Sunday: Photo shoot by the five-year-old

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The only complaint I have about owning a really nice DSLR camera is that I’m not in many pictures. It is kind of “my” camera, so I’m the one who uses it. Macey really wanted to take a picture the other day and I thought, why not! I put the strap around her neck, showed her how to look through the view finder, and which button to push. The mini photo shoot pictures were so true to life that I had to share them with you. I’m a total goon and here’s the proof.
This is the everyday me, not the Sunday make-up me, or going on a date me (date, what’s that?), or going out with a friend me. This is just my squinty-eyed, ponytail sporting, no make-up self. My baby is the good looking one, isn’t he?

Happy Sunday to you.

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  1. Jessie says:

    Very cute! 🙂

  2. Amber @ Quilted Euphoria says:

    HA! I loved this post! Keeping it real is what I do. Most days I’m in my pj’s rocking the ponytail no makeup look myself! Bravo for being brave enough to post yours publicly! lol Happy Sunday