Mario Birthday Party Ideas

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These Mario Birthday Party Ideas for your Super Mario loving kid covers food, decorations, and games for a fun and adorable birthday to be remembered.

Collage of party ideas

Mario Birthday Ideas

I love a good party! Themed birthday parties are so popular right now and so every time I see a friend posting pictures I get excited. My bestie Heather just threw a two-year-old birthday party for her little man and she went all out with Mario for the theme. I asked if I could share her party here and she was more than willing to let me. Thanks, Heather!

She had tons of Mario birthday party ideas and the end result looked so fun. Too bad I moved hours away from her or I might have gotten to enjoy the party myself. Since I didn’t make it and neither did you, let’s live vicariously through pictures, shall we?!

Heather had the Mario themed food for the party down to a science. She left no character overlooked and thought of the most clever eats.

Here’s her Mario themed food list:

  • Fire Ball Cheetos
  • Mario Hat Strawberry Oreo Ganache Pie.
  • Castle and star suckers in a double warp pipe.
  • Item cookies
  • Frog Suckers
  • Bricks Peanut Butter Bars
  • Doughnut Ice Power
  • Chocolate Mustaches
  • White Cloud Lemon Meringue Pie – gluten-free!
  • Yoshi Eggs Malt Balls
  • Cheep Cheep Crackers

mario themed party food

Isn’t that perfect!? She just used cake pans in various sizes and clear cups to make a homemade cupcake stand. SO SMART. Plus it has that industrial look that worked perfectly with the theme. I think this would work for lots of different boy birthday party themes. Store it away for your next one.

Mario Cupcake Toppers with DIY Stand

cupcakes with Mario cupcake toppers

Yoshi Eggs Malt Balls

'yoshi eggs' white malted milk balls in a bowl

Bricks Peanut Butter Bars

peanut butter bars on a colorful plate with a mario brick label

Castle and Star Suckers in a Double Warp Pipe

castle and star suckers in a green pipe

Fireball Cheetos

cheese balls in a bowl labeled with a fire flower

Item Cookies

square cookies frosted to look like item blocks, yellow with a white question mark

Mario Party Games!

Everyone who came was given a crown or a hat to wear. Heather handcrafted all of the crowns and hats. She found the idea and instructions for the Mario or Luigi hats on Groovy Kids Stuff. And the crowns she invented via some Pinterest inspiration. She said that she thought hot glue would have held up just as well as sewing, so if you are in a cheating mood, that might be a good option. Aren’t the crowns cute?!

a girl wearing a felt peach's crown

Giant bubbles were a huge party game hit. Here’s what Heather said about making the homemade giant bubble sticks, “So I found the bubble stick on YouTube.  I did change the design a bit.  Instead of doing a bead at the end, I used a 3/8″ end cap bead and just sanded down the tip a bit so the string could fit in the end cap.  I also glued the end cap to make sure it stayed.  I used cotton clothesline rope for a tester and it was too bulky.  I ended up using a rope I found a Hobby Lobby that is used for Macrame.  I think it’s polyester.” She’s a ninja like that and from all of the other pictures I saw, the giant bubble wands worked REALLY well.

Giant Bubbles

kids blowing giant bubbbles

 ring toss with paper plate rings

kids playing ring toss

“Fireball the Piranha Plants” Whoever got the most fireballs in the bucket won gold coins
kids throwing balls into a bucket that looks like a piranha plant

Party Favor: Chocolate Mustaches

a girl with a chocolate mustache on a stick

More Themed Party Ideas:

Party Food Recipes:

This post was originally published in 2013 and has been updated in July 2019.

This Mario Themed Birthday Party has adorable and delicious food ideas and games for kids to enjoy. Its a party you won’t forget!

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  1. This is a great idea for kids birthday party and so creative. We were looking for ideas and this seems perfect. Thanks for sharing!