My Self Portrait

Hello Lovelies!
Rachel over at Family Ever After is having a self portrait contest of sorts. I wasn’t planning on participating; it didn’t really feel like my kind of thing, but I just kept thinking about it and thinking about it. What kind of picture would sum me up? Would I be in my faker kitchen whipping up a batch of something sweet? Wielding a hammer and drill to tear something apart and rebuild it? Toting a basket full of laundry with a baby on the hip while reading a cookbook in paint-stained clothes? What about sewing and crafting and gardening? How do you fit it all in one picture?
The options were endless. In the end I gathered my favorite things outside where I am the happiest. This is who I am and how I want my kids to think of me. I want them to remember sitting on a quilt, warm buttered popcorn (and not that microwave kind either) smells filling the air, animals running around, and their momma reading the most recent library finds to them. I love how typical this picture turned out; it’s real and I like that.
May and I recently had a conversation about why I don’t look like So-and-so’s Mom. I know that I’m not fancy, but this was the first time that she noticed. We had a great conversation about how everyone likes different things. I like to cook, craft, play with her, garden, thrift and blog. So-and-so’s Mom probably enjoys shopping, learning new hair styles, and exercise. I tried to explain to her that I like to take care of myself but wearing jewelry isn’t all that fun to me, so I don’t choose to do it or spend my money on it (I’d rather buy chicken feed, used furniture, and fancy flours). She thought for a minute and asked if she can wear necklaces and have chickens when she’s a mom. She’s a well-rounded little lady if you ask me.

The beauty of this, to me, is in the little details.

Thanks for taking a look, because using the self-timer on the camera while trying to corral chickens and babies is no small task. Good thing both like popcorn. 🙂

Happy Weekend to you. If you’re new here, drop me a line; I love meeting new people.

A little bird just called to tell me that the cabinet gods have smiled upon me and I should have a real-woman sink this weekend! Months of washing dishes in a bucket are about to end and I honestly can’t even wrap my mind around it. Be prepared for some kitchen pictures this weekend. Wahoo!


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Western Warmth

Your picture is one of my favorites! Made me smile 🙂


I love the fact that Henry can’t decide whether to listen to the story or to look for the toad in the dirt. Little girls and boys are as real as life gets. Give them hugs and kisses from Grandma, please!


Man I miss you! You are so amazing!


I love it.. And I’m with you on the jewelry. Give me powertools and paint samples any day! Your kids sound so happy and wonderful! Great post!

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter

This picture is awesome! Can I tell you how envious I am that you have chickens? Someday… so will I. 🙂 Thanks for taking the challenge, I’m glad you did! 🙂

Heather @ Raising Memories Blog

Love this- so cute! 🙂
And… your popular posts (in your sidebar) look so colourful & delicious they’re going to suck me right in! 😉

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