15 Perfect Pie Recipes

15 Perfect Pie Recipes is just the post you need to get you excited for Thanksgiving, or anytime for that matter. It’s always a good time to enjoy pie, always. This recipe round up fetaures everthing from fruit and pumpkin pie to sugar cream and chocolate; there is something for everyone. My favorite pies are my mom’s cherry, sugar cream, pumpkin, and pecan. Husband on the other hand loves all things cream pie. And I can’t get anyone in my house to eat more than one piece of traditional apple pie. Weird right?!

What’s your favorite pie?

Enjoy a little pie eye candy!

15 Perfect Pie Recipes

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Sam’s Christmas Wish: Book Review


I’m a bookworm and love sharing book reviews with you when the chance comes my way, especially when it comes to children’s Christmas books! Today we are chatting about the book Sam’s Christmas Wish by George Durrant.

How to: Fresh Eggs for Giving (plus a Blendtec giveaway)

egg gift

You can’t beat the simplicity of a lovely gift of colorful farm fresh eggs! Add a cute recipe for Easy Egg Casserole and you have yourself one savory gift that is sure to please this holiday season.

Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie

sugar cream pie

This is the first a pie recipe I’ve ever posted on my blog. Ever. Ok, that’s not totally true. I posted this beauty (ha!) back in the day before I cared what my pictures looked like and no one read the blog (and that’s not how I make chicken pot pie anymore either… maybe I should update that one!). But since I started caring, I stopped sharing pie. I have indeed been making pies since I started blogging, but you see, my pies aren’t pretty. I’ve been forgoing sharing my favorite pie recipes with you because my pies are normal Continue Reading →

Currently… Fall Edition


Thinking… about ways that I can serve and bless the people in my life that could really use some extra love and support this holiday season. This has been on my mind for a few weeks now. I can’t help but wishing myself extra rich so that I could send financial support to people I know and love. I know money doesn’t fix everything but cancer, life, babies, illness, and job loss are expensive things. A generous gift of money certainly would relieve some stress, buy some fun seasonal extras, that of course can be done without, but having makes Continue Reading →

20 Stellar Potato Side Dishes

PicMonkey Collage

20 stellar potato side dishes are just the kind of thing you need to get your heart and belly excited for Thanksgiving and holiday meals. The humble potato may be a simple tuber, but it’s amazingly versatile in the kitchen. This post is the proof! And let’s not forget the ever popular sweet potato. Enjoy gazing through all of these glorious starchy carb-filled recipes and save some room for dessert! Pie coming next week :) Do tell, are you on team marshmallow when it comes to sweet potato casserole or on team no way? I’m on team marshmallow!

Buttery Garlic Knots +11 other Thanksgiving Sides

garlic knots

As much as I enjoy turkey and ham, what I’m really after on Thanksgiving day is the sides. I love stuffing, potatoes, Grandma’s pistachio salad, and rolls. Oh the rolls. These garlic knots are wonderful and pretty… perfect for Turkey Day or to accompany your favorite soup this week. Today is October 12th and that means 12 Bloggers, 12 recipes, 12 ingredients or less. And the topic? Thanksgiving sides! Timely indeed and things are looking delicious. The links to the other posts are at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

5 Minute Ranch Crackers

ranch crackers

I grew up with a huge extended family near me and I loved it! In my small graduating class of 68 people, two were my cousins. My dad is one of thirteen and many of his siblings chose to have big families too. Lucky for me we all grew up in the same tiny town in Southern Indiana. How does a family that big celebrate Christmas? By renting out some kind of large building and filling it with people, food, and laughter. I have so many great memories of these Shoaf family Christmas parties. When I was younger we would Continue Reading →

Slow Cooker Honey Teriyaki Meatballs


Bed sheets, an old teddy bear robe, and sunglasses… those are the things our annual Nativity reenactment is made of. Every year on Christmas Eve we gather at Thomas’ parents’ house for a finger-food/appetizer dinner followed by a reading of Luke 2. It’s not just a reading mind you, it’s a full on family production of the Nativity, costumes included. This tradition is light-hearted and a memory maker but it still keeps the true spirit of Christmas and why we are all together at the forefront of our evening (pictures of this funny tradition at the end of the post). Continue Reading →

3 Soups Cooked in Cast Iron

hobby farm baked corn chowder

My love of cast iron knows no end and I’ve slowly been building my collection piece by piece. There are SO many benefits to cast iron and so man fun things that you can do with cast iron cookware from a culinary stand point. I wrote an article about cooking with cast iron, specifically making soups, and it’s on the Hobby Farms website today. I had a blast writing it and think it turned out great. I included some practical tips on cooking with cast iron as well as not one, but four recipes! They include a simple stove top chili, Continue Reading →