Our Biggest Mess: New Roof

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My father-in-law is here and working with Thomas on some serious renovating on the second half of the house. They are currently cutting holes in the concrete foundation to accommodate new windows and window wells in the basement. Seriously, they are cutting holes in the house as we speak.

I knew that we would have to repeat this remodeling process in order to finish the house, but I’ve forgotten how painful the whole thing is. Moving things into rooms they don’t belong in, dirty, loud, stinky messes, and so much time and money. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t love this project anymore, but I guess the sooner we get it over with the sooner it will be, well, over.

I thought I’d break into the remodeling updates by showing you our new roof! This is the second thing we have not installed ourselves (carpet being the first). We could have done it but time was just running out. We’ve had all of the supplies in the garage for over a year; winter is here and it just needed to be done.

Here is what the roof has looked like since the day we bought it in August of 2011. See the chimney? Well, it was just an old abandoned chimney and didn’t end in a fireplace, so we removed it last summer. The hole it left has been covered by a board for over a year! See, definitely time to get a new roof…

And here is some progress from the middle of this month:

It only took this crew two and a half days start to finish. It would have taken Thomas, me, and whoever else we could have conned into helping at least that many weeks.

And just 36 hours before the first snow last week it looked like this:

Isn’t the physical change amazing? I didn’t expect it to look so different but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

There you have it. The first of many remodeling posts to come.

And if you are new to the blog, all of the other remodeling posts are under the “Our Biggest Mess” tab at the top. My favorite posts are of the crazy things we’ve found in the walls… seriously so fun!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait to see more remodeling pics!