Our Biggest Mess: Floor Plans

Let’s start here.We bought our current home in September 2011 and started renovating right away. I have lots of pictures but a floor plan makes the pictures so much easier to understand. Don’t judge; these floorplans were made on the Paintbrush program. I don’t know how to do anything fancier, so Paintbrush it is. They aren’t to scale, but they are close. I hope this helps you get a better understanding of where we started, where we are now, and where we hope to be soon! Feel free to ask any questions if you need clarification.

You can click on each picture to get a larger view!
Upstairs Floor Plan at time of purchase:

Basement Floor Plan at time of purchase:
The Goal-
Upstairs Remodel Plans:
Basement Remodel Plans:
The Current Living Situation:
The layout of the house is obviously strange!  The house was built in 1925 and we are the third owners.  Around 10 years after the house was built a man named Hoover bought the place and most of the oddities we attribute to him.  The bonus room, downstairs bedrooms, and the area that will be the laundry room were all added by him. We hear he was “quite a character” and his building style is no different.  When we discover a new strange thing you’ll hear us say, “Oh Hoover!”.
Why buy such a strange house?  The price of course! No one else wants a weird house, so we snatched it up with a dream in mind!
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  1. […] January 29, 2012 By Melissa 3 Comments Thomas’ Dad is a saint. He drives 2 hours, one way, to help us most Saturdays and they get so much done. Between Thomas working long hours at his day job, the stomach bug, Scouts, and family night on Monday we haven’t worked on the house since my dad left last week. The lack of progress all week made Saturday’s accomplishments seem even bigger. Thomas and his dad started building walls in “the hole” and even got the floor of the future bathroom in! Here is what it looks like now. The diagonal board is a make-shift wall to keep the kids out of this area but allow us to get to the current bathroom. (Here are floor plans if you need some clarification.) […]

  2. […] Floor Plans – The house as we bought it and what we have in mind! The Grand Tour – Our house at the time of purchase. You’ve got to see where we came from to appreciate where we are going. Demolition Begins – Because no remodel would be complete without the demo stage. Moving In and Tearing Out – Guess how many TONS of trash we took out of the house? Just guess! New Windows and Doors – What a chore and what a difference! Straightening – Giving the floors and ceiling a lift. The Bombshell – The low point of the remodel so far. Dad flew out for a 10 days to help out! We got this and this done! Here are the before and after pictures from his time here! The dark side of being a DIY remodeler: Keep Calm and Remodel On Almost done with drywall – filling in “the hole” never looked so good. And we are still mudding and taping – who knew this step would take so long? Kitchen flooring Kitchen Cabinets – after 8.5 months of no sink, I can finally retire my wash bucket 🙂 July House Tour- The front room and beautiful kitchen October House Tour – Slowly but surely things change New Roof – Who knew this would make such a big difference? Curb Appeal – Thomas re-plastered the foundation and lost all of his fingertips in the process. It was worth it though, who needs fingertips anyhow? Bonus Room turned Master Bedroom – and we vaulted the ceiling! Adding a mater bathroom to the master bedroom – progress Progress on the bathroom and the downstairs rooms Turning our nasty bathroom into a laundry room Outside business: a big make-over for a small front porch So close we can almost taste it! An almost done photo shoot. The announcement we’ve been waiting for! The house is totally done AND we’ve sold it 🙂 Here’s one last grand tour. […]

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