Things to Sell at a Farmer’s Market that go way beyond produce!

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Have you ever wanted to sell at the Farmer’s Market but aren’t much of a farmer?! Have no fear! There are all kinds of things that you can sell! Or, if you are a farmer (or a simple hobby farmer like myself), this list is of items that are perfect to sell before your produce is in season. Don’t waste those early market months just because your vegetables aren’t quiet ready.

Things to Sell at a Farmer's Market that go way beyond produce!

You can find my whole article, 8 Homemade Items You Can Sell at the Farmers’ Market, on the Hobby Farms website today.

Get ideas for what to sell, legal restrictions, packaging, and helpful tips and tricks. Selling at my local farmer’s market this summer was such a great experience for me and I hope that some of what I learned can help you get started on a booth of your own! Enjoy!

Anyone else a vender at a Farmer’s Market or have always wanted to?

Things to Sell at a Farmer's Market that go way beyond produce!

Things to Sell at a Farmer's Market that go way beyond produce!

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    1. I think it depends on how large your farmer’s market is! Ours was little and people wanted handmade, home grown, and fresh from the oven kind of things and I don’t think they would have done well, but it your market has a large crowd you might have different results for sure.

  1. I have sold items at Farmers Markets. In the past, I have sold eggs (they sold like crazy. I was usually out in the first 1 1/2 hrs of the market), and beaded jewelry I made. Last summer, I was hired to cater a wedding. Since I had not had experience doing that sort of thing before, I sold prepared food at the Farmer’s Market to get me prepared in cooking the items and packaging it up for a large amount of people. My daughters have started their own homemade animal treat company. So we are preparing to sell that this year at our Farmer’s Market.

    1. Animal treats are the best! I made a lot on those too! We live near the world largest no-kill animal sanctuary so their are all kinds of dog people at the market! I’m telling you what though, that lemonade, made to order was my cash crop! My recipe is on here, you all should try it this year!

  2. There is a great book I want desperately called “sewing to sell” that gives 16 patterns for you to sew and permission to sell them wherever you like 🙂 it’s pretty new but I know a lot of libraries are stocked with the book too. It also gives you tips on starting a home business.