Our Biggest Mess: Dishes in a Bucket

I wrote this post on Sunday night, right after Dad left.
My dad helped us make leaps and bounds this past week. Now that he is gone, the work seems so slow. I am feeling down about the whole project. Sometimes I love our adventure and other times I think, “what on earth have I gotten myself into?”  I am feeling the later statement today.
Did I mention that Thomas also got called as Scout Master? It has been a shockingly time-consuming calling. It feels like one more thing to keep us from working on the house.
And just so you can continue to feel my pain, here is how I have been doing dishes for the last five, going on six months. Dishes in a bucket are no fun.
I haul the water in from the bathroom one pitcher full at a time because I can’t get the full tub in the room over the bridge.
how to do Dishes in a Bucket

Now I know I’m not the only one who has something to complain about. Don’t let me be the only whiny one today. What is the hard spot in your life right now?

9 comments on “Our Biggest Mess: Dishes in a Bucket

  1. in happier news…I was standing at the right place at the right time and name dropped us for girls camp. I don’t know if anything will come of it–but hey, mission accomplished for throwing our desire out there, right? :)

  2. You are seriously SO amazing! If I had to do dishes like that, I would make Curt take us out to eat every night. :) And here you have a blog where you make & display food for the world to see!!! Amazing. Hang in there. You’re an inspiration to us all!

  3. I am surprised Thomas has not jerry rigged some sort of water siphon with a tube from your bathroom to your living/dining/kitchen/bedroom/pantry/Kimball’s room.

  4. You’re amazing. I’d ALSO never cook… and you’re shredding stuff! Geez! It’ll get better — and just remember, you’ve got a sink coming! I think I’d better go wash my dishes, now. I’ve got no excuse…