Our Biggest Mess: The Bridge

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The saga continued- (Part 1 here)
As I was sleeping off my depression, Thomas was hard at work. He is a fixer. When something isn’t right or when I’m not happy (which honestly isn’t very often) he works his darnedest to fix things until I am happy. That must be why we have such a happy marriage!
I went to bed at 9:30pm on New Years Eve and he stayed up until 1:30am, ringing in the New Year alone. That sweet man was busy working and here is some of his handy work.
Behind this blanket (which keeps out the cold and dust) used to be stairs to our bathroom, “kitchen”, exit door, and to the kids’ bedrooms. When I went to bed it just dropped off into a 12 foot hole.

By morning though, “the bridge” was built. The kids love it, it works great, and compared to a 12 foot drop it’s great!

Looking over the edge of the bridge into the hole- our basement.

Standing on the bridge looking into the bedroom upstairs.

Looking into the living room, across the hall.

Here is the bridge from in the bathroom looking into our big room.

And here is the bridge from the hall in the renovation area of the house. You can see the shower from here.

The bridge in on the far right here:
Isn’t my husband kind?! My very own temporary bridge. Now the only time we have to go into the renovation area is to put the kids to bed. Much better. Much, much better. Thank you, Thomas.

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  1. That was a whole lotta hole. Way to go Thomas! It’s kind of like you are living in a pirate ship now. You can say, go walk the plank a.k.a, go to the bathroom.