Natural Fall Decorations

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Remember when I painted the hutch I bought at a garage sale? Well I love it dearly. It’s nice to have all of my pretty things out for display, and I find myself using them a lot more because they are so accessible. I also love that I have a new spot to decorate and change with the holidays and seasons.
I don’t own many decorations; we move way too much to haul stuff like that around. I find myself looking for and enjoying decorations that we can make or that come from nature (and go back to nature when I’m done via my compost pile). My mother-in-law grew all kinds of gourds and Jack-Be-Little pumpkins this year, so they were what I used to decorate my hutch. The kids and I like to go on a morning walk and we often “treasure hunt” while we are out. Pine cones, milk weed pods, and acorns are common things that we collect, so I added a few of those, too.
Cheap, beautiful, and nothing I have to store for a year. I’ll take it!
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Milkweed pods are pretty, aren’t they?

If you look closely, you’ll also see three different types of edible winter squash. They were pretty and went well with the pumpkins so I put them on the hutch to store them.

And as a little bonus… I’m sharing a delicious recipe over at Honey Bear Lane today. So if you need something sweet this weekend, this just might fit the bill.

We are leaving for Australia today, so if things are a bit quiet around these parts you know why. I’ll try to share the adventure with you as soon as I can, though!

Happy fall to you, and thanks for reading,
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  1. My name is Becka says:

    I love this dearly.

    1. My name is Becka says:

      By the way, this is Becky. I’m was using my other account…

  2. Cami @ You Seriously Made That says:

    It looks beautiful!! I just LOVE that hutch!!