All Kinds of Lunch Box Inspiration!

Today isn’t just All Kinds of Lunch Box Inspiration and healthy lunches… it’s also a giveaway of some really fun lunch box gear and products to get you excited for the coming school year! Keep reading, it’s a long post 🙂

All kinds of lunch box inspiration!
Lunch Box Inspiration

The Best Things to Pack Your Kids for Lunch

I’m always looking for fun new ways to pack a lunch and I thought I’d share some inspiration with you today. I don’t make crazy intricate lunches often, but once in a while I get overly motivated or Macey needs a little sunshine in her lunch box and I’ll go wild with creativity. Things like this are fun when you want them to be fun, but don’t think I do them every day, that would suck the fun out for me. Here were some really cute and extra creative lunch box ideas that I liked.

I’m on team you might as well try to be healthy. Use homemade whole wheat bread, real cheese, and if you are going to use packaged convenience foods, get healthy ones! Lucky for you the giveaway today is for a bunch of our favorite healthy store-bought brands (Annie’s, Rudi’s, Applegate, Honest Tea, and Organic Valley). Yay!

Some Super Fun Lunch Box Ideas:

Dinosaur Bento Box from Wendolonia

All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Spooky Haunted House from

All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Easy Pasta Salad Lunch by Bless this Mess
All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Happy Birthday from Chaos and Confections

All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Hello Kitty Bento Lunch from Create Eat Happy

All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Spider Lunch Box from Bless this Mess
All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Read Across America Lunch from This Lunch Rox

All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Happy Bunny Bento from Another Lunch

All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Very Turkey Sandwich from Bless this Mess
All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Pooh and Piglet Bento from Mothering Corner

All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Despicable Me Minion Bento Lunch from Glory’s Mischief

All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

The Classic from Bless this Mess
All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Fish Sammies for Bento Lunch from Hawaii’s Bento Box Cookbook

All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

Gumball Bento Lunch from BentOnBetterLunches

All kinds of lunch box inspiration!

There’s more! Nutritionist Amelia who works with these great brands sent me some lunch box tips and I wanted to share them.

Amelia’s Top Lunchbox Tips:

  • Think outside the sandwich. When I hear the phrase “packed lunch” I immediately think of a sandwich in a brown bag. But sandwiches get old fast, and plenty of other foods offer great nutritional value and equal convenience. Instead of focusing your child’s lunch around a sandwich, pack a yogurt parfait, mini frittata, or pasta salad. If your child does like sandwiches best, change up the format occasionally by making a wrap, burrito, stuffed roll or panini.
  • Invest in a Bento box. Kids (and adults!) of all ages love and appreciate finger foods, and a Bento box – or collection of small containers – allows you to pack a variety of healthy items that together equal a balanced meal. Keep all the food groups in mind when assembling your little nibbles – protein, grains, vegetables, fruits and healthy fat. A little of each of these nutrients will help keep your child satisfied throughout the day
  • Include your child in some aspect of food prep. When you invite the kids to help you make a shopping list, select fruits & veggies at the grocery store, or wash and prepare lunch foods on the weekends, they’ll feel more invested in the healthy food you serve them. Even a monthly trip to the farmer’s market to pick out fresh produce and a few specialty items can get your kids excited about what might appear in their packed lunch.
  • Make lunches colorful. Appeal to your child’s senses by offering a variety of colors, textures and tastes in her lunch. Serving different colors of fruits and vegetables is a great way to create visual appeal as well as maximum nutritional value. Aim to include in-season produce, so fruits and vegetables taste their best.

Check these out for more lunchbox inspiration:

I hope this post got the healthy creative juices flowing for future Lunch Box Ideas!

Disclosure: This isn’t a paid post. I participated last year in spreading the #rockthelunchbox love and enjoyed it so much that I thought I’d do it again this year. They did send me the same prize that you all will get though and we have loved it.


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34 Responses
  1. Annette

    My children are grown now, but what I wouldn’t give to have been able to access this sort of information when I was packing school lunches. Absolutely adorable. My grandson would love this.

  2. ten b

    thanks for the ideas – i had to read the spider bean dip recipe – from the pic, I thought it was a giant brownie with icing. I obviously have chocolate on my brain.

  3. Heather

    I love the boxes you have all the lunches displayed in. Are they the Bentos boxes you mentioned? I will have to do some checking to find something similar for my preschoolers lunch box. Love the blog!

  4. Jennifer

    Lunches are one of my least favourite chores but I see these cute lunches and I think of how excited the kids would be when they opened these up. I’m going to try…hopefully I won’t be posting my pics as a “Pinterest fail”. Lol

  5. Mackenzie Welker

    I have a husband in grad school full time and soon to be my first “little” in elementary. Something different than the pb&j in a brown paper sack would be wonderful! I need Ideas and supplies! I hope I win 🙂

  6. Dorie

    My youngest(daughter) always loves cut-outs of food some more inspiration the better
    ! Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway!

  7. I need to get more creative with school lunches! It is hard though when my son can’t warm up his food and he only likes PB&J sandwiches. The spider bean dip is adorable though, and he would love that!

  8. Jamie

    These are too cute. I should do some of them for my husband, it would be too funny for him to pull out his lunch at break at Costco with all his co workers and have Piglet and Pooh bear to eat! 🙂

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