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We finally moved into the home that we spent so many years dreaming of and building! On January 26, 2018 we spent the first night under this roof, a mere 733 days after our official groundbreaking for the building and almost 3.5 years to the day from when we bought the property and started dreaming big (I announced the purchase for the first time in this post.).

If you are new to the blog or just tuning in, my husband and I and our 5 young children are building our dream home in beautiful southern Utah. We are doing 99.3% of the work OURSELVES, the ultimate DIY project indeed. It’s been a wonderful but arduous ride and we are so excited to be living in our dream home. We are tired, but we are excited. Years of dreaming, working, and planning are coming together into a beautiful home we plan on living in forever.

We moved in a few weeks ago and I’m just now telling you. I’ve had some guilt about this but here’s the reason. I felt like once we moved in it should be done, but we certainly did not move into a finished home. We are still working on it every day! I felt like I needed my magazine-ready glossy photos to show you, but I just am not ready for those. So instead of making you wait while we finished, I thought I’d show you where we are at.

Welcome to our home!

The kitchen is pretty much done, expect for installing my pot filler. So that’s super nice. The space is perfection!!! It’s so much fun to cook, work, entertain, and live in.

Gorgeous, right?!

The copper hood is from Copper Top Metals, and the glass pendants and copper pendants in the dining room are from Bellacor light online. The flooring are engineered vinyl planks (in Farmland Hickory) from Lumber Liquidators, the tile back splash is in-stock tile from Home Depot, the bar stools are from World Market (so sturdy and comfortable!). The white of the trim and cabinets is Snow Bound by Sherwin Williams, the gray is Rock Port Gray by Benjamin Moore, and the dining room paint color is Pacific Palisade by Valspar. Those are my most frequently asked questions, so I thought I’d let you know!

The cookbook shelf at the end of the island is one of my favorite parts of the kitchen! All of the white books (and a few of the colored ones) are my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook collection. 🙂

This is what the living room currently looks like. We still have to build the wood burning fireplace into the wall (you can see the insert sitting in the corner where it will eventually go). So my couches are just in there for the time being. It’s functioning though and we love the view out the windows.

My dining room! The kitchen table is made out of wood from the Shanty (which was built in 1898) and I just love it. It’s HUGE, like 4.5 feet wide and 9 feet long, but I’ve had it packed to the gills with friends and family many times already. I love my huge table. The pretty cow painting is from my friend Ashley’s Etsy shop.

It’s so fun to have a place to put all of my treasures (and the corner shelves in the kitchen are full of things I love, too!). Gifts, antiques, paintings from my Grandpa, and so much more. Did you know this is our first house?! We remodeled a house but that one didn’t count as our house (we knew we weren’t going to keep it and moved out before we even finished fixing it up and Thomas just went back on weekends to work on it). So this is the first house we have owned since we got married 12 years ago. My heart was SO ready to “feather my nest” and it’s such a beautiful nest. Worth the wait and effort!

The entryway. We don’t currently use our front door because the porch isn’t on and it’s a mud pit up to it, but one day we will. For now we just have people go in and out of our garage!

My office/studio off the living room – it’s pretty empty. I’m still not sure how I’m going to use this space so right now it stores my camera equipment, computer, and some photo props.

What mudroom dreams are made of. All of the kids have their own spot and their shoes go in the drawer under it. Shoe drawers are AWESOME just FYI.

In the hall is my chalk board + kid school paper station. This is across from the drinking fountain.

Guest bath on the main level. There’s a vessel sink on the blue vanity already – my pictures are already out of date because Thomas just keeps on moving!

My bedroom. And those beams are styrofoam! How cool is that?

My bathroom. Toilet and tub are to the left and my closet is on the right.

Messy, but it’s awesome!

Laundry room

Now to the upstairs!

Kid/upstairs bathroom. The toilet and shower are in their own little room off of this one.

Guest bedroom

Our library/upstairs family room.

We definitely have room to grow into this house. The little boys room.

Macey’s room

Big boys’ room

And the view out the back windows!

We still need to put on the porches, finish the garage and do garage doors, and put siding on the house plus little things on the inside and major landscaping. But we are in, loving it, and working everyday to finish the biggest project of our lives so far.

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  1. Your home is absolutely beautiful!!!! It is amazing to hear that 99% of the work was done by your husband and yourself. Congratulations on a job well done!!! In the guest room you have a lovely bench. Did your husband make the bench or was it purchased from a store? If purchased, please state the store.

    1. Thank you so much, such a labor of love that we are SO happy to be enjoying. I got that bench at a thrift store so I don’t know where you could get one too!

  2. I agree, Ashley’s work (and she herself) is most definitely amazing. I wish I had just an ounce of her talent. It will be some time before we get the ball rolling on our house. Were finishing updating stuff to the house we own now then have to sell, find property and move across the country before we get going (yikes!).

    1. Good luck!!! That sounds like a huge huge undertaking and the adventure of a life time. I can’t wait to hear more!

  3. I found your blog after searching for people who have built/are building their own homes. My husband and I are planning to build (although much smaller..cant imagine trying to do over 5000sqft! Holy cow!) But reading through this post i saw the “ashley, etsy” and then the cow picture and laughed at how the internet can be so small at times because I follow her instagram! I actually just bought one of her angels. Anyways..just found that amusing! Im also in awe of your house build, cant wait to see it fully finished!

    1. We are meant to be besties, just saying! And isn’t Ashley AMAZING her cow has such good juju, and I love having her work in my home. Holler if you need any help in the house depot even if it’s just moral support because building a house is so so much work, emotionally and physically. I’m so glad we are in ours and enjoying if. Even if it’s not done! Slow and steady! I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you~

  4. Holy cow!!! I’m beyond impressed with your accomplishment. I just found your blog today as I was looking for chicken leg recipes ;). May this beautiful house bring you and your family much joy for many years.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Marianne! We’re so excited to be living here!

  5. I’ve been following you since the beginning of this blog and have seen/read every post on this amazing journey.
    I am so proud of you, Thomas & the kids for all that you guys have accomplished over these past few years! Congrats!! You’ve been so patient & so positive throughout this process while being an excellent mom & caring for your precious babies, keeping up with your blog & keeping us all in the loop (Thank you!) the list goes on and on… I commend you for hanging in there and maintaining a positive outlook because I’m sure it hasn’t been easy with all that you do.
    You’re a remarkable person with many super powers! ?
    The house is just beautiful!
    You inspire me in so many ways. Thank you!
    Enjoy your new home, you all deserve it!

    1. Nicest comment ever. Thank you so much Wendy. It has NOT been an easy road but it’s definitely been worth it. You totally made my day.

  6. Your home is lovely! I can’t wait to see all the feathering you continue to do as you grow into your new place. Congratulations!

  7. I LOVE your beautiful home, and I love the location! Your children will have so much fun running through the grass and trees!

    1. That’s the hope! That it’ll be a place that is always home to them, filled with great memories and a fun and active childhood. Thank you for your kind comments Kathy!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Also, your kitchen & laundry room are incredible, so much space & so well planned. Your view is so pretty. We just spent 2 weeks in the St George area. It was our first time visiting Utah. My husband & I are still talking about what a wonderful time we had & how beautiful the area is. Enjoy your beautiful home❤️

    1. Yes! Southern Utah is a unique little place and we sure love it. Thanks for the kind words, we so appreciate you cheering us on!