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You guys, you guys!!! Homemade Healthy Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs are going to change your life. I’m telling you what, they are amazing! I made these yesterday with the kids after school and I planned on posting them here on Monday. While we were making them I posted a picture on Instagram and I got such great feedback that I figured I better post them today so that you all could have the recipe over the weekend! Who knew that using a few natural ingredients could turn out so delicious. These have peanut butter, a few tablespoons of maple syrup (which you Continue Reading →

Healthy Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

thumbprint cookies1

Shortbread Jam Thumbprint Cookies are a must make. The cookie base is a tender, sweet, and buttery shortbread cookie and it’s made fancy (and pretty) by the addition of a bit of jam to the center right before cooking. I love the cooked jam in the middle! Not only is it pretty, but it tastes amazing too. I love how the jam cooks down just a little while the cookie is baking and gets a little thicker and a little stickier. These are some of my all time favorite cookies and I’m excited to be sharing them with you today. Continue Reading →

Shortbread Jam Thumbprint Cookies

bean dip2

Bean dip is my jam. I love the stuff. My mom has been whipping up her amazing bean dip to take to parties and family functions for as long as I can remember, and I find myself making it again and again. It’s super easy, it travels well, and who doesn’t like a creamy cheesy bean dip?! Appetizers and finger foods are in high demand this time of year and I’ve got just the recipe for you today. There are two secrets for making a truly amazing bean dip. First, you season and then whip the beans. Whip ’em, whip Continue Reading →

Not Yo Mama’s Bean Dip

rice pudding3

My husband has been begging me to make rice pudding ever since the weather turned cold last month, and I finally made his wish come true. He and I have different dreams when it comes to rice pudding. I like mine warm and thick; he likes his cold and saucy. When it came to tasting this recipe though, we both agreed it was a keeper. 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Rice Pudding (dairy and egg free) is not only easy to make and has minimal ingredients, it’s dairy free too. What’s not to love? Let’s chat about those three ingredients for Continue Reading →

3 Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Rice Pudding (dairy and egg free)


If you read the old blog very regularly you’ll know that the embroidery bug has hit our house hard. I bought a bunch of embroidery stuff early in the year and we just keep at it! My kids are completely sold and I love it just as much as they do. We are by no means very skilled at it, but there’s something so therapeutic about a little hand sewing. You know who got bit by the bug worst of all? My six-year-old son! He asks to embroider multiple times a week; it’s probably the cutest thing ever. Today I’m Continue Reading →

Simple Embroidered Ornaments

lip balm large

Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm is super simple to make when you get a the right ingredients and it’s the perfect gift to make a bunch of and share with all of your friends. This project is part of Handmade Holiday that Cassie from Back to Her Roots and I are working on this week and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. So far this week I’ve shared Simple DIY Beeswax Candles and Painted Sharpie Mugs (that won’t wash off!) and Cassie has made the prettiest No Sew Flannel Blanket Scarf, Spicy Black Bean Soup in a Continue Reading →

Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm (Homemade Pink Grapefruit Burt’s Bees!)

beeswax candles3

Welcome to day two of Handmade Holiday 2015. Cassie from Back to Her Roots and I are sharing simple handmade gifts all week long to get your crafty juices flowing! Today I’m sharing simple DIY Beeswax Candles and Cassie is sharing Spicy Black Bean Soup in a Jar. These pair nicely with yesterday’s DIY No Sew Flannel Blanket Scarf and my Sharpie Mugs (that won’t wash off!). It’s been a lot of fun working with Cassie on this and her projects are just beautiful while still being simple. Beeswax candles are so much easier to make than you might have Continue Reading →

Simple DIY Beeswax Candles

sharpie mugs

Handmade is so my jam, and I’m excited to bring you a whole week of simple handmade gift tutorials that you can that you can give this year! I’m starting the week off with Painted Sharpie Mugs (that won’t wash off!). I’ve done tons of research and testing on this project and I’m confident I have the best tutorial out there! I thought I might take a little break this week from blogging because today will mark 30 straight days of blogging (!!!) and I’ve officially met my NaBloPoMo goal of writing/blogging every day in November. I can’t believe I’ve made Continue Reading →

Painted Sharpie Mugs (that won’t wash off!)


Happy Black Friday Friends! You know I certainly won’t be out shopping today (I’ll be eating leftover pie for breakfast, playing games, and crafting with the kids!), but that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing some online shopping in the coming days and weeks. If you are planning on doing the same I wanted to invite you to check out my Etsy shop. My Etsy shop has some really unique and beautiful handmade items in it that I’m very proud of. I get the privilege of work with my mom and my good friend/second-cousin-once-removed Richard on these projects and I Continue Reading →

Black Friday Coupon For Bless this Mess on Etsy

PicMonkey Collage

This post is making me so very happy. I was feeling like I didn’t have much help to offer you in the kitchen when it comes to Thanksgiving recipes because I don’t have a roasted turkey, stuffing, whole ham, or mashed potato recipe on my blog. Not one! But the more I got to thinking, the more I realized that I have TONS of recipes that you might really love to enjoy with your friends and family this holiday season. I have collected some of my favorite tried and true Thanksgiving recipes from my table to yours. I know they Continue Reading →

Tried and True Thanksgiving Recipes from me to you! (All recipes from my blog, so I know they are great!)

Gift Guide Reading

I love reading to my kids. As I was pondering the kinds of gift guides I would share with you all this year I just knew that I wanted to do a reading centered one. I saw a little picture on facebook the other day of a bookstore front that had these words painted on the window, “There’s no app to replace your lap. Read to your kid!”. I LOVED it. It is so very true, and I know you fun parents and grandparents who enjoy my blog feel just the same way as I do. Happy reading friends (and happy Continue Reading →

Gift Guide for the Parent who loves Reading to their Kid(s)

Cranberry Orange bread

I’ve been really excited to share this Orange Cranberry Quick Bread recipe with you and today is the day. Of course I planned on sharing it much earlier in the day, but here it, almost 11pm and I’m just getting it done. I decided to write “A Day in My Life” kind of post after my friend Cassie did one this week. I spent the day documenting the whos and whats, and before I knew it the day was done! I can’t wait to post it. I think it’ll be fun for us both. Back to the orange cranberry quick Continue Reading →

Orange Cranberry Quick Bread

apple cider3

Slow Cooker Apple Cider is a fun recipe that is just perfect for your next get-together. I love this recipe because you start with real, whole, beautiful apples and turn them into apple cider. It’s not mixing juices together, this is the real deal. Ok, it’s the slow cooker version of the real deal. The last few years we have taken literally a truck load of apples that grow on our properties (The Shanty has 4 huge old apple trees and the new farm property where my garden is has 15 or so middle-aged apple trees) to a friend’s house Continue Reading →

Slow Cooker Apple Cider

PicMonkey Collage

Halloween is just around the corner and I thought I would share a cute list of non-candy Halloween treats that are just perfect for trick-or-treaters, to take to school, or to use for party favors. I love stealing candy from my kids as much as the next mom (bring on the Reese’s Pieces!), but I also know they are going to get plenty of it. I’m not against them having candy this time of year at all, but I do feel like I don’t personally have to add to the crazy amount they are getting. Other people will take care Continue Reading →

12 Non-candy Halloween Treats

spring gift guide

I absolutely love it when someone owns a product that they love and they tell me about it, especially when it comes to gift ideas. I have more than one item in my house that was recommended by someone that I know in real life or online that I just love. I wanted to do this sort of thing at Christmas time but I just didn’t get to it. It’s been on my mind for ages now and so here it is. I was totally burnt out on spending after the holiday season and took a nice healthy break from Continue Reading →

Spring Gift Guide (because we all need ideas of what to give!)

chex mix

Happy National Cereal Day! I’m not one to celebrate all of the national food days, but I had just the recipe in mind for today. We don’t eat tons of cold cereal, but we do love it when we have it! Chex is always a favorite and I’ve been craving Puppy Chow (or Muddy Buddies if you prefer) for ages and got to thinking about how fun it would be with Lucky Charms involved! I love Lucky Charms. I ate them almost every morning my freshman year of college and I think they make an excellent topping for ice cream. Continue Reading →

White Chocolate Chex Mix with Lucky Charms


Homemade gifts are the best! A few years ago I made this fun sewing kit in a jar for teacher and friend gifts and this year I decided on bath salts and sugar scrubs! Bath salts and sugar scrubs are great for teachers because they are something they can use, it’s not a plate full of sugar (everyone gets plenty of that), and it’s not a knick-knack they’ll have to dust (and probably have 10 of already). They are great for you because they are really simple to make and take much less time than making a batch of cookies. Continue Reading →

DIY Bath Salts and Sugar Scrubs (Great Homemade Gifts!)

coupon code

Head on over to the shop HERE. My Etsy shop is so ready and excited for you to start your Christmas shopping! This shop is my pride and joy. The things in it made by me, my mom, my best friend, and my uncle. We all work together and it’s a blessing for all of our families. I love supporting small businesses and I hope you do too. Here are some of my current favorites in the shop: Cedar wood nativity that goes back together as a puzzle. It is gorgeous, smells amazing, is a custom design (so you’ll never Continue Reading →

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Coupon for my Etsy Shop!


I’m a bookworm and love sharing book reviews with you when the chance comes my way, especially when it comes to children’s Christmas books! Today we are chatting about the book Sam’s Christmas Wish by George Durrant. Here’s the synopsis: Sam Edwards isn’t looking forward to Christmas, at least not this year. Since losing his job six months before, he hasn’t had any luck in finding a new one. He isn’t sure how he can give his family a merry Christmas, and the last thing he wants is charity from his neighbors. But when he falls asleep in his living Continue Reading →

Sam’s Christmas Wish: Book Review

egg gift

It’s neighbor gift time and I couldn’t be more excited. As I thought about my favorite food gifts that I have been on the receiving end of, I thought of the few times that people brought nonsweet items over. Don’t get me wrong. I love a plate of cookies as much as the next woman, but in the extra sweetness of the Holidays the savory stood out in my mind. On two occasions I had people bring over homemade breakfast burritos all wrapped in foil. They were ready to be heated up then or stuck in the freezer for a Continue Reading →

How to: Fresh Eggs for Giving


Some time this year I got on a magical email list. What kind of magical list you might ask? Well, it’s one that sends out opportunities to review new books before their official release! I know this is a food blog but I love books. I’ve received two dozen or so emails this year with press releases for books that I could review here, but none of them were books that I thought you all would enjoy so I passed. Then September rolled around and Christmas books started to find their way into my inbox. Not just any Christmas books Continue Reading →

God Bless Us, Every One! book review

PicMonkey Collage

Candy corn seems to be one of those things that you either love or you don’t. This post is definitely for the candy corn lovers in the crowd! I love candy corn, not so much because it’s delicious but because it’s so iconic and fun. When candy corn makes it’s way into a glass pumpkin candy dish in my house then I feel like it’s officially the holidays. That first bag of candy corn of the season is always exciting! We don’t actually end up eating much of the stuff, but my is it pretty sitting on the mantel. And Continue Reading →

14 Recipes for the Candy Corn Lovers

apron Collage

I’ve been working hard all year to make my Etsy shop into something I could be really excited about come the Holidays. Well friends, months of work are coming together and I’m super excited to show you everything I’ve been working on. I know you may not be ready for Holiday shopping just yet, but I wanted to make sure you know what I have to offer so that you could be planning for the coming months. I know I can’t be the only one thinking of Christmas gifts already. First there are a few things that I need to Continue Reading →

Handmade for the Holidays – Bless this Mess the Shop


It’s the twelfth of the month already! Where, oh where, has the time gone? But do you know what that means? The 12 bloggers group! All year long on the twelfth of each month 12 bloggers are  bringing you 12 recipes with 12 ingredients or less. This month’s theme was just perfect for St. Patrick’s Day: green desserts and drinks. I’ve been eyeing the other recipes and they look delicious! You can find the links to all of the other participating blogs at the end of this post. I like to try to stick with naturally colored foods when I Continue Reading →

Pistachio Gelato

vanilla meltaway cookies

You all are the best. I received so many kind, supportive, and just down right great comments yesterday. Thanks! In celebration of the week almost being over and Husband coming home soon, I thought I’d post a cookie recipe. I made these little gems at Christmas time and never got the recipe up, but it’s worth getting back to now. Have you ever had melt away cookies?! There are lots of variations (mint, chocolate, coffee…), but my very favorite are the deliciously simple vanilla cookies with vanilla icing. These cookies are a cross between a Mexican wedding cake cookie and Continue Reading →

Vanilla Melt Away Cookies

chex mix

It’s the twelfth of the month already and you know what that means? 12 bloggers, 12 recipes, 12 ingredients or less and a whole lot of fun. This month’s theme is just perfect for Valentine’s: hearts! Here’s a little sneak peak at what all of the other bloggers brought to the party and the links to all these recipes are at the bottom of the post. Feel free to check any or all of them out. I decided to make a quick and easy Chex Mix that has lots of conversation hearts and heart sprinkles. This pink Chex Mix is Continue Reading →

Queen of Hearts Chex Mix


I love enjoying foods in their proper season. The kids begged my to buy a watermelon last week at the grocery store and I told them no. Watermelon is not meant to be eaten in February. I explained to them that it is a “summer food” and things taste even better when you have to wait a little while to enjoy them in their proper season. Candy follows a similar pattern in my life. I love Cadbury Mini Eggs at Easter, candy corn at Halloween, English toffee at Christmas, and cinnamon lips at Valentine’s. Having to wait all year to Continue Reading →

Double Chocolate Cherry Cordial M&M Cookies

valentine's popcorn

Valentine’s is just around the corner! Today I’m sharing a lovely and delicious Valentine popcorn treat. It’s quick, easy, super cute, and makes a big batch. This is the perfect thing to bring to a party, make for your kids to enjoy after school, or divvy it up into those fun little cellophane bags to surprise your neighbors. This popcorn is sweet and sticky. It has conversation hearts and sprinkles hiding in it, and it’s a lovely shade of light pink. Things that are sweet, pink, and full of hearts are always a good thing in my book. Now all Continue Reading →

Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Popcorn

KAF cook

Valentine’s is just around the corner and that means two things to me – sugary treats and chocolate (preferably together). As I was planning out the year for my blog I knew I wanted to do something centered around my love of chocolate for you all in February. Recipes are great but a giveaway is even better. I contacted my good friends at King Arthur Flour and they were more than willing to help me put on a giveaway for you guys. So today is not just lots of chocolate and treats to enjoy but a chance to win a Continue Reading →

Rich Dark Chocolate Valentine’s Cookies + A Chocolate Lover’s Giveaway from King Arthur Flour

egg nog ice cream

It’s Christmas Eve Eve! And what does that mean? Running around like a crazy person trying to finish up projects, wrap gifts, baking, figuring out what appetizers to make for Christmas Eve, and about a million other things. I know I’m not alone either… I’ve seen your busy instagram and facebook up-dates! If you are in need of a ridiculously easy, tasty, and quick dessert then look no more, this easy eggnog ice cream will be sure to please. It literally has two ingredients and practically makes itself. Plus all that spice and creaminess from the eggnog makes for a Continue Reading →

Eggnog Ice Cream

20 Amazing Candy Cane Recipes

I love December baking! I love baking in general and I love seasonal ingredients, so baking with candy canes in December is an absolute must. I stock up on 4 or 5 boxes as soon as they hit the shelves and then I go candy cane crazy (say that 5 times fast…). In honor of my love of candy canes I’ve rounded up a collection of 20 amazing candy cane recipes for you. I put about 10 of them on my list to make this weekend myself. They look AMAZING! Enjoy and happy baking! Peppermint Bark Brownies from Cafe Johnsonia Continue Reading →

20 Recipes using Candy Canes

chocolate bottom ginger cookies tall

It’s December! How did December get there?! If you are like me you are getting into the full swing of the holiday season and all of its little perks. There are cookies to bake, gifts to hand-craft, and parties to attend and host. Those three things are some of my very favorite parts of the holidays. When I think about cookies, parties, and handmade gifts I often think of the delightful smells that go with those things. The spicy sweet ginger, the rustic cedar tree we always cut from the mountain, the warm cider from our own apples we pressed, Continue Reading →

White Chocolate Bottomed Ginger Cookies

hot cocoa blessthismess

Christmas is in the air and I know I’m not the only one thinking about what to give all the people that I love. We just moved to the tiny town that my husband grew up in. Tiny town life means two things 1) we know and are friends with nearly everyone or 2) we are related to everyone else. My list for friends and neighbor gifts is huge this year so I’ve been pondering on the perfect thing to give that won’t break the bank. That’s where this adorable hot cocoa gift set comes in. All of the jars, Continue Reading →

Hot Cocoa Gift Set

AG collage

I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here! If you are like me you are putting the finishing touches on the house, baking all kinds of treats, and buying the last of your gifts. This year I was lucky enough to snag an American Girl doll on a major sale. I paid less than $60 (including shipping!) for the doll, first book, and an extra set of clothes. I’m beyond excited to give such a wonderful gift to my six-year-old. She is going to be so excited on Christmas morning because she’s been asking for a “big doll” for months Continue Reading →

The Ultimate American Girl Acessory Guide: Buy it, Make it, Love it

gingerbread blondie

Once in a while I come across a recipe that is simply perfect and I make that recipe over and over again. That is the case with these amazing White Chocolate Gingerbread Blondies. They were served at a church function by a lovely woman named Molly years ago. Everyone went nuts over them and so she handed out the recipe like a true friend. That recipe has graced my cookie plates and many holiday parties since. I’m not crazy over gingerbread but this is just the right mix of sweet, spiced, ginger, and chocolate to make an outstanding treat. Plus Continue Reading →

White Chocolate Gingerbread Blondies

mint chocolate cookies

After getting a whopping 18 inches of snow this weekend it officially feels like Christmas. Snow makes everything so clean, bright, and well, just plain Christmas-like. I’ve gotten most of my shopping done for my family, minus the stocking stuffers, and now it’s time for me to turn my attention to friends and neighbor gifts. I love, love, LOVE to make cookie/goodie plates every year and I love to get them out to friends as early as I can. I try to beat the cookie burn-out by being the first one to have my treats in their kitchens. I start Continue Reading →

Mint Dipped Double Chocolate Cookies

Candy Cane Meringue Cookies 4

I’m so excited for today’s post! I was asked to be part of an online cookie exchange with a group of some of my favorite blogging ladies. And you know what that means for you?! You get a bunch of great cookie recipes all in one place… keep reading, your goodie plates will thank you. Today Kristy from Sweet Treats and More is here sharing one of her favorite cookie recipes – candy cane meringue cookies. I had the honor of meeting Kristy last December at a real cookie exchange. She’s very fun and kind in real life and her Continue Reading →

Candy Cane Meringue Cookies


Hello all! While I’m enjoying the newest (and teeniest) member of our family, I have asked some of my very favorite blogging friends to share some of their absolute favorite posts with you. Today’s post is from Erin. She’s my healthy dessert idol! She’s never met a recipe that she couldn’t improve with whole grains and my, is she good at it! If you are looking to be a little more healthy but still enjoy your desserts and baked goods, Erin and her blog are the place for you. Enjoy!   Hi everyone! I’m Erin and blog over at Texanerin Continue Reading →

Whole Grain Gooey Pumpkin Butter Cake from Texanerin Baking


Hello all! While I’m enjoying the newest (and teeniest) member of our family, I have asked some of my very favorite blogging friends to share some of their absolute favorite posts with you. Today’s post is brought to you from Cassie over at Back to Her Roots. Cassie is a fellow Hoosier, but lucky for her, she’s still living in the grand state of Indiana, blogging about a healthy lifestyle and her newest adventures of moving to her childhood home in the middle of no where. She’s is awesome! Her blog is real and honest and full of great recipes Continue Reading →

Butternut Squash and Ginger Bread Pudding from Back to Her Roots


Great things are meant to be shared. That’s what this post is… me telling you about something I think is great because I know you are going to love it too. Our family pictures were supposed to be taken today but we got rained out (and it’s way too cold to take a three-week old baby out!). But that isn’t stopping me from thinking about our Christmas cards! I adore sending snail-mail cards, especially at Christmas. Who doesn’t love real mail? And I know my grandparents appreciate getting pictures of the grand-kids to hang on their fridge. Do you take Continue Reading →

Minted + Julep


Hello all! While I’m enjoying the newest (and teeniest) member of our family, I have asked some of my very favorite blogging friends to share some of their absolute favorite posts with you. Thanks so much for reading and enjoy! Today’s post comes from Barbara. She’s a baking and kitchen genius who also happens to run, not one, but two blogs! I had the honor of meeting Barbara almost a year ago and I’ve considered her a friend ever since. She’s just as sweet as her baking. I know you all are going to love her too!   I’m Barbara Continue Reading →

Cinnamon Roasted Almonds from Barbara Bakes

hot cocoa christmas gift

Today I’m over at A Southern Fairy Tale sharing a super fun (and easy) hot cocoa gift set! Rachel along a few other ladies have teamed up to bring you thirty days of holiday baking, thirty days of holiday sewing, and thirty days of holiday crafting (link to the other ladies at the bottom of the post…). It’s a really fun group of who are working with an even larger group of bloggers to share some of the cutest holiday inspiration on the web. I signed up to be part of the baking/food gift team and am so glad I Continue Reading →

Bake, Sew, Craft Along

pumpkin butter cake with a cake mix

Happy Monday! My mom left this morning after a glorious week of hanging out with our little family to help take care of the new baby. We crafted and enjoyed precious time together. When you live thousands of miles apart, any time together is precious. I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite recipes of hers today in honor of her departure. This cheater gooey pumpkin butter cake is something I can remember her making when I was a kid. I think she first tried the recipe to take to a church activity and when she Continue Reading →

Cheater Gooey Pumpkin Butter Cake

pumpkin pancakes1

Hello all! While I’m enjoying the newest (and teeniest) member of our family, I have asked some of my very favorite blogging friends to share some of their absolute favorite recipes with you. First up is Emily from One Lovely Life. If you are a regular reader you know that I adore Emily. Long before I dreamed of a food blog of my own I was reading hers. One Lovely Life is the very first food blog that I ever followed and she is the one who truly inspired me to start a little blog of my own. Not only Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Buttermilk Pancakes from One Lovely Life

pumpkin waffles 3

Fall is in the air and I can think of nothing better than a cool Saturday morning munching on these decadent waffles. These perfect Pumpkin Caramel Spice Waffles with Caramel Maple Syrup are everything their name implies and more. SO good. It seems like fall is the true beginning of the holiday season because there is always something fun to do. Weekend plans like apple picking, pie making, going to the pumpkin patch, or taking long Sunday drives to go “leaf hunting” happen with as much joy and excitement as all the holidays that follow. If I know that we Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Caramel Spice Waffles with Caramel Maple Syrup

mummy bag for ribbon retreat

I”m over at The Ribbon Retreat Blog today sharing a full tutorial on how to make this adorable mummy trick-or-treat bag! This bag has a secret too… you can add a glow stick over the eyes so that it glows on Halloween night. What kid wouldn’t love that! So pop over and check out the details! And thanks a bunch on all the love for my 10 Secrets to Raising Happy Kids posts. You guys are the best! Have a great day.

Glow in the Dark Mummy Bag

Red White and Blue Cheese Cake Bars 4th of July

I spent all weekend with my mom, dad, and 3 of my 5 siblings! It was awesome. Most of the time we drive to Kentucky to see them but I thoroughly enjoyed the rare event of them coming to see me! One sister is living with us this summer and Mom and Dad just dropped off my brother to live with us too. It’s going to be a really fun summer that I hope we all remember for a long time. Our poor baby sister is now the only child at home and I don’t think her or Mom are Continue Reading →

Red White and Blue Cheesecake Bars

red white and blue fruit popsicles

Hello All! I hope you had a great, long, relaxing, food-filled weekend. I spent mine mowing lawns, playing at the pool, sitting by a fire, rescuing stray chickens stuck in a pit, and all sorts of other fun and productive things in between. Summer if officially here and there is no better way than to celebrate with ice-cold red white and blue popsicles! I love having homemade fruit popsicles in the freezer, so that no matter when the kids ask for one I can feed the need. I have no problems giving my kids fruit and yogurt laden snacks that Continue Reading →

Red White and Blue Popsicles


I know Mother’s Day is a month away, but you’ve got to plan ahead for this kind of event! I have an awesome pound cake recipe for you today, but that’s not the only exciting part of the post. I have not one, but two America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks to giveaway today. When I was working with ATK for the giveaway we did last month, they asked if I had any other ideas for the future and I sure did. My smart husband bought me a couple of ATK cookbooks two years ago for Mother’s Day. When I have new Continue Reading →

Perfect Pound Cake

Easter Scavenger hunt

I did a shout-out yesterday on my FB page for a little Easter scavenger hunt help. My mother-in-law had an idea but we were having a terrible time finding what we were looking for on the internet. We gave up on our search and decided to work on one of our own. It turned out great and I thought I’d share! We took the kids down into a canyon for a wienie roast and they did the scavenger hunt while we got things set up. Before they started we talked about Easter, how exciting and fun it was, and then Continue Reading →

Easter Scavenger Hunt

10 naturally green foods

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and my kids couldn’t be more excited. Last year a little Leprechaun snuck into our house and turned our toiled water green! They are still talking about that little adventure and wondering what tricks will be pulled this year. I know traditional St. Patrick’s Day food is Irish, but there’s no way I’m making corned beef and cabbage. I don’t like corned beef (long story) and I doubt it would be very high on the family’s list of gotta have foods either. So instead of traditional I thought I would make a green meal. Continue Reading →

10 Naturally Green Foods for St. Patrick’s Day

Spring Paper Rabbits

There are two things that you all know I love: my hutch and spring. Yesterday the two met in happy merriment as I decorated my hutch with spring in mind. I just have to share the pictures with you because they make me happy. That’s not the only thing making me happy today either. My good friend from Becca Marie Designs is helping me with a giveaway today! I’ve been so in love with her rabbit paper dolls that she sells in her Etsy shop lately. And lucky for us, she’s been kind enough to agree to give away some bunnies Continue Reading →

Rabbit Paper Dolls – giveaway