Watermelon Carving

Thomas’ ten year high school class reunion was last weekend. I was excited, but who isn’t just a little nervous, too? These are mostly his friends (I do know lots of them), and let’s be honest, I still have twelve pounds of baby fluff to lose. I decided that I would not be the hottest wife there, but I could be the wife that brings the best food. At least I’m good at the food…
I made a killer dessert (which you’ll see tomorrow) and I was also asked to bring a watermelon. I decided to cube the watermelon, nothing fancy, but then I got to thinking. I decided to carve his high school mascot and the year he graduated from the rind! Sweet right!?

 All I did was trace the outline of the buffalo with a washable marker, cut it out, and then cut a bit of the edge off at an angle. The horn I just cut shallow so that the white would show through. I rinsed off the marker when I was done and you can’t even tell it was there.

I did a “V” for Valley High School and then the ’02 for the year he graduated. Super easy but really fun.

Here’s the mystery of the watermelon carving, though. When I picked up my platter at the end of the party the rind carvings were gone. I’m not sure if someone thought they could eat them or if the kids played with them. Either way, the whole tray was empty.

You could carve a family name or brand for a reunion, a company logo, or the outline of the state you live in. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a pro melon carver when the babies are bigger because it was a lot of fun to do!

And, can you see how fancy I am!?! I learned how to make a watermark in Photoshop! I feel so legit now.

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I can partially solve one of the missing rind carvings for you! One of my boys took the V02 one and had it on his plate! Not quite sure if he knew it wasn’t edible, but he must’ve thought it was cool! When I noticed it, it took me a minute to realize what it was and I thought it was so cute! So it solved a mystery for me too, because I was wondering who came up with such a brilliant idea! So crafty! And yes, you had the best cupcakes ever…..hands down!


Very fancy carving! Great job!!

Western Warmth

Cute! What a fun touch to watermelon or any fruit salad with watermelon in it. My kids would love that, too :).




I have a watermelon on the counter now. Wonder if I could get someone here to make something out of the rhine?



This is so fun! Love the mystery of the missing watermelon rind carvings…..oh – weeee – oh……

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