White Cloud Icing

If you could taste my memory of childhood birthdays it would taste like white cloud frosting. My mom made many Devil’s Food cakes paired with this icing, always topped with a lovely coat of sprinkles. When I think of birthday cake, I think of this recipe.
I am always surprised at how many people have never had this icing! I feel as though it’s my gift to humanity to share this recipe. I always get  lots of compliments and lots of questions. This is one of my favorite frostings to add to cupcakes for a thank you gift or to put on top of sheet cake for a gathering. I try to share the love whenever possible! Lots of people ask me what it is made of, many assuming that Marshmallow Fluff is involved. It has an incredible light and springy texture that is reminiscent of a marshmallow, but the flavor is much better in my opinion. It has a clean and bright flavor; like sugar and vanilla and that’s about it.
Make this as soon as you can. It’s just so fun! I prefer it on any form of Devil’s Food cake, with sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles.
Light and fluffy. No butter, no powdered sugar, dairy free.... and the best frosting you will every make! Pipes so easy, it's great for decorating cakes and cupcakes.
Light and fluffy. No butter, no powdered sugar, dairy free.... and the best frosting you will every make! Pipes so easy, it's great for decorating cakes and cupcakes.
Light and fluffy. No butter, no powdered sugar, dairy free.... and the best frosting you will every make! Pipes so easy, it's great for decorating cakes and cupcakes.

White Cloud Icing
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2 egg whites, at room temperature
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup light corn syrup
1 t. pure vanilla extract

Use a stand mixer. It will change your life. You can make this using a hand mixer, but it just takes time. In a clean bowl (any grease on your bowl or utensils will ruin the icing, egg whites hate grease!) beat the egg whites and salt on high speed until foamy. While the mixer is running, slowly add the sugar. Beat mixture until soft peaks form (when you pull the mixer out of the white mixture you should get a little point that bends over).

Bring the corn syrup to a boil over medium heat in a small saucepan. When the corn syrup comes to a boil, remove from heat. Slowly pour the hot corn syrup into the egg mixture while your mixer is mixing on high. Beat the mixture until stiff peaks form, about 5 minutes. Add the vanilla and mix to combine.

Use the frosting right away and eat any leftovers, it doesn’t store well. You can leave a cake that has been iced with this uncovered… any type of plastic wrap on it will be a mess. Add the sprinkles as soon as you are done icing, a thin crust forms and then the sprinkles won’t stick if you wait too long.

Finish up by letting your babies lick the bowl – the best part of icing-making for a kid!

Light and fluffy. No butter, no powdered sugar, dairy free.... and the best frosting you will every make! Pipes so easy, it's great for decorating cakes and cupcakes.
Light and fluffy. No butter, no powdered sugar, dairy free.... and the best frosting you will every make! Pipes so easy, it's great for decorating cakes and cupcakes.
Official taste tester approved!
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136 comments on “White Cloud Icing

    1. Renee- I have no clue. I am assuming Publix is a grocery store if that says anything :) If that is true, and Publix has a typical “fluffy” grocery store kind of icing, then no it’s not the same. This has no greasiness to it at all but it’s not weird like marshmallow cream. It’s like a marshmallow meringue but much better.

      Most grocery stores have a lovely fluffy icing, and if that is what you are looking you could look for a “stabilized whipping cream” icing recipe.

      Good luck!

    1. Kelly- are the liquid egg white really eggs or an egg substitute? I’ve never used them… I say if they are eggs they would work (at room temperature!). I say it’s worth a try but I’m not for sure. Will you let me know if it works??

    2. They’re real egg whites, they usually work when I make swiss meringue buttercream (but not italian mbc, weirdly). I just hate having leftover egg yolks! Thanks so much!!

  1. Can you add flavoring to this recipe? I would like to make a mint flavored icing with chocolate bits and am wondering if add the flavor and texture would ruin the icing?

    1. Heather, great question! I’m sure that you could add any flavoring to taste, in place or in addition to the vanilla extract. As for the chocolate bits, I would just add them to the top like a sprinkle. I think they would get lost in the frosting (I don’t even think you could see them once added, I bet they’d just look like white lumps). That being said, I don’t think they would deflate the frosting either. I would add them as a very last step and just fold them into the finished frosting. If you try it I would love to hear!

  2. Hi, Melissa! Thanks for sharing your recipe with us! Quick question: I live in Texas and my daughter’s birthday is in September. Hot & sticky. :) Do you know how well this frosting stands up to humidity? The look of this frosting is exactly what I’m going for.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Chelsye-

      This icing is a GO for humidity! I grew up in Indiana which is very humid too, so I’m positive it will hold up, much better than butter cream for the heat too. I know you will love it, and hey, you can always take it for a test run too :) I love samples and I’m sure your family will too! I would make the cupcakes or cake ahead of time, use the frosting, and then let it set for at least an hour before taking it out. Like I said in the recipe, it forms a light crust/skin and that will help keep the humidity out.

    2. Awesome! I’m going to test this recipe and one other this week an see which one works best in Texas. :) I’ll let you know what I find out. Can’t wait!!

    3. Well, I made it about 30 minutes ago and it was the easiest dang thing I’ve ever done next to opening a can. It tastes like a much lighter version of marshmallow cream, which is awesome. And on this rainy, high-humidity day, it’s held up really well so far. I even put it on a when a few of the cupcakes were still warm and it didn’t melt off or anything. I DID add a little under a tablespoon of cornstarch, per some friends’ suggestions. I think this will be the frosting I do for my daughter’s bday cupcakes! :)

  3. I have been looking for a recipe just like this for months. How stable is this at room temperature, meaning, can I make it the night before and bring it to work with me the next day? What about refrigeration? Thanks!!!

    1. WONDERFUL at room temp! I normally make this a day ahead and I don’t refrigerate it. I think it would sweat if you did, so don’t :) Some of the icing starts to soak into the cake and it is almost more moist if you do. We adore this recipe and you will too. Let me know how it turns out! M.

    2. Something went wrong (it still tastes amazing). I added both the vanilla and peppermint extract and it turned very runny. I’m still going to bring them to my holiday party today but I wonder what went wrong (probably user error ;-)). I will try this again and go according to the actual recipe. Thanks for an easy, yummy recipe.

  4. My daughter’s birthday party this year is going to be care bears. I’m making a rainbow cake, and this frosting looks like the perfect match! Does this spread like regular frosting? I’m making a round cake, but your suggestions only mention sheet cake.

    1. It’s much much fluffier and smoother than a traditional buttercream and goes on really nicely. I double this for a double layer round cake and plan on a thick one inch layer of frosting in between the two cakes. It looks super pretty like that and that is normally what I make for birthdays. Top with sprinkles and you are good to go!

    1. If you are going heavy on the frosting like the pictures above, then just 12 (but it doubles easily). If you are doing a lot less per cupcake, then you could get more like 18-24 out of it. It’s pretty cheap to make (especially compared to butter-creams), so I normally double it and let the kids eat any leftovers :)

  5. Hi :D This looks yummy! I’m having a baby shower for a friend after our evening church service. If I frost the cupcakes right before church will it hold up for the baby shower like 2 1/2 hrs later? Oh and I shouldn’t worry about like not cooking the eggs right? because they cook from the temp of the stuff you boil right? :D Don’t want anyone to get sick:D Thanks so much for the recipe!! :D Found you through pinterest!

    1. This holds up really really well. I’ve made things the night before and it works great. The icing gets a bit of a shell or sorts and pretty much seals itself off from air. You are good to go. And adding that boiling corn syrup is hot enough :) Let me know how it goes! Don’t forget the sprinkles…

      1. I’m making it again!! The first time for the baby shower was awesome! The cupcakes looked so yummy and cute!! I love this and is now my go to recipe!! You were right!:-) thank you!

        1. It’s easy and cheaper than buttercream, plus we love it! It’s totally a go-to for me and I’m SO glad you liked it. That icing with any sprinkles is just perfect.

        1. It doesn’t keep well at all… in fact you need to put it on the cake/cupcakes as soon as you use it… while it is still warm it is easy to get on but if you stir it or mess with it too much once it cools then the kind of deflates and falls apart.

  6. My mother use to make this frosting with cream of tartar. I loved it creamy but not after it crusts over. She whipped it up over a double boiler.

    1. Hi Im just wondering about the sugar, do you use a icing sugar (ground powder) or caster sugar (fine granurls). Thanks :-)

    1. Barb- Hey! I’ve had people ask this questions… I’m pretty sure that by adding the boiling corn syrup that you are bringing them up to heat enough. I’m don’t really know that that is the case, but I’ve been eating this icing very regularly my whole life with no problems. And my mom got it out of some cookbook from her wedding, so it’s not something we worry about! It’s up to you though. Good luck!

    2. As long as the eggs/whites are pasteurized there is no danger. I drink egg whites in my smoothies and coffee for added protein.

  7. I just tried it! Ive never been that successful getting my egg whites to coopporate but this time it worked! Mine did come out with kind of a liqure flavor. Does t. stand for tablespoon? I also used Mccormick imitation vanilla extract instead of pure VE so maybe that was it. Either way its still delicious! Is there a chocolate version of this?

    1. Dayna! I’m so glad it worked. A small t is normally a teaspoon (I’ll change it to tsp. so it’s more clear) and a big T is a tablespoon. So you probably did have a bit too much of a good thing going on there :) Honestly, I forget to add the vanilla half the time and it is still good! I have no idea how you could do this in chocolate… but I’ll play with it! Thanks so much for the comment. M.

  8. This looks incredible! Question, can you color this? If it’s better than buttercream I have a b day party I need to make a cake for and I ask excited to try it out!

    1. Yes! I just add a few drops of liquid food coloring at the same time I add the vanilla in the recipe. You’ll love it! It’s a lot of fun.

  9. It’s DELICIOUS!!! and SO EASY! Plus, it holds up better than any buttercream I have ever worked with! Quick question…I have about 50 cupcakes to do. Can I double this, or does a couple single batches work out better? and did I read correctly that I can pipe my cupcakes and leave them on the counter overnight? Thanks! :)

    1. I do and it’s normally just great. I live in Southern Utah and it is hot and dry right now. I just left out a cake with this icing on it for a little over 24 hours and it was too long. It still looked great but the icing kind of got dehydrated and a bit chewy. If you live anywhere with a pit of humidity though you are fine. I grew up in Indiana and my mom always left it out with great success. 24 hours was bit long on my part too… does anyone of that makes sense :)

      1. It makes perfect sense, thank you!! I am from Michigan…so I NEVER know what the weather is going to be in 24hrs, lol! The cupcakes are for a surprise wedding shower we are throwing for my daughters teacher…the kids are going to love this frosting! Looked everywhere for those cute heart sprinkles you used but couldn’t find ‘em, dang it!

        1. I got them at a kitchen supply store that carries bulk sprinkles… I get a tub of sprinkles every year for my Birthday. LOL. Such a cute idea and I know the kids will LOVE it too!

  10. LOVED your feature on Bakeaholic Mama! WAY TO GO! I somehow missed this recipe when it was first posted, so I’m glad to have it now. Dairy and gluten free! WOOT!

    p.s. Thanks for the shout-out, friend. Your nice words made my day!

  11. I am not a ‘real’ baker girl, I just pretend and hope for the best. This recipe was so easy and turned out so fantastic that anyone could make bakery worthy cupcakes. I used a hand mixer (see…not a pro) and I was perfect!!! I am going to be the cool mom at school tomorrow and my son will a great cupcakes for his birthday!!

    1. Whoot whoot! I made this with a hand mixer all through collage before I found a Kitchen Aid at a garage sale. LOL… no shame in that! SO glad it turned out.

  12. These look heavenly!!! Totally going to try this!! One question though, have you ever tried to make this with an egg white substitute?? I’m making cupcakes for my sons baseball party and one of the boys needs it to be gluten, dairy, egg, and nut free! Whew! How’s that for a challenge?? :o) Definitely making this “as is” for my family though!! Thanks!!

      1. It just depends on how much you use. I like a lot because it’s so light and fluffy. I normally plan on a batch of icing per one dozen cupcakes and then load them up :) You could get away with 18 if you don’t pike it on…

    1. That is a tall order and good for you for trying. I haven’t tried it with an egg sub but if it that stuff whips up like an egg white then I say it’s worth a try… will you let me know if it works?!

  13. I have a yummy recipe for french toast cupcakes and i want to use this recipe for cloud frosting…do u think if I add maple syrup to this frosting if it would weigh it down too much?

    1. thanks for the wonderful recipe,,i tried it even if my corn syrup is just 1/2 and still it looks amazing on my cupcakes,, i put pink color and use swirl tip,,this is really a go recipe,,super easy to make,,thanks

    1. I have no idea. A kitchen torch has been on my list for years but I don’t own one and have never tried. If YOU try will you let me know?! Thanks! M.

      1. I tried it with a lighter to see what would happen. Since this frosting is basically a homemade marshmallow fluff I was just too curious. It worked. It burns easy but I think with a torch it would be more even.

        1. Good to know! How soon after you put the icing on did you do it? It develops a bit of a crust over time and I was wondering if it was better to let it sit or do it while it was still really soft… I’m excited to try it!

      2. I torched them with a “Creme Brulee Torch” I bought at Cost Plus World Market. They look cute – they toast/burn fast, be careful. I didn’t eat one myself but heard they were good. Browned them about a half hour after frosting and served them about 12 hours later.

    1. I’ve never tried it but I’m sure it would not work at all. I think it would just turn to mush and weirdness, so I say no…

    1. This is really just an Italian meringue. It uses a simple syrup that you make yourself with sugar and water in place of the heated corn syrup. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a recipe on the internet.

  14. Hi,
    I made the cloud frosting today..I hope the heat from the corn syrup is enough to cook the egg whites throughly..I am paranoid about anything under cooked..I was reading about it, and it said it needed to reach a certain temperature..I’m not sure if mine did?
    I tried a bit and it taste good, but would like to really eat one and enjoy it and not bee afraid of salmonella poisoning?

  15. If I use these to frost cupcakes and want the icing to form a peak, do you think this icing will work? Also if I frost the night before will it be okay until the following day at lunch?

  16. No corn syrup in my country :-( This looks so delicious, and easy. Wonder if there is any way to substitute the syrup?

  17. I torched them about 20 minutes after frosting. Haven’t eaten them yet – they’re for a party tomorrow – but they browned nicely.

  18. Can I substitute the corn syrup with honey or maple syrup? I won’t use corn syrup and would love to try this.

  19. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Do you think it will be the same if food coloring was added or will it not be as fluffy?

  20. Hi! I would like to know if I could refrigerate this together with the cupcakes or brownies. My friend likes to have a s’mores like feel to the brownies so I would like to know if this could substitute as a marshmallow frosting. The thing is, she usually refrigerates them since she could not eat them all in one go. Thanks!

  21. I am making a baby shower mini cake with 48 cupcakes. Im so excited to try this icing out on the cupcakes. I usually use Wiltons gel coloring in my buttercreams can I use it in this recipe as well? Thank you and look forward to searching your blog some more. :)

    1. In my mind if you add the gel to the hot liquid before you beat it into the egg whites it would work fine… I would give it a test run if you have time though. Good luck!

    1. It really depends on the weather and if you are storing them covered or not. It would probably be better to make them the morning of instead of letting them sit all night long. If you have time I’d give it a test run. Utah is really dry and mine almost starts to dehydrate if I let it sit out too long before serving!

  22. Could this be easily spread on a cake? I am making a cake for my brothers birthday and I wanted a soft and easy frosting that could easily be put on a cake. I am also making mini cupcakes.

    1. I have never even THOUGHT of putting it on cookies… you are so smart! I think it might be super good on something fudgy and sweet like chocolate cake mix cookies or something. Did you try it? What did you think?

  23. I was hoping to try this frosting on a layer cake. Normally I would use buttercream and do a crumb coat, let that sit a while, and then make a thicker layer on the outside of the cake. I plan to cover the cake with fondant after that. Do you think the frosting would deflate underneath the fondant if I made it a day ahead? I live in Indiana but it isn’t too humid here yet.

    1. It’s not great to use for piping with that tip… I don’t like it anyways but I prefer a really clean look when I use that tip. I say try it… you might like it better than I do :) Let me know what you think!

  24. Oh my gosh! MY childhood birthday tradition was devil’s food cake with dream whip ‘fluffy white’ frosting which was almost like marshmallow creme!! CanNOT wait to try & make this frosting. I’m baking 24 dozen cupcakes for a friend’s wedding on Sunday. It’s my first time doing such an enormous thing. Wish me luck!! (& thanks for the recipe!:)

    1. Chocolate Cake TWINS!!! Good luck on the wedding treats… stuff like that is so stressful until everyone tells you how awesome they are and then it’s worth it! So great to connect friend, don’t be a stranger!

  25. Hi im sarah from Philippines.. I tried your recipe and it was amazing! thank you so much.. It’s a huge hit on my daughter’s birthday party.

  26. Not sure but I think that’s the same as Betty Crocker cookbook….7 minute frosting….had it on our cakes as a kis 50 or so years ago…geez, did “I” just say that. Yikes!

  27. I made the cloud icing tonight for the celebratory cake for the removal of my daughter’s appliance (mouth). Very very very sweet. I think I will stick with my original boiled icing from here on in. The corn syrup is too much

  28. It is the seven minute frosting. You can tint it too, very pretty. Was my first frosting I made as a kiddo in the 50’s, 60’s. I don’t think they made frosting in a can yet? It’s excellent on an angel food cake, a real classic made that way. Yum. Let’s eat.

  29. Double the sugar, corn syrup and vanilla to make marshmallow frosting. Dipped dairy free chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in it, and topped it off with candy mustaches. Note: if you do this, as soon as you frost and top the the cupcake you have to stick it in the fridge. Warning: frosting will slowly slide down the sides of the cupcakes. I put mine in cupcake boxes and then stuck the boxes in the fridge. Held up great. Thanks for the recipe! Found it on Pinterest (:

  30. My auntie used to make this for me for my birthday! Always on her homemade angel food cakes from scratch. I’ve had to switch to gluten free, but my angel food cakes from scratch were always missing this amazing frosting! YUM! we’ve always put food coloring in also!

  31. This is a variation of 7 minute frosting….a very old, traditional frosting. My mom used to make this, and there was also a similar icing you could make that came in a little box.