Confessions: Spring Edition

Confessions 1. I've wanted to have twins since I was 16. The summer I was 16 my sister and I ran a summer day camp for kids at our community center in Hope, Indiana. There was a set of blonde 6-year-old twin boys who attended and they were so ridiculously cute. They used to call each other … Continue reading

Spring Snack Mix

Spring has sprung! And I have a Spring Snack Mix that is going to put a little hop in your step (get it... hop, bunnies, spring!) I'm so pleased to be participating in the 12 bloggers fun this month because the recipes look amazing and it's just in time for Easter and spring. This group is 12 … Continue reading

8 Week Health Challenge

Anyone want to do a health challenge with me?! I did the Feel Great in 8 program in January and February and just loved it, and now that I've had a little break I want to do it again! Feel Great in 8 is awesome. You get points for things like eating fruits and veggies, drinking water, and … Continue reading