Easy Healthy Rainbow Popsicles

Rainbow Popsicles are naturally sweet, loaded with real fruit,  and so simple to make that your kids can almost make them by themselves!

Let’s get started!


Prepare your fruit by washing it, removing any skin it might have (for things like pineapple, oranges, and mango) and then cut it into small pieces.


Fill (or have your kids help fill) the popsicle mold in rainbow order. You can start at the bottom of the rainbow or at the top, it doesn't matter.


Carefully fill the rest of the mold with white grape juice or coconut water. Add the popsicle stick and freeze until solid (8 hours to overnight).


To remove the popsicle from the mold, run the outside of the mold under warm water and gently pull on the popsicle stick until the rainbow popsicle is released from the mold.


I have a feeling that these simple fruit-packed Rainbow Popsicles are ones that you are going to be making over and over again with your little people.

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