Our Biggest Mess: Insulation and Drywall

Well we have been busy bees! My dad arrived and we got right to work. The men folk have been working on wiring, plumbing, and drywall and I have been installing insulation. It’s a pretty easy task but the fiber glass is itchy and leaves little pokeys in your skin. I seem to be the only one working on the insulation and I’m pretty sure that isn’t an accident.

Dad has been putting in long hours and we’ve even gotten some unexpected help! My neighbor is out of work, but used to be in the construction business. He said he has 35 years of experience hanging drywall! He has been coming over daily to help my dad with the huge undertaking. He’s totally crazy, but free help is free help!

Here are some pictures from the weekend!
The kitchen:


Living room:

Neighbor rockin’ the T-square:

We have lots of random holes. This one just happened to be one that falls into an abyss near the foundation. Thomas’ dad dropped his hammer in it! Thomas totally got it out. It was amazing.

The living room is looking like a real room!

Oh that insulation! I have a little bit to finish tonight so that they can hang drywall in the kitchen tomorrow. I’m obviously dragging my feet (blogging instead of insulating…). I’ll be so happy when I’m over this part. It isn’t my favorite! Hi Dad!

Kitchen looking snug! It took me all day to get this done…

Oh that insulation.

And then there is the hole, or the “swimming pool” as my dad likes to call it. I can’t wait for this space to move along!

Well there you have it. More details to come!

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It’s like you are living in a real house-ish-type-place! Love the electrical in the kitchen, it’s very pretty.

Simonds Family

It is really coming along!!!

Megan Payne

YEAH!!!!!!! I still can’t believe you even have to touch that awful itchy drywalL!!!!! It’s looking so awesome!

It looks amazing!!! Nice job guys! I wish my dad was as handy as yours 🙂

Daniel Dilts

I can do drywall and insulation, but I bet that I can’t do it nearly as fast as you guys.


Whoo hoo! So glad your dad is there to help 🙂 It looks like you have the best crew around with those guys! I bet they are having a great time even though they are working hard. (And the insulation girl is doing a fantastic job, too!)

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