Pioneer Woman’s Glazed Donuts

Pioneer Woman's Glazed Donuts
Pioneer Woman's Glazed Donuts

Confession: I love me some donut.

There is no donut-providing bakery anywhere near me. Sure the Wal-Mart has “donuts” but they are not donuts. Are you with me?

What do you do when hours from a donut source? Become the source; making donuts from scratch is my only option and my, what a delicious option it is.

I feel a strong moral obligation to connect you with this recipe from The Pioneer Woman. She is amazing in general but has really come through with this recipe. She has lots of comments on the process of making these donuts, so instead of rewriting the whole thing, I think you should just check out her post yourself.

Recipe, instructions, and lots of tips on making glazed yeast donuts can be found here.

The only thing I changed was the glaze.

Glaze for hot yeast donuts

4 tablespoons salted butter, room temperature
1 t. vanilla
3 cups powdered sugar
Enough milk to make a thin icing (about 1/2 cup)

Just combine all the ingredients in a medium bowl and mix until smooth. Add just enough milk to make thin icing.

Pioneer Woman's Glazed Donuts
Pioneer Woman's Glazed Donuts

Feel free to comment on the life-changing experience that making these leads to.

15 comments on “Pioneer Woman’s Glazed Donuts

  1. Oh yum. I love me some doughnuts too. I even tried making some baked doughnuts the other day… :( I think I’ll stick to the regular kind. But yours look fabulous!

    1. I’ve seen so many baked donut recipes… if you are going to donut, just DONUT! Hahaha, you know what I mean. Call those round muffins, not donuts.

  2. I make lots of doughnuts–one of my weaknesses, but more partial to cake ones. However, these have made my mouth water. I have doughnuts pans, but only do them with muffin recipes for the grands–frying is the only TRUE doughnut! XOXO

  3. Why do yours look better than hers? I don’t mean that to sound snarky…but yours truly look professional…hers look homemade…darker, craggier, and oilier. Any insights you can share?

    1. Bill- this totally made me smile. This is my go-to recipe for donuts and we LOVE donuts. They always looks like this too… I assume that her oil was a little bit hotter than she wanted it to be or she fried them longer. And maybe I’m just a really good donut photographer ;) thanks for the comment. I totally loved it. Compare me to Pioneer Woman any day!