Maple Cornmeal Biscuits

Today is the first day that I’ve attempted to work from home since the baby was born one month ago! If you were to knock on my door right now and judge me by the state of my living room, hair, and pajama-clad kids then the day might look less than productive. If you are judging my by this post though, it’s a raging success!

You need maple cornmeal biscuits in your life. They are a wonderfully simple mix between biscuit and crumbly corn bread and only take about 10 minutes to make and another 15 minutes to bake. These simple, whole grain, and naturally sweetened little gems are just perfect with a thick layer of honey butter on top. Serve them next to your favorite soup or chowder and you’ll have the family singing your praises.

I teamed up with King Arthur Flour for this post. It’s not a sponsored post (they aren’t paying me for my work or time, but I LOVE their company and products so that ok with me), but they did send me a bag of flour and a cute biscuit cutter to work with. The funny thing is I didn’t even use the self-rising flour or the biscuit cutter (I used a large scoop!). So keep reading because I want to pass on those treasures to one of you… enter below to win a package from me of some of my beloved King Arthur Flour goodies (shipped by me, provided by King Arthur Flour). Enjoy!!!

Maple Cornmeal Biscuits the perfect mix between cornbread and biscuits that only takes 5 minutes to stir together!
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Postpartum Recovery Smoothie

recovery smoothie1

Can you believe it’s been three whole weeks since baby Graham was born! It feels like it’s been ages and the blink of an eye all at the same time. The passing of time is funny like that isn’t it. He’s a sweet baby who is off of the lights for jaundice, has his days and nights all mixed up, and doesn’t love being awake. He wants to nursing or asleep all day every day. Life with five little kids to love is busy! Thank goodness my mom flew in to help out and my sister is still here. We’ll be Continue Reading →

Healthy Whole Grain Zucchini Bread Pancakes

zucchini bread pancakes1

Recovering from pregnancy and birth means that I’m not getting out of bed very quickly in the morning. Thank goodness it’s still summer break! The kids are just about big enough that they can get out the cold cereal themselves but man alive do they make a mess when they try to feed themselves. I end up with half a box of corn flakes and a half-gallon of milk on the floor and table. Let’s just say that set up is less than ideal. Healthy Whole Grain Zucchini Bread Pancakes to the rescue! These pancakes have been a life saver! I Continue Reading →

He’s Finally Here!!


I’m so pleased to let you know that our baby made it safely into the world last week! We named him Graham Joel Griffiths. Graham is my grandmother’s maiden name and Joel is my papa. I just know he’ll fit his name well. It actually took us two days after his birth to firm up a name, but now that it’s said and done I’m really happy with it. Here he is at just a few hours old. I plan on sharing the birth story when I catch up on sleep (so in 5 or 6 years…).

15 Perfect Popsicle Recipes

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s the plan friends. You check out these 15 Perfect Popsicle Recipes and I’ll dream about going into labor. Sounds like a great afternoon for all doesn’t it?! These popsicles are just the thing you need to get you through the week and a little baby in my arms is just the thing I need to get me through the week too. I’m due tomorrow and to say that I’m ready is an understatement! I’m so very excited. Graham, Issac, Jacob, Mark, and Jonathan are the current contenders in the name department though I’m still having  a hard time deciding. Continue Reading →

7 Ways To Use and Store Melons

melon picture1

Melon season is just around the corner and I’m sharing an article on the Hobby Farms’ website today: 7 Ways To Use and Store Melons. I hope you’ll pop over and read it! If you feel so inclined, any pinning from their site or comments are welcome too (I LOVE working with them and I hope they keep my around; let’s show them it’s a good article!). I also have an article about popcorn in their current print magazine! This is my first published article outside of the internet and I feel so fancy being in print. If you happen Continue Reading →

Hot Buttered Pretzels from King Arthur Flour

buttered pretzels2

Today’s recipe for Hot Buttered Pretzels from King Arthur Flour is fabulous! My kids and I made these last week on an uncharacteristically rainy summer day. They were the perfect snack and were super fun to make too. The recipe makes 8 pretzels which is nice because you don’t have a million to eat (which I would do, so sometimes it’s better to eat one or two and then run out). I picked out the two prettiest pretzels to walk over to Thomas and my sister who were working at the hardware store. I was balancing them on a plate Continue Reading →

15 Luscious Lemonade Recipes (all non-alcoholic)

PicMonkey Collage

When life gives you summer, you make lemonade! I can remember the first time that I made homemade lemonade. It was the summer after we were married and we were having friends over for a little party. I made a gorgeous sparkling raspberry lemonade and it was a huge hit. I think I’ve been making fancy lemonade on occasion ever since. This roundup up of 15 luscious lemonade recipes, all of which are family approved, is sure to get you excited! Are you a fancy lemonade maker?! Once  you start, you won’t be able to stop. Enjoy! And in baby news… Continue Reading →

5 Secrets to Healthy Packed Lunch Success!

lunchbox ideas

It’s so easy to fall into a lunch rut isn’t it?! It seems like I get into the habit of making the same three or four things and before you know it we are all sick of what I’m serving. Today I’m sharing some fun ideas for lunches, specifically packed lunches. This is great if you plan on making lunches for your kids for school in the fall, to take to the park to enjoy on a sunny afternoon, for the kids headed to day camp, or even for your spouse if they work out of the house and takes a Continue Reading →

Currently… almost baby time!

Melissa's new do

Thinking… my belly is huge! I guess that’s what you get with a 5th baby. The funny thing is, I think I’ve been this big for months (I’ve been getting the “when are you due!?” question for ages). I got big fast and stayed that way but I don’t feel like I’m getting much bigger as the weeks go on. Here’s the nice thing about being big, my ribs and guts don’t hurt like they have in the past. Sure there’s plenty of cons, but we won’t worry about those right now. I also chopped off my hair and permed Continue Reading →