Our Biggest Mess: Stuff We Found in the Walls

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Unless we find more hidden treasure when we remodel the second half of the house, this is the last of the “Stuff We Found in the Walls” posts; sad, huh? I’m hoping for a find on the other side of the house, too. These were also found in a forgotten box in the attic of the garage.
The box had a pile of the most charming little workbooks you’ve ever seen.

I loved the front cover of one of them. Patsy had written “Kelvin Lay” on the front. I assume this is a boy she had a crush on. Isn’t that cute!

There was also a stack of violin music in the box ranging from beginner to first chair. One of the very first things that we found in the walls was a violin case. I was so excited to open it. The violin inside had been terrible damaged in the heat of the walls, but it was still a great find. We gave it to the previous owner’s kids before I started blogging and I never even took a picture of it. I assume this music went that violin.

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  1. I think I would mod podge the pictures from the book on a kid’s school desk. The illustrations are darling!

  2. How fun! The only thing we’ve found in our remodeling–an empty whiskey bottle that fell from the insulation above the kitchen. Pretty odd 🙂