Our Biggest Mess: Stuff We’ve Found in the Walls

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Hello and good morning! It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve shown you some of the random, fun, and downright weird things that we’ve found in the walls of our house. As we tear things out we find treasures stashed in the walls, and it is super fun for me to show you all our finds. (Check out the “Our Biggest Mess” tab at the top for more of the posts on things we’ve found in our walls.)
Let’s get to it!
First up. A knife.
This isn’t the first knife we found here. But it is the only one we’ve found in the walls; it was in a ceiling actually. Cute huh? I thought I might use it in some food pictures just for fun, but I can’t decided if I should try to clean it or leave it rusty.
old knife, knives from 1950
Here’s the first knife we found. We noticed it while we were looking at the house to see if we wanted to buy it back in August 2011. It was stuck in a pole in the garage. Random, I know. It obviously didn’t deter us from buying the place though.
knife found at house, weird things found in new house,

We also found this beautiful vintage door knob. Right now it just chills on the hutch and looks old. I like it.

vintage door knobs, old door knobs

I came home from getting groceries one day and this was sitting on my counter. Thomas found it downstairs while tearing out the kids’ rooms.

Old corn stored in a peanut butter jar stuck in the wall. Hmm. The top told the story. I think the 75 (which I thought was a 25 for a few days) is the date the peanut butter was bought. When the peanut butter was gone corn was stored in 78.

I’m not sure how this fits into the timeline of the house. The kids’ room and the big room we lived in last winter are an addition, but I think they were built earlier than 1978. The fireplace however came after the addition. I think that this was put in the walls when the fireplace went up. They bricked over a few windows and we found it in the old window sill (that was behind 3 layers of drywall).

Sippy Cream Peanut Butter jar from 1970's, Skippy Peanut Butter, Skippy Peanut Butter Jar old

Let’s take a closer look at that corn…

Yep, those are dehydrated weevils. Eeew.

What did I do with the jar? I dumped the corn out and saved it of course! I ain’t afraid of no ghost weevil.

The markings on the jar were just more than I could throw away. Aren’t they great?

There you have it. More crazy stuff we’ve found in the walls.

And if you didn’t make it up to the tab to check out therest of the treasures, here are some links.
Vintage donuts
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My personal favorite
That’s not all, but a sampling. Enjoy!

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  1. I have really enjoyed looking through your home renovations…the things found in the walls is great! 🙂 I have an old skippy jar lid like that…the 75 is most likely the price that the grocer put on it. I have several old lids that have a price written on them in a blank spot made for that purpose . You might be able to tell the year by looking at the bottom of the jar there should be a two digit number for the year. 🙂 Enjoy all your treasures!