Our Biggest Mess: Stuff We Found in the Walls

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I’ve been so excited to share this with you, and the day has finally come! This is my favorite thing that we’ve found in the walls of our house while remodeling.
At first glance it didn’t look like much.
royal icing rose found in the walls of our house

The box didn’t hold pastels, though (an art supply).

vintage icing rose, vintage rose in walls

I opened the box and gasped. Two nearly perfect royal icing roses that have been stored in my walls for the last 60 years stared back at me. What are the odds that they would be in such great condition after all these years? I fell in love with these right away. Why would someone save these? What special occasion where these made for? A wedding, graduation, or birthday?

The other things that we’ve found seemed more like stuff that just got stuffed in the walls. These felt different. I’ve thought of them often and the people who made this house their home for so many years. Would they be pleased with what we’ve done? If only these walls could talk; I guess I’ll just go on wondering about these roses.

If you are new to my blog, welcome! You might also like the old magazines, board games, and mailing tubes that we’ve found in the walls of our house. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stick around a bit.

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  1. i heard on the radio someone found 1/2 million dollars in gold, bonds, etc in their walls & were fighting the old homeowners’ descendants for the money. Judge ruled on the homeowners posterity & the new homeowners had to pay all legal fees. I thought of you. 🙂

  2. So much fun! Have you ever watched that “If These Walls Could Talk” show. I think it’s on the history channel – love that show!

  3. Wow that is amazing! They are so beautiful! I wonder why they put those in the walls of all things? Especially with no note to go with it!

  4. That is amazing! Can you believe they held up so well? I wonder why they put so many things in the walls?