Our Biggest Mess: I love my dad!

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Well my dad goes home tomorrow. I’m sure that I’m going to have some post-progress depression on Monday, but we’ll deal with that when it comes. After 10 long days here, this is what he was able to get done! Thank you, thank you Dad! We love you and will miss you.

The Kitchen:

Looking down the hall into the kitchen:

More kitchen (from the living room):

Living Room:

Neighbor and Dad hard at work putting on a finish coat of mud in the living room:

The next big hurdle is to get “the hole” put back together! It is the future site of my bathroom and a big pantry. Oh I can hardly type that word without getting all excited. Pantry. Doesn’t is just sound luxurious!
My dad worked so hard all week! I’m sure he’s going to go home, snuggle my mom, and then pass out! He’ll be happy to go back to his desk job and now needs a vacation from his “vacation”. Thanks a million Dad!

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