Our Biggest Mess: Stuff we Found in the Walls

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So the remodeling posts have been few and far between this summer, but no worries dear reader, they are about to come hot and heavy. We have had some crazy happenings in our life and remodeling will go forward with full force come October. I can’t wait to tell you all of the things that are changing and happening, but that has to wait until the end of the month. Big things are going down and I’ll let you in on the secrets as soon as I can.
Here is one fun little remodeling post though to prime the pump.
Remember when Thomas took the dropped ceiling out of our yucky little bathroom? We found lots of treasures which you can see here, but also found a bit of trash. I assume whoever was working on the space just threw the wrappers of what they were eating that day into the hole the new-to-them dropped ceiling would have made.
The trash was so much fun to find though that I couldn’t resist sharing it, too!
Here is a bag of chips. I love that it was $0.25. It was a normal size bag too. That price has gone up a lot, hasn’t it?
The back of the bag had some recipes on it. I think they are super and don’t be surprised when I make one of them and my recipe source is “a bag of chips from 1950 that I found while remodeling my house.” Random, right?

Which one sounds the best? And where on earth to do you get pure onion juice?

Cream Cheese Dip:

Yellow Cheese Dip:

Sardine Dip:

And then there was a box of donuts. Oh, how I love donuts (here’s the best yeast donut recipe ever, btw). Isn’t the box charming? I love the color and I wish that a box these days only cost 33 cents.

vintage donut box

Good thing these are “highly digestible”.

And they weren’t just normal donuts; they were super-rich.

I just blogged about trash. Is that weird?

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  1. fantastic stuff – glad you didn’t toss it…..Im a graphic designer and collect this stuff……..great finds…can’t wait to see what turns up next (and if you get sick of looking at vintage-garbage… drop me a line….Id likely be interested)…

  2. hahaha. funny how cream & mayo arent listed as ingredients in the first 2 recipes. and those donuts! we can pronounce every thing on the label!

  3. This is so neat to find, you’ve got me thinking I should put things in my walls now when I remodel…so that the next owner will find lots of treasures! lol

  4. That’s wild! I bet you’re going to find a lot more stuff as you continue remodeling. can’t wait to read more.

  5. I love these posts! it’s so interesting what you find! I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the house 🙂