Simple Oatmeal Cookies at Lil Luna

Hey all!

I’m guest posting over at Lil Luna today and you don’t want to miss this recipe.

It’s one of my favorite tried-and-true simple oatmeal cookie recipe that I make often and love. This recipe only makes about 2 1/2 dozen cookies with is the perfect amount to surprise the kids with after school without having a bunch to tempt you for days. This recipe doesn’t have a bunch of stuff in it but it’s super easy to add just about anything to (chocolate, nuts, candies, raisins, dried cherries) and the details on adding your own flair are included in the recipe.

So pop over to Little Luna and enjoy the recipe! It’s one that won’t be showing up here in the future, so if you want the goods you have to go get them :)

oatmeal cookies with words

oatmeal cookies with milk

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