Amazing Owl Birthday Party

Remember the story about my friend Kate? Well, she’s at it again and I have another amazing party to share with you. Owls are popular for a reason: they are adorable! If you haven’t jumped on the owl bandwagon yet, this party just might lure you over to the owl-lovers side.
This party was for Kate’s daughter’s second birthday, but this could easily be done for any age, even into the teenage birthdays.
Here’s the cake. I love how this sets the color scheme for the whole party. 

Here is a closer look at the table the cake was displayed on. Check out the logs that were used to add dimension and height to the table (under the cake and the suckers). I thought they were a cute and woodsy way to add a lot of impact to the setting.

DYI candy bar! Who doesn’t love that as a take-home treat?

This is the opposite corner of the table. Perfect little details really make a party special, and this is just plain cute!

Adorable owl birthday banner:

Things to do:

I love this type of guess how many game. I’ve never seen suckers displayed like this for the game and I just love it. Of course everything goes with the color scheme which keeps the party cohesive and beautiful.

DYI owl painting. Games/projects like this are great for a party because once you have it set up you don’t have to do much. This activity also doubles as a party favor.

Kate provided everyone with an owl apron to wear while painting. The apron went home with the guests, as well as the painted owl. 



Feather boas and little owls all over the backyard. She did a few different trees like this and each was a different color of feather/owl.
Adorable little stuffed owls all over the place. Owls were on the tables, in the trees, and even hiding in the window sills of the house.


Colored drinks (and look at that fun stump that top drink is sitting on) and check out those bright paper goods in the background.

This is one of my favorite parts of the party, a DIY grilled melt bar. Kate had tons of different toppings, breads, cheeses, spreads, veggies, and meats with a hot griddle ready to be used in the middle of the table. Guests could make their own hot sandwich as they pleased. I love that this takes some of the crazy out of the party. Sure, the prep is still there, but while the party is actually happening very little is needed on the part of the host.

Plus, look how cute her display is!

And what  DIY hot sandwich bar would be complete without a DIY s’mores dessert bar? Did you even know that they made so many flavors of marshmallow? I sure didn’t! You can’t see it from here but the white scrolly box to the right held small burners with flames so that the s’mores could be roasted right at the table. 

I’ll take a grasshopper s’more please!

And of course that birthday girl matched her party! Cutest. Outfit. Ever.

Kate, thanks again for letting me share you party. But now you got me craving a melty sandwich and melty marshmallow.

So dear reader, were you already on the owl loving bandwagon, and if not, did this change your mind?

And in case you are here just for the owls… check out this and this. I have a feeling you’ll like them.

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28 Responses
    1. Kate

      A ball of styrofoam a painted wooden dowel a square piece of styrofoam cut to fit and a tin can. I had to clip the lollipop sticks to get them all to fit in the ball. I also used craft paper to cover the top of the can.

  1. Lisa Blischke

    Where did you find the 2 stuffed owls one is winking? my daughter collects owls and that would be sweet to add to her collection

      1. Alexa

        Do you sell them? I would love to have one for my daughters 2nd birthday! (I’m answering the message back about the adorable owl shirt!)

  2. Ness

    How did you make the colorful display for the grilled cheese bar! I love it but can’t figure out how you folded it. Is it paper? Tissue? Then how was it layered? Is there a tutorial on this?

    1. Kate

      It is accordion folded cardstock (used a bone folder) with coordinating patterned circles in the middle. They were done in various sizes and then hot glued onto a huge piece of cardboard. Which ironically was a bad plan to put above the grills because as you can see the heat started to melt the circles off throughout the party.

  3. Ella's Mommy

    Adorable!! What a cute party! I have to ask where you got that owl shirt? I’m planning the same theme for my daughters first and it would br perfect with the skirt I am making 🙂

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