Overnight Steel Cut Oats – the cold cereal method

Raise your hand if sometimes you don’t want to get up and get breakfast going in the morning *raising hand*. Now raise your hand if you get up and do it anyways *still raising hand*. Great job Momma! It’s not always easy but we do it. Ok, ok, enough of that. We all know that pre-school is not always the calmest part of the day. Not only do people need nourishment that will last them until lunch (because there are no snacks in first grade folks), but they also need shoes relocated (for the millionth time), hair brushed, and homework signed.

My go-to meals are eggs and toast (backyard chickens are the best), whole wheat waffles (because they need less babysitting than pancakes), or oatmeal. I try my best to avoid cold cereal on school mornings because it just doesn’t keep my kids full, but sometimes I totally give in to the ease of cold cereal. That stuff is a million dollar (billion even) market for a reason, it’s easy. So in an effort to have a cold cereal-type option I started playing around with soaking steel-cut oats over night in the fridge. I figured out a great ratio after a few tries and we totally love. I’ll make up a batch of these the night before bed, stick them in the fridge, and they are ready to eat in the morning. I make them in glass jars and screw on the lid for the fridge, and we don’t even dump it in a bowl. We just eat it right out of the jar in the morning (yay for less dishes). Sometimes the kids will add a spoonful of yogurt, berries, or a cut up banana. All options are delicious and this might even be easier than cold cereal!

The steel-cut oats soak up a lot of the milk during the night, but still have a nice light chewiness to them. Mmmm! You can see in the picture below how much the oats swell overnight. Neat huh!

And because these are in a glass jar with a lid, they are really easy to take on the go and eat in the car if you need to. Convenient real food at it’s best! Enjoy!

Overnight Steel Cut Oats - the cold cereal method, 3 ingredients and good for you!

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