Chickens and the garden

Today is a gorgeous day! The wind has a bit of a chill to it, but as long as you are sitting in the sun it is super comfortable. Spring is in full force here in Utah and I couldn’t be happier about it. I went for a jog with just the baby last night in the double-jogger (so much lighter than having a 2 and 4 year-old in it!). The sun was setting and I ran to the end of town. The road literally ends and gives way to the foothills preceding the mountains. I love living in Themiddleofnowhere.
We acquired 3 more chicks for a total of 8 birds. I put their cage outside during the day and we let them out to play in the yard for a few hours at a time while we are outside playing, too. It is amazing how well they stay around. They roam in a big 20 foot circle but always tend to stay near the cage and their food and water. When I am ready for them to go back inside of the cage, I just open the door and shoo them in.

I haven’t figured out which breeds are which yet. That is on my to-do list.

They are getting so big but are still babies.

Our tulips are finally blooming in pink, red, and yellow. I adore having fresh flowers in the yard to bring inside. I hope to have fresh home-grown flowers in my house 8 months out of the year one day.

Speaking of flowers, I love dandelions! I think they are little pops of sunshine, and we wouldn’t have any grass in the yard without them. Such a pretty weed-patch of a yard, isn’t it?

I can remember picking scads of wild flower bouquets for my mom; it is so fun to be on the receiving end now.

And our apple tree is just starting to bloom. I noticed the first open flowers this morning. The honey bees seemed to have taken note too. Can you see the bee?

Here is the cold hearty vegetable garden that I told you all about earlier. It’s slowly growing. It’s been snowed on 3 times and had some really heavy frost a few mornings. The swiss chard didn’t make it and the beets are struggling, but I don’t account either of those losses to the cold. I think they needed more water. I have tons of mint coming up. What do you do with fresh mint besides smell it?


Snow peas:

Lettuce, garlic, and spinach

Well there you have it, a look at what is growing around here: chickens, flowers, apples, and vegetables (and babies, but they aren’t pictured).

Happy weekend, all. Thomas is taking a crew of rowdy Scouts camping and I haven’t decided what to do in his absence. Any ideas?

Thanks for stopping by.

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Put the mint into sun tea (I’m Southern, so this is a staple in our house) or lemonade.

Rob and Marseille
Rob and Marseille

when do you thin your garden?


I’m not a big “thinner” – things seem to do it themselves pretty well. I will thin carrots and radishes when they are maybe 3-4 inches long on the top. I’ll post it when I do though 🙂


Your chicks are growing up! I don’t know how you push the double jogger with two kids! Pushing Liam in that thing is kind of drag.

I tagged you in a post today 🙂


Those chickens are really cute!

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