Leftover Turkey Taquitos

Christmas Eve is all about the appetizers and finger foods in our family. It’s a fun and easy way for everyone to bring a few little things and no one to be stuck in the kitchen all day. When your family owns the grocery store in town (and lots of them work there too) days like Christmas Eve are busy at the store. No one has time to make a huge formal Christmas Eve dinner. Plus when you have a bunch of different dishes there’s something everyone loves and eats. That’s a nice perk when you have a lot of little kids in the family. I’m planning on making my Honey Teriyaki Meatballs (made in the slow cooker, yes!) , bean dip because we all love it, and hopefully these Leftover Turkey Taquitos (and if I’m careful they all can be gluten free for my father-in-law). Plus some kind of dessert, which I haven’t decided yet (any suggestions?).

If appetizers aren’t your Christmas Eve tradition then plan on making these taquitos sometime over Christmas break. They are a really fun to make and eat and are excellent! Any kids home from school will be super impressed. Plus they only take about 10 minutes to put together plus frying time. Movie night taquitos are sounding really good to me! You can’t beat using meat that’s already cooked too. No turkey on hand? Just about any shredded cooked meat will work- chicken, pork, or lamb.

Leftover Turkey Taquitos
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15 Tasty Gingerbread Recipes + A (real) Christmas Miracle

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I’m sharing 15 amazing gingerbread recipes today that go way beyond your traditional cookie plus a real Christmas miracle that you made possible.

DIY Bath Salts and Sugar Scrubs (Great Homemade Gifts!)


Homemade gifts are the best! A few years ago I made this fun sewing kit in a jar for teacher and friend gifts and this year I decided on bath salts and sugar scrubs! Bath salts and sugar scrubs are great for teachers because they are something they can use, it’s not a plate full of sugar (everyone gets plenty of that), and it’s not a knick-knack they’ll have to dust (and probably have 10 of already). They are great for you because they are really simple to make and take much less time than making a batch of cookies. Continue Reading →

The one cookbook you should be asking Santa for this year + Easy Skillet Pizza

skillet pizza2

America’s Test Kitchen has a new cookbook out and it’s their best yet. This cookbook is going to be the standard for the coming years because it really is the best cookbook on the market. It’s a bit like they smushed my other two favorite cookbooks together to make one amazing and very complete cooking bible. Be still my heart! This is the one cookbook you should be asking Santa for and plan on giving it for wedding and birthday gifts this coming year. It’s the kind of book that everyone needs, no matter how good (or not) they are Continue Reading →

Toffee Butter Cookies with Chololate

butter cookies1

There’s something so fun about eating seasonal things… you only get them once a year! That means you look forward to them with eager anticipation. One of my favorite Christmas treats is English toffee. I love the crunch and the chocolate. It’s so so good. Living in a tiny town has its perks. Kim, the woman who works at the post office is a master candy maker. During the Christmas season she makes huge plates of her famous candy and spiced nuts that you can nibble on while you are in the post office. I pretty much plan my day’s Continue Reading →

Old Fashion Molasses Cookies

old fashioned molasses cookies

Old fashion molasses cookies are the best. Soft, chewy, lightly spiced, and pretty. This recipe is a lot of fun to make, eat, and give. Not only are you getting a great old recipe from me today, but it’s the 12th of December. That means 12 bloggers, 12 recipes, 12 ingredients or less! All of us have teamed up to make holiday party treats. The list looks amazing and you can find everything from homemade mallows to shortbread cookies and mixed nuts to fudge recipes. Enjoy all of the other recipes at the end of the post and happy holiday Continue Reading →

Book Review: Walking With the Women of the New Testament

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Book reviews aren’t my main bloggin’ thing, but I love them! I love book recommendations and reviews from friends, so when the rare chance pops up for me to review a book on the blog I like to say yes, if I think it’s something you might like too. Today’s book review is of Walking With the Women of the New Testament by my friend Heather Farrell. Heather is a fellow blogger who writes about life and religious topics with a heavy emphasis on women in the scriptures. You can find her blog here. I’ve been reading her blog for Continue Reading →

15 Unique Hot Cocoa and Eggnog Recipes

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15 Unique Hot Cocoa and Eggnog Recipes is a post that’s sure to warm your cold hands today. I’ve collected everything from traditional drink recipes to cakes, cookies, and oatmeal featuring the classic flavors of hot cocoa and eggnog. I’ve never made homemade eggnog before but it’s definitely on my bucket list. I love the normal store-bought stuff, and we all know how much better homemade is! And when you have chickens in your backyard eggs aren’t something in short supply. Enjoy and thanks so much for being here.

Dixie Salad

dixie salad2

There’s a dark-eyed, dark-haired, petite old woman who lives just outside of my town. Her name is Afton. Afton is a kind soul who grew up here in Southern Utah but spent most of her married life traveling the world while her husband became a doctor through the Army. Afton is one of those people who is always so glad to see you and makes you feel so welcome and loved that you secretly know, no matter what anyone else says, you are her favorite person in the world. I adore Afton and miss her other half, Tony, very much. A Continue Reading →