5 Easy Turkey Crafts for Kids

My kids love to craft; I’ve trained them well. I wanted them to make some fun things for a friend we visit at the care center in town, for grandma, to send my mom in the mail, and to hang on our fridge. We ended up with a couple of different fun projects that I wanted to share.

I also like to have a few fun crafts ready for all of the cousins to work on while dinner is coming together on Thanksgiving Day, so some of these were our trial run for Turkey Day. A few weeks ago I did some other fun fall crafts for kids, so if you are in the market, you’ll like those ideas too.

I hope you have time to make a few of these because they were quick to put together and really cute. Happy Turkey Day to you, and I hope you realize there are only 9 days until Thanksgiving! Whoa.

1. Leafy Tail Turkey:

I have a little leaf punch that makes paper leaves about an inch long. We punched a bunch of colored leaves and the kids went to town turning them into turkey feathers. If you have access to a larger die-cut of a leave you could do something similar but a bit bigger than ours.

turkey leaf craft, preschool turkey craft

2. Spiral Noodles Tail:

Easy! I saw this one on Pinterest and it comes from We Have It All, but I don’t think the idea is hers… Anyhow, it’s just the colored spiral pasta glued on for a turkey tail. My kids ate as much dried crunchy pasta as they glued on the paper. Weirdos!

turkey craft with noodles, noodle turkey for preschool
Pistachio Tail Feathers:
We were eating pistachios the other day and I saved the shells just because. When we were turkey crafting we found a simple use for them. The kids liked coloring them before we glued them on; painting them would be another good option.
shells for turkey feather craft,

Turkey Yourself:

This one was my favorite because it was hilarious! Hopefully my mom will get these in the mail before she sees this post :)  I just cut pictures of the kids up and used their heads in place of a turkey head. Adding a comb, a fat turkey body and legs, and some feathers was all this needed. I add a little note that said “Happy Thanksgiving! Love your favorite Turkeys!” And yes, I used “favorite” in reference to grand kids. Don’t tell my siblings.

fall craft ideas, turkey yourself, turkey with pictures of kids, kid head on turkey body

Ok, so I spelled turkeys wrong when I wrote it… hopefully my mom doesn’t judge my spelling. And here’s a closer look just because it’s so cute. Isn’t that a riot!

funny turkey craft, paper turkey craft with pictures

Popsicle Stick Turkey:

The kids love to paint, so this was their personal favorite. I had some Popsicle sticks with notches in them (I think you are supposed to be able to build something with them…), and the notches resembled feathers to me, so paint them we did. Add a cute turkey body to the top of the feather tail and you have yourself a fun little turkey for the fridge.

turkey popsicle stick craft, turkey with popsicle sticks, popsicle turkey for preschool

These crafts are perfect for Thanksgiving Day, preschool, home, or even a classroom. Enjoy and craft on.

Happy turkeying to you,
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