Our Biggest Mess: The Bridge

The saga continued- (Part 1 here)
As I was sleeping off my depression, Thomas was hard at work. He is a fixer. When something isn’t right or when I’m not happy (which honestly isn’t very often) he works his darnedest to fix things until I am happy. That must be why we have such a happy marriage!
I went to bed at 9:30pm on New Years Eve and he stayed up until 1:30am, ringing in the New Year alone. That sweet man was busy working and here is some of his handy work.
Behind this blanket (which keeps out the cold and dust) used to be stairs to our bathroom, “kitchen”, exit door, and to the kids’ bedrooms. When I went to bed it just dropped off into a 12 foot hole.

By morning though, “the bridge” was built. The kids love it, it works great, and compared to a 12 foot drop it’s great!

Looking over the edge of the bridge into the hole- our basement.

Standing on the bridge looking into the bedroom upstairs.

Looking into the living room, across the hall.

Here is the bridge from in the bathroom looking into our big room.

And here is the bridge from the hall in the renovation area of the house. You can see the shower from here.

The bridge in on the far right here:
Isn’t my husband kind?! My very own temporary bridge. Now the only time we have to go into the renovation area is to put the kids to bed. Much better. Much, much better. Thank you, Thomas.
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  1. […] I wrote this post on Sunday night, right after Dad left. My dad helped us make leaps and bounds this past week. Now that he is gone, the work seems so slow. I am feeling down about the whole project. Sometimes I love our adventure and other times I think, “what on earth have I gotten myself into?”  I am feeling the later statement today. Did I mention that Thomas also got called as Scout Master? It has been a shockingly time-consuming calling. It feels like one more thing to keep us from working on the house. And just so you can continue to feel my pain, here is how I have been doing dishes for the last five, going on six months. Dishes in a bucket are no fun. I haul the water in from the bathroom one pitcher full at a time because I can’t get the full tub in the room over the bridge. […]

  2. […] Right next to the wall is the entrance to the kids room! We put up another blanket here to keep out the dust. So by the end of the day there is a big, big hole where we previously had stairs and where the old bathroom was. Not a huge deal right? WRONG! You have to remember we never used the “under construction” part of the house. The kids never went over there, it was blocked off by plastic and my fridge. If this is confusing just consult the floor plans. After this demolition, the only way to access our bathroom, any type of water, a door to the outside, my stove and fridge, or the kids bedrooms is to go through this construction area. If you look at the first picture in the post, you can see the green plaid of our couch. So now I have to shimmy behind my couch, under the plastic, and down that 2 foot drop and then shimmy behind my fridge just to go to the bathroom at night. The kids can’t go to their rooms on their own either; too dangerous. I have to carry them back and forth when it’s time to sleep or play in their rooms. I was exhausted from carrying out rocks and debris all day, my house was a wreck because it had been all rearranged and neglected, and it was New Years Eve. After the kids were in bed I laid my head on my bed and lost it. I sobbed and sobbed for 10 full minutes. After my 10 minutes I cleaned my house and then sat on the couch and cried again. Things were already not ideal living conditions, but this was worse than ever. Thomas felt bad, even though he shouldn’t have. He knows me well and told me to go to bed (I’m totally a mess when I’m tired or hungry, just like my kids).  So New Years Eve 2011 I was in bed and he was up working on the house. He rang in 2012 all alone. To be continued tomorrow… (UPDATE HERE) […]

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