Instant Pot  Yogurt

Instant Pot yogurt is surprisingly easy to make with just 2 ingredients and not a whole lot of hands-on time! If you love yogurt like we do, this is a great way to make a big batch of it at a way lower cost.

Let’s get started!


To prep your Instant Pot, remove the rubber ring on the underside of the lid. Remove the ring and wash the lid and metal insert/bowl well. Dry all the pieces well, and put the bowl back into the Instant Pot.


Add the milk. Stir in your plain yogurt.Add the lid. 1. Press the yogurt button and select "low" (just press the yogurt button a few times until the light that indicates the amount of pressure says low).


Select the time that you'd like it to run. (The default is 8 hours, but it can keep the yogurt warm as long as 24. The yogurt will be as set as it's going to be at 8 hours and will get more tart with more time, not thicker.)


When the time is up, remove the lid and you have yogurt! If you'd like it thicker, you can strain the yogurt.


You can use a yogurt strainer (like this one), or line a colander with 3 layers of cheese cloth and set it in a large bowl. Let it strain for 2 to 3 hours depending on how thick you'd like it.


Place the strained yogurt in the fridge (I keep mine in mason jars). Reserve a few tablespoons of your homemade yogurt to make your next batch.

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