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Ingredient Spotlight: Carrots

This week is full of carrot love and I thought you might as well know a little more about this lovely orange root. It’s funny to me that we think of carrots with spring because they are definitely late summer and fall vegetables, it must be all the bunnies on the brain. That being said, they are such an easy and cheap crop to find all year long and store very well in home root cellars. Enjoy this fun little post that I worked on with Emily from One Lovely Life and go eat some carrots (did you see my Continue Reading →

Ingredient Spotlight: Carrots


Hello friends 2014 if going to be a good one for the blog. I have lots of goals and dreams one of which is to post 5 days a week as often as life allows. I have so much to share so why not work a little harder and get the goods out there for you to enjoy too?! I have a semi-structured idea of what I plan on sharing each day of the week and Fridays are going to be a bit different than the other days of the week. This is not a journal blog… but it is Continue Reading →

Friday Gem: The Boy’s First Pet

peanut butter blossoms

Today I’m over at Lil Luna sharing some amazing cookies. Check out the post (and Kristyn’s fun blog) HERE. And I’ll be starting off the weekend with a BANG, so be sure to check back tonight for an awesome giveaway coming your way!

Guest Post at Lil Luna


Thinking… How much I love organizing. I know lots of people aren’t into resolutions and such, but this time of year is just a natural regrouping for me. I bought a new bookcase and lots of plastic totes to organize all the kids toys after Christmas. I have wood blocks, Mega blocks, Duplos, Cars/trucks/little play things, trains, and play food in totes and that’s all. I basically got rid of everything else (donated it all) and I love it. Kids don’t need lots of stuff to be happy and I’m glad that I can see it. We get out a Continue Reading →

Currently: New Years Edition

For years I have wanted to open an Etsy shop and now it’s something I can check off that list! This Christmas my awesome cousin, Kaber, and I are working together to sell some really fun and really gorgeous laser cut wood ornaments. Kaber runs the laser and I run the shop (photographing, managing, mailing, ect…). We talk all of the time about designs and ideas. The shop has been open for about a week and I’m so pleased to say that we’ve already made a handful of sales! I thought I’d do a little advertising here so that you Continue Reading →

Bless this Mess On Etsy

Candy Cane Meringue Cookies 4

I’m so excited for today’s post! I was asked to be part of an online cookie exchange with a group of some of my favorite blogging ladies. And you know what that means for you?! You get a bunch of great cookie recipes all in one place… keep reading, your goodie plates will thank you. Today Kristy from Sweet Treats and More is here sharing one of her favorite cookie recipes – candy cane meringue cookies. I had the honor of meeting Kristy last December at a real cookie exchange. She’s very fun and kind in real life and her Continue Reading →

Candy Cane Meringue Cookies

Thinking… that I have over 30 amazing recipe posts ready and waiting to share with you, BUT it feels funny to skip over such an important event in my life. That’s why you get a little baby update today! If this isn’t your thing, stay tuned, November is going to be good to you and your recipe collection! We welcomed baby Paul into the world on Friday morning (how has it almost been a week already!?) and life has been so full since then. Thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve shown. I just love sharing Continue Reading →

Currently… baby edition

Hello all! A few weeks ago my friends over at America’s Test Kitchen sent me an email asking if I wanted to try out a brand-spankin’ new cookbook that was just released and they also wanted to know if I’d host a giveaway. It took me about a half of a second to respond with a big old yes! If you are new to the blog then you might not know my love for America’s Test Kitchen, fondly referred to as ATK. A few years ago my husband bought me three of their cookbooks for Mother’s Day and it was Continue Reading →

Slow Cooker Stuffed Bell Peppers with Quinoa, Black Beans, and Corn

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then this isn’t totally new news, but I feel like it deserves a post of its own. Saturday was an awesome day filled with productivity and check marks next to major projects that have been clogging up my mind and to-do list for way to long. We did some major cleaning and weeding at the garden; I mowed down knee-high weeds like it was my job. We built a portable chicken run (post coming soon!) to accompany my coop and moved all the chickens, young and older, to the garden property. Productivity Continue Reading →

Not What I Expected

Hello all! After a long holiday weekend filled with family reunions, swimming parties, and a birthday party, I’m feeling super ready to eat well again. I love to enjoy party food but I also love to get back into a healthier routine once the parties are over. And there’s no better time to start than today. Here’s a great recipe for healthy tetrazzini with chicken and broccoli for you to make tonight. It’s quick, easy, delicious, and healthy! The bones of this healthy tetrazzini recipe come from my Aunt RaNae out of our family cookbook that my sister and I Continue Reading →

Healthy Tetrazzini with chicken and broccoli

Good day mates! I’m still enjoying my stay in Perth, Australia and thought I’d share some of the adventure with you. I was debating whether or not to post trip pictures here – it is a food blog after all – but I’ve decided to go for it. If you were in Australia I’d want to see your pictures! Yesterday I went to the Fremantle Prison in Fremantle, Western Australia (WA is the state). When we were in Sydney two years ago I went to the Hyde Park Museum, which was the prison in Sydney, and it was one of my favorite stops. There Continue Reading →

Fremantle Prison Tour

I’m so excited for today. I’m not a huge fan of giveaways and haven’t done many here, but this is one I’m really excited for. Downtown Tape did a shout-out looking for bloggers to help them get their new company off the ground and I jumped at the chance. They are a local Utah company that is selling washi tape for $1.99 a roll with a flat shipping fee ($2.95). I like their prices, I loved the product, and I want to share. Have you ever used washi tape? It is phenomenally popular in the craft blogger world. I decided I’d use Continue Reading →

Zucchini Pineapple Bread and a Giveaway

Today we took our old little car up the mountain to check out where Thomas might take his scouts camping. We often treat our car like a jeep; it’s lovely not owning a nice car because new scratches just blend in. The road started out as a nice single-lane dirt road and quickly faded into a rocky narrow path that was obviously meant for ATV riders. It didn’t phase us; it’s not the first time O’Malley (the Malibu) has made it up roads that no car has gone before.Dirt road and quaky aspens:We saw beautiful things along the way and enjoyed the ride.After two Continue Reading →

The Long Road

Let’s recap this afternoon, shall we?I decided it was time to put the fancy new camera to good use and take a new family picture. Thomas and I have never paid to have our family picture taken. We are set-up-a-tripod-and-run-like-a -crazy-person-before-ten-seconds-are-up kind of people. It’s a hard life being cheap. Thomas is a Photoshop master and can work his magic to make our picture look great. So back to this afternoon. After the babies woke up from naps they were snacked, washed, changed into their fancy matching(ish) outfits, shoed, rewashed, and carseated. We loaded stools and props and the tripod into Continue Reading →

Family Photo Fail

Exhaustion block: a lot like writer’s block, but not caused by a lack of ideas, just a lack of sleep.Good night all.

Exhaustion Block

Oh Saturday, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.1. Tomatoes and peppers were planted.2. Garage sale treasures were scored (for only $50!).3. Dishwasher was picked up.4. A whole lotta sumthin-sumthin went on in the kitchen!I can’t wait to post more. Be excited, very very excited.

Sneak Peak

Here’s a recap of all the amazing things that happened this week!I finally finished the chicken coop. It took me days, but it’s done. The ladies spent their first night in there last night and I think they love it; I know I do. Expect a detailed post on this later in the week.They love having access to the ground and they like to take dirt baths. It’s seriously one of the cutest/funniest things ever. I could watch the chickens for a long, long time. My kids agree: they will go outside and just watch the birds. I’m so pleased with Continue Reading →

Doing a Happy Dance!

This hardly counts as a post, but I have to write something for today to keep on top of one of my goals for the year. The day is over in forty minutes, but it isn’t over yet!Why the slacker post you may ask? Paint. Blame it on the paint.Big update and pictures tomorrow. I promise!

So Exited!

My mother-in-law is amazing. She is funny, smart, and active. She is also incredibly hard on lawnmowers. She goes through them almost as fast as she goes through her Caffeine-free Diet Coke. There are probably three mowers by my father-in-law’s shop that she’s broken and he hasn’t fixed. She was recently lamenting the fact that she has no lawnmower for mowin’ weeds. She can’t use her lawn-lawnmower for the weeds because she’ll ruin it (and then she’d have NO mower…). She told me of her need for something cheap and light that she could be hard on and not worry Continue Reading →

Happy Mow-ther’s Day!

Part of fancy blogging is networking. Reading other blogs, commenting, and linking up to link parties have been great ways for me to get myself out there. While “getting out” I have also let a lot of new people in. In a world that seems to thrive on the negative, focus on what hurts most, and only notice the terrible I have found so much good. There is creativity and happiness to be found and woman are writing about what they love most.One of my favorite blogs in my Google Reader is:And their site can be found here.There is an option Continue Reading →

Deliberate Mothers

What a fun weekend I’m having. My cousin surprised me by visiting for the weekend. She’s a brave soul to come and stay in this crazy house. We are planning a nice breakfast tomorrow and I can’t wait to make Monkey Bread Muffins from Cooking Classy. You’ll probably want to check this recipe too… it looks amazing.And just because-One  year ago this weekend, my bestie was visiting me from Chicago, I was 34 weeks pregnant, my husband was living 2 hours away (he started a new job and we hadn’t moved down yet), and I was packing up the apartment with 2 Continue Reading →

Weekend Plans

Thank you to everyone who entered my first giveaway! My sister was kind enough to do a great tutorial on how to make a kid apron or cape. She then really made my day when she offered the chance to win a cape or apron for one lucky reader! Thanks, Sister!I used to come up with a random drawing – I couldn’t figure out how to copy and paste the little number generating box though, so just take my word on it!The winner is…AshleyFeb 26, 2012 08:47 AMI’ve been looking at Etsy for a cape for Josie. She loves the Continue Reading →

And the winner is…

Today’s slacker post is brought to you by:I saw the writing on the box and almost kissed the mailman. This is Husband’s Anniversary/Christmas/Birthday/Valentine’s gift to me. You all should be so excited! Only good things can come from this. Now I just need a kitchen to put it in :)

Slacker Post

Hey all! Have you seen commentluv yet? Now when you comment on my blog it posts a link to YOUR website/blog and also includes a link to YOUR latest post! How cool is that!Hope you enjoy the new format!UPDATE: It’s being weird…hang in there. We will figure this out together! I could use a comment or two that isn’t from me to see if it’s working. I’m throwing that out there.Well that was a bust and I took it off. I’ll try it when Thomas is around to help me more…

Using Commentluv!

I love January. My Christmas stuff is put away. I love putting away Christmas as much as I love getting it out. It’s a time to clean, regroup, and organize. I’m not crazy about resolutions, but I generally think of one thing that I really want to stick to. This year I am doing a gratitude journal. I’m writing down 3 things every night that I am thankful for. Things at my house are a bit out of place and writing down the good helps me to put things into perspective. It also will become a mini journal. I’m sure I’ll celebrate Continue Reading →

12 Things to do in 2012

Well dear reader, it’s official. I am now a .com instead of a!  I bought my own domain last night. I’m told it takes about 3 days to get all the bugs worked out, but everything should transfer by itself. If things are acting funny for you, just hang in there! Issues should be resolved soon. Thanks!And if you didn’t notice – the address has “please” at the end of Bless This Mess. So you can find me at That is the official site!Thanks for all you people do. I wouldn’t be here without you!

It’s Legit!

I’ve been busy trying to get some things in the freezer in hopes of making life a little simpler in the months ahead.  We’ll be using the laundry room as a kitchen (with no sink), and our living room/bedroom as our dining room. Things are going to be tight and crazy. This would be an easy time to turn to convenience food.  In order to avoid that, a little preparation goes a long way. I made 100ish meatballs, baked them, individually froze them, and portioned them out into dinner sized bags. I made 4 pans of lasagna 2 meat, 1 cheese, and Continue Reading →

A little planning

I had no idea I had so many errors in Recipe Index!  Links were all wrong… well it’s been corrected and updated! Take a looksie.  I promise to post more!

Recipe Index

I was thinking this would be fun to share today.Buying Organic can be spendy, but here is a little guide that I go by! I buy the dirty dozen organic for sure, but the produce that is the least contaminated, I buy conventional. I printed this list off and keep it in my wallet, so if I can’t remember I just bust out the reminder list.The following guide is from the Environmental Working Group.12 Most Contaminated(AKA the ones you’d be wise to by organic)PeachesApplesSweet Bell PeppersCeleryNectarinesStrawberriesCherriesPearsGrapesSpinachLettucePotatoesI add carrots to this list…12 Least Contaminated(AKA if you don’t wanna, don’t buy these Continue Reading →

Helpful hints to buying Organic (or not…)

Today is a big day!  I’ve been deciding whether or not to keep this blog for weeks now… and the verdict is yes!  I still want all of my recipes in one place, plus it will be fun to share all of my new knowledge with anyone who cares to read.This decisions wasn’t something that I woke up one morning and decided was for me… I’ve been gathering bits and pieces of information for years – A little about MSG, or a red flag about microwaving food in plastic containers.  Nothing was to concrete, but I knew that there were Continue Reading →

Going Granola

Make your own baby food people!  It’s easy and you’ll be shocked at how much water is in the stuff.  No point in paying for water and little jars to throw away!  Plus have you ever eaten the stuff in the jar.  Gack!  It’s icky…This is not:Sweet Potatoes – Baby food1 medium sweet potatoPeel the potato with your veggie peeler and then cut into chunks.  Place all of the chunks in a small sauce pan and cover with water.  Boil until potatoes are super tender, adding more water if needed.  When taters are tender, put everything in your blender (don’t drain the water). Continue Reading →

Sweet Potatoes – Baby food