Our Biggest Mess: Stuff We Found in the Walls

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More hidden house treasures! Unlike most of the other treasures, that were found inside of the walls of our house, these little beauties were found in a forgotten box in the attic of the garage. It’s so nice that they weren’t ruined; you can see the sky through the roof!
Our other finds can be found under the “Out Biggest Mess” tab at the top of the page.
This is a beautifully embossed wedding card. Full on vintage – it’s folded into fourths from a single sheet of paper, just like the cards I learned how to make on the computer in seventh grade.

I love this card. It’s an adorable Mother’s Day card from granddaughter to grandma. I showed this to one of the previous owner’s daughters and she almost cried. Her husband was in Vietnam and she came to live with her mom and dad (the owners of the house) during that time. This is a card that she gave to her mom, from her oldest daughter, while she was living at their house. Don’t worry, I let her keep the card.

I thought this was funny. It’s like a telemarketer or Google Ad, but in newspaper form. Vitamins! Save Money on vitamins!

This was my favorite part though: Vitamin B12 and liver tablets please. They must have found a better deal elsewhere though because these went unordered.

This is the official program to the 1956 Tournament of Roses parade:

Inside are black and white pictures and descriptions of each of the floats that were in the parade that year.

The back of the program is a  color picture of one of the floats. Isn’t that techni-color fun? Congratulations Post Cereals on the win.

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  1. willowday says:

    You must almost feel like pirates! What fun! I’m crazy about cards from the 50’s and 60’s. Even the ink looks different on the paper! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Pamela says:

    You have found such wonderful treasures!