Easy S’mores Brownies

The best Easy S'mores Brownies recipe with Mom's Best Cereals

I’m here today with another great (and simple) recipe using Mom’s Best Cereals. I’m loving working with this great company, and I hope you are loving the posts I’m creating for the partnership (did you see those fun cereal ice cream sandwiches? So good!). Today, I’m sharing a super easy s’mores brownies recipe with you. This is a great treat to make with the kids on movie night or after school for a little treat. It would also be fun to take to fall parties or get-togethers. Everyone loves s’mores and brownies, and when you mix them together, they are just a match made in treat heaven.

The best Easy S'mores Brownies recipe with Mom's Best Cereals

Here’s what I love about this easy s’mores brownie recipes:

  • It’s a “cheater recipe.” If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you’ll know I’m not against getting a little help when it comes to treats. Vanilla sheet cake, my grandma’s chocolate sheet cake, and these homemade soft “Oreos” are my favorite cheater desserts that start with a box of cake or brownie mix. This easy s’mores brownie recipe totally starts with a brownie mix, and it’s great. I love a totally homemade treat as much as the next person, but sometimes I’d rather just get the treat made and move on. Like today! It’s back-to-school night and I’m working all morning, so I’m planning on making these s’mores brownies because they are so easy and everyone will love them. Not one person will know or care that I didn’t make the brownies from scratch. If a box of brownie mix isn’t your jam, you can make these awesome triple chocolate brownies instead.
  • I can make these in about 5 minutes plus cooking time. Quick is awesome.
  • The extras that make this s’mores flavored are just cereal, mallows, and some chocolate – nothing too hard to get ready, and I normally have it all on hand.
  • It’s a total crowd pleaser. What is it about that traditional s’mores combo that makes things so irresistible.

Working with Mom’s Best Cereals has been so fun. I really like this cereal because my kids love it, it doesn’t use high fructose corn syrup or artificial preservatives or flavors, and it’s a good price (and often on sale!). I know you’ll love them if you aren’t already a fan. They have some fun different cereals and we haven’t tried a variety we didn’t like. Our favorites at the moment are the Blueberry Wheat-fuls and Oat and Honey Blend. And the kids love all things Crispy Cocoa Rice on Saturday morning. If you’re a cold cereal fan, I’d recommend trying out Mom’s Best Cereals.

The best Easy S'mores Brownies recipe with Mom's Best Cereals

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