. The repeating pattern had just as much of an impact as the colors.

I loved the large black paper balls with smaller balls on top and ribbon to make big hanging Minnie Mouse decorations. 


And then there was food! Here is the cake and the small smash cake for the birthday girl:

Black, white, pink, and polka dots!

She made one treat for each member of Mickey’s Club House which I thought was a fun idea. She made Pete’s popcorn, Clarabelle’s cookies, Pluto’s pretzel sticks, Goofie’s ganche… it was a fun way to bring some of the other characters to the party.


Pin the Ears on the Birthday Girl and bowling using toilet paper rolls (perfect for inside).

I love how the birthday girl is the real focus in this game. It is such a cute idea and isn’t that picture beautiful?

Party favors

And here is the birthday girl herself, all decked out to match her party. Is that not the cutest dress ever?

55 comments on “Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

  1. Beautiful Set Up!! Is There Any Way I Can get The Pin The Ears .? I Would Love That For My Daughter 1st Birthday Party. Such A Great Idea :)

  2. This party turned out beautiful! Great job! I am preparing for a Minnie birthday party too. I love the door sign, I am going to make a similar one! Thanks for the idea!

  3. I’m working on a party now! I got the picture done for the pin the ears game, but where did you find the template for the ears?

  4. So, I’m doing Minnie mouse for my girl’s first! I have pin the bow on minnie, did you do other games for the kids, or just one? It’s a 1st birthday party, so I don’t want too much going on, but I feel like it may be a bum deal with just one game. Thoughts?

  5. Hello! Beautiful party! I was wondering if you might tell me where you found the pink polka dot napkins. Love them, but having issues finding the bright and/or hot pink ones. Thanks!

  6. What size is that picture? I saw that you got it done at Costco – curious how big it is. thanks! Adorable party. Doing Mickey Mouse for my son’s 2nd.