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Homemade Graham Crackers 3 Ways: Original, Orange Dark Chocolate, and Pumpkin Spice

homemade graham cracker recipe 4

There are few things more delicious in life than simple buttery homemade graham crackers. I've been making homemade graham crackers for my kids for years and years, and they ask for them often. Homemade graham crackers are essentially a buttery crisp cookie that you can cut into just about any shape you like. I taught my daughter how to spell her when she was tiny by making homemade graham crackers with her and cutting out the letters in her name from the dough. She still remembers this fun kitchen lesson all these years later. Today I'm working with Bob's Red Mill Continue Reading →

Lunch Lady Brownies because Love Does

lunch lady brownies 2

I'm sitting here writing this post the very day it's going to go live. I've had a lot on my mind and in my heart lately and things have been mulling and stewing for a while. You, dear reader, are about to get a little dose of all my thoughts. I've been deep in the trenches of motherhood this past while. I'm on 15 straight days of seriously sick kids. Something that isn't chickenpox but is related to has gotten a killer grip on my house. The illness lasts super long (like 10-14 days long), it's slow to spread but inevitably spreading, Continue Reading →

Healthy Breakfast Cookies

breakfast cookies

You read that title right, cookies you can eat for breakfast! Now that can't be a bad thing. Healthy Breakfast Cookies have been on my mind for ages and I finally got around to making some. These "cookies" are made with whole wheat flour and oats for fiber, have pumpkin because that stuff is magic (and adding a veggie to breakfast is always smart), are naturally sweetened with just a bit of honey and applesauce, and have a good amount of protein thanks to the addition of one special ingredient - hemp seed hearts! I've been doing a good job of Continue Reading →

White Chocolate Caramel Corn

white chocolate caramel corn lfixed

White Chocolate Caramel Corn is a must make for the fall. I've been making similar versions of this popcorn for years but today is extra special because I used two delicious bars of Lindt CLASSIC RECIPE white chocolate for melting over of the caramel corn; it really put this version over the top. Caramel corn is one of my all time favorite treats. It's easy to make, it's perfect for parties and gatherings because it makes a nice big batch, it's pretty inexpensive, and it also makes a simple gift for giving. This post is part of #Chocotoberfest! Did you see Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies because #Choctoberfest (plus a Giveaway!)

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies 1

I am beyond excited today, because it is October 5.... and that means it is the first day of #Choctoberfest! #Choctoberfest is a virtual event put together by The PinterTest Kitchen. Bloggers from around the world will be posting their favorite chocolate recipes, and you'll get a chance to win some awesome prizes. I don't do this type of thing super often, but it's pretty fun every now and again. It's a great way for my to support other bloggers too. I donated an apron from my Etsy shop to the prize pack too so I hope you enter! I love Continue Reading →

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

chocolate peanut butter ice creams

I feel like the summer got away from me in terms of the blog and recipes. I should be rolling out pumpkin but I'm still dreaming about garden veggies and this amazing homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream. It's still summer and plenty warm here in Southern Utah so I thought I'd go ahead and post this recipe for you to enjoy. I've been making this ice cream for a few years now and it's one of our favorites! It's rich and smooth and that chocolate peanut butter combo is always a delicious classic. This is the perfect easy recipe to Continue Reading →

Cheater Brookies (Chocolate Chip Cookies + Brownies)


Brookies. Have you heard of them?! They are a delightful combination of brownies and chocolate chip cookies and they are amazing! This recipes is a "cheater" recipe because there's not really anything homemade to them. You know what though, that's why I love them! They take me about 8 minutes to pop in the oven and I'm done. The taste is right on though. Trust me on this one, this is a must have recipe. This is the perfect treat to make when you need a snack to take to a church activity, a pot luck, or other social gathering. They Continue Reading →

Grandma Shoaf’s Quick and Easy Chocolate Sheet Cake

Grandma's Chocolate Sheet Cake3

I did a shout out a few months ago on my Facebook page asking what you wanted to see more of on the blog and one of the responses I got was "quick and easy cheater desserts" (thanks for the comment DaNae!). Unbeknownst to most of you, I'm a master at "cheater" desserts. I love making things from scratch but I also know the value of my time and money. It just isn't necessary to make a from scratch cake when you plan on feeding it to a group of four-year-olds or are taking it to a family reunion where Continue Reading →

Heathy (ish) Coconut No Bake Cookies

healthy coconut no bake cookies1

Today's healthier recipe for coconut no bake cookies comes from my desire to have sweets but my goal to not have too many. I'm 30ish weeks along in my pregnancy and I've gained 40 pounds so far. That combined with the fact that I started out 10 pounds too heavy means that I'm feeling huge. I hit my all time high adult weight last week and with months left to go, there's no way I won't pass it. I'd be lying if I said that it was all just part of pregnancy and I'm ok with it, but I'm not. Continue Reading →

White Chocolate Chex Mix with Lucky Charms

chex mix

Happy National Cereal Day! I'm not one to celebrate all of the national food days, but I had just the recipe in mind for today. We don't eat tons of cold cereal but we do love it when we have it! Chex is always a favorite and I've been craving Puppy Chow (or Muddy Buddies if you prefer) for ages and got to thinking about how fun it would be with Lucky Charms involved! I love Lucky Charms. I ate them almost ever morning my freshman year of college and I think they make an excellent topping for ice cream. Continue Reading →

13 Must-Make Fudge Recipes

PicMonkey Collage

Well Friends Christmas is here! I can't believe that we are saying that already. I have two of these collection posts for today and tomorrow to help with any last minute food ideas you might need. Today's post is all things fudge! I'm not a crazy fudge fan but I do love it this time of year. I definitely consider it a season candy and that makes it more fun. Some of the recipes are really unique. I grew up with chocolate and peanut butter fudge, so seeing some of these unique recipes makes me want to try them. I Continue Reading →

Soft Pumpkin Cookies + Pumpkin Spice Kisses and a Cookie Exchange

pumpkin cookies kisses1

Happy Cookie Baking Season friends! Today's I'm sharing a recipe that is a fun new twist on the classic peanut butter blossoms. I made a soft pumpkin cookie instead of a peanut butter one and used Pumpkin Spice Hershey's Kisses instead of a traditional chocolate kiss. The result is a pretty cookie that is soft and chewy with just the right amount of sweet. These would be a great addition to your cookie plate this year! Speaking of cookie plates! I've teamed up with a handful of my favorite blogging friends today to bring you a cookie exchange! You can see all of Continue Reading →

Healthy Snack Bars – naturally sweetened and good for you too!

healthy snack bars2

These healthy snack bars are vegan, raw, gluten-free, dairy free, egg free, Paleo and Whole30 compliant, and just pretty darn good for you. Don't let all the health labels scare you,they taste great! This recipes is adapted from One Lovely Life's Healthy Almond Joy Bars and I'm so happy I tried it. These little bars are the perfect craving buster, pack well in lunches, and are best right out of the fridge or freezer. They taste a whole lot like a candy bar without the guilt. The best part is they are pretty filling. I might eat one or two small Continue Reading →

Rich Peanut Butter Brownies

peanut butter brownies

Happy Friday to you! Our county fair is this weekend and I've volunteered to be there lots and lots helping out with a country store. It should be a lot of fun, and if you'd like little sneak peaks of the action, tag along on instagram! I post there lots. I'm super excited to see how all of the things I entered into the fair were judged today too. I'm hoping for a few blue ribbons! I thought I'd celebrate my fun weekend with you by posting this delicious peanut butter brownie recipe. It's rich and chocolaty with just the right amount Continue Reading →

No Machine Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream

chocolate truffle ice cream5

Electronic things haven't been kind to me the last few weeks. My computer died weeks ago and just when I thought it was fixed today it's dead again, and now I can't get my camera to show up on my old laptop when plug it in to get the pictures off (!!!!). So while I'm trying to get a handle on my technology Emily from One Lovely Life is here to save the day with a delicious chocolate ice cream recipe that you don't even need an ice cream machine to make. Sounds like the perfect recipes for the middle Continue Reading →

Perfect Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

perfect pb and chocolate chip cookies

Summer is such a great time of year because there is just so much going on. I love a good party/get-together! I find myself always needing a treat to take places and I like to have something in the freezer in case I'm not in the mood to turn on the oven. To spruce up my traditional chocolate chip recipe I decided to go for peanut butter chocolate chip and  that combo makes for one unforgettable treat. Here's the great part. These freeze like a dream. I make a double batch, bake them all, and then freeze once the cookies have Continue Reading →

Homemade Candy Bar Recipes

cookies and cream candy bar

Once upon a time I recieved an email about getting some free chocolate in the mail. I like chocolate as much as the next person so I shot back a quick email expressing my interest. The more I thought about the offer and the more I poked around the Chocoley website the more excited I got. I could do a lot of fun things, that I might not do otherwise, with free chocolate. And then the idea for homemade chocolate bars was born. I'm a believer that nearly everything is better homemade, so surely homemade candy bars would be the Continue Reading →

Vanilla Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Icing and a Kitchen Aid Giveaway

white cupcakes with chocolate frosting

Today I start another round of Feel Great in 8 and I'm so very excited! I had such a great time forming new habits, loosing some weight, and doing something hard last time that I really felt like another go at it would be good for me. So in honor of my giving up sweets for 8 weeks I thought we should celebrate with some sweets and a Kitchen Aid giveaway!!! Ok, Ok, maybe we should have celebrated with a celery giveaway or something, but cupcakes are way more fun. Everyone one needs a vanilla cupcake recipe with chocolate icing in Continue Reading →

Spring Snack Mix

spring snack mix1

Spring has sprung! And I have a Spring Snack Mix that is going to put a little hop in your step (get it... hop, bunnies, spring!) I'm so pleased to be participating in the 12 bloggers fun this month because the recipes look amazing and it's just in time for Easter and spring. This group is 12 fun bloggers, sharing 12 recipes, 12 ingredients or less. Now that is a lot of joy in one post if you ask me. My recipe isn't much of a recipe today, more of an idea, but I know you'll like it. We aren't big candy eaters and Continue Reading →

Reese’s Stuffed Peanut Butter S’mores Bars


You guys! Today I have two really awesome things for you. The first is a recipe for Reese's Stuffed Peanut Butter S'mores Bars and the second is a chance to win $500 CASH (paid to you via PayPal)!!! This recipe is everything you've ever wanted from a cookie bar and more. I was dreaming of s'mores and peanut butter the other day and then I found this s'mores bar recipes from Pinch of Yum. After a little adapting and tweaking I dare say I invented the most delicious dessert ever. You seriously can't go wrong with a peanut buttery graham cracker infused Continue Reading →

Double Chocolate Cherry Cordial M&M Cookies


I love enjoying foods in their proper season. The kids begged my to buy a watermelon last week at the grocery store and I told them no. Watermelon is not meant to be eaten in February. I explained to them that it is a "summer food" and things taste even better when you have to wait a little while to enjoy them in their proper season. Candy follows a similar pattern in my life. I love Cadbury Mini Eggs at Easter, candy corn at Halloween, English toffee at Christmas, and cinnamon lips at Valentine's. Having to wait all year to enjoy Continue Reading →

Rich Dark Chocolate Valentine’s Cookies + A Chocolate Lover’s Giveaway from King Arthur Flour

KAF cook

Valentine's is just around the corner and that means two things to me - sugary treats and chocolate (preferably together). As I was planning out the year for my blog I knew I wanted to do something centered around my love of chocolate for you all in February. Recipes are great but a giveaway is even better. I contacted my good friends at King Arthur Flour and they were more than willing to help me put on a giveaway for you guys. So today is not just lots of chocolate and treats to enjoy but a chance to win a Continue Reading →

Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Would you believe me if I told you that you could have a totally "clean" cookie and it would taste great? We'll I'm here to do just that. These healthy peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are awesome and, dare I say, good for you! You will not believe what they are made of... no grain, no gluten, no eggs, and no dairy. So what on earth are they made out of? Guess, go ahead. Ok, would you believe me if I told you they were made out of chickpeas?! You know, the stuff hummus is made out of. Weird I know. The recipes Continue Reading →

Guest Post at Lil Luna

peanut butter blossoms

Today I'm over at Lil Luna sharing some amazing cookies. Check out the post (and Kristyn's fun blog) HERE. And I'll be starting off the weekend with a BANG, so be sure to check back tonight for an awesome giveaway coming your way!

Hot Cocoa Gift Set

hot cocoa blessthismess

Christmas is in the air and I know I'm not the only one thinking about what to give all the people that I love. We just moved to the tiny town that my husband grew up in. Tiny town life means two things 1) we know and are friends with nearly everyone or 2) we are related to everyone else. My list for friends and neighbor gifts is huge this year so I've been pondering on the perfect thing to give that won't break the bank. That's where this adorable hot cocoa gift set comes in. All of the jars, cups, Continue Reading →

Mint Dipped Double Chocolate Cookies

mint chocolate cookies

After getting a whopping 18 inches of snow this weekend it officially feels like Christmas. Snow makes everything so clean, bright, and well, just plain Christmas-like. I've gotten most of my shopping done for my family, minus the stocking stuffers, and now it's time for me to turn my attention to friends and neighbor gifts. I love, love, LOVE to make cookie/goodie plates every year and I love to get them out to friends as early as I can. I try to beat the cookie burn-out by being the first one to have my treats in their kitchens. I start planning, Continue Reading →

Homemade Butterfingers

homemade butterfingers words

Have you seen the recipes for homemade butterfingers floating around? I was pretty curious how such a strange candy could be made so I thought I'd try my hand at it. Basically all you do is melt candy corn in the microwave, add peanut butter, and then let it cool. When it's cool you chop it into pieces and dip it in chocolate. Really! It's three ingredients and you guys, the texture is perfect!!! My husband's favorite candy bar is a Butterfinger and he was a total skeptic when I told him how fun and odd the recipe was. We Continue Reading →

Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies with M&M’s

double chocolate cookies

I've been so excited to post this recipe but it's been so hard to name! What on earth do you call these cookies?! These are my husband's very favorite cookies. His mom has been making them for him for ages and this is her recipe. I'd never had a homemade version of this cookie until after we got married... sure I'd had the Subway Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies, but these are so different and more delicious than those! Isn't it funny how some things are "normal" recipes to people and they are completely new and novel to others. Where do Continue Reading →

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Granola Bars

chocolate pretzel granola bars

Just few weeks ago we got home from a super fast but really fun vacation to Yellowstone. We live about 10 hours away which in all reality is pretty close. My husband and I had both never been, we were planning to visit my sister in Idaho to enjoy her new baby anyhow, and it all just seemed to work out for us to go visit that amazing park. I spent WEEKS getting ready, planning and preparing meals to stick in the freezer and crock-pot while we were there (our little cabin had electricity but no water), making snacks, and Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Recipe

homemade peanut butter chocolate sauce

Ice cream season is upon us and I couldn't be more pleased! I've already made three batches of deliciously simple homemade vanilla ice cream (and just realized I've never shared the recipe with you...). I love vanilla ice cream because it goes with everything. Ice cream with a side of berries, pie, or cake, is just a good thing. If I don't have a side for it I like to have a little something to offer on top. More often than not I'll enjoy it nice and plain but sometimes it needs just a little chocolate. Everything is better with Continue Reading →

Lightened Up Chocolate Cupcakes

less calorie chocolate cupcakes

A few weeks ago I sent an email over to America's Test Kitchen to see if we could work on a project together. I was so excited when I got a very positive yes back from them. They wanted to know if I could help promote their Comfort Food Makeovers cookbook. They got a very excited yes in reply! Comfort Food Makeovers is such a clever book that takes your and my favorite classics and popular restaurant dishes and gives them a makeover for the better. The goal was to drop fat and calories without sacrificing flavor, and if anyone could pull this Continue Reading →

Chocolate therapy and a hot mess of a post…

Chocolate peanut butter sundae

No one told me about what I like to call "mother's guilt" before I had kids. I had no idea that motherhood would involve feeling guilt so much. The worry and guilt get all mixed together and then it's just a mess. I think I'm definitely on the high end of the guilt feeling spectrum, but surely I'm not alone in this. Take yesterday for example. The baby fell and hit his face with a full on double nostril bloody nose from H-E-doublehockeysticks. So much blood! And of course it was at the church in the middle of the Boy Scout Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Sundaes

Chocolate peanut butter sundae

Aww gurl. Sometimes the stars align and things just work like magic. This recipe is one such example. Hello chocolate peanut butter perfection! Just imagine the most perfectly rich and moist brownie with peanut butter swirled on topped, smooth cold ice cream, and chopped Reese's cups. And it isn't just drizzled with any old hot fudge either... it's topped with peanut butter hot fudge you'll be tempted to drink for breakfast. Dessert just got taken to a whole new level. So if you remember from months past I'm part of a group of bloggers who do a little chocolate party every Continue Reading →

Brownie Cheesecake Bars

cheesecake bars, chocolate and cheesecake, brownie and cheese cake dessert

Remember those those red velvet cheesecake bars from heaven? Well I wanted to make them again but I was out of red dye. I think that is my beef with red velvet things; I'm not a fan of using so much dye just because. Any how, I got to thinking and decided that the recipe would be a great candidate for a bit of tweaking to make the red velvet layer a brownie layer and boy was I right. With a few changes Brownie Cheesecake Bars were born. I preferred these to the original because I love chocolate. If you Continue Reading →

Gooey Marshmallow Christmas Popcorn with Chocolate


One more popcorn recipe before Christmas OK?!  I know my love of popcorn is bordering on addiction, but I also know that I'm not the only one who is so fond of the stuff. Popcorn lovers unite! I grew up in a big family with tons of cousins close by. We would all descend on my grandma's house on Sunday afternoons to play and enjoy the delights of family time. In the winter grandma would stand over her stove with a stove-top popper that you turned by hand and then load metal cake pans full of hot popcorn that was a little greasy and a Continue Reading →

Homemade Oreos with a Candy Cane Cream Filling

I finished Christmas shopping last night! It's so hard to get done when I normally just pack the three kids to the store with me, and honestly, I don't really like shopping anyhow. I had to make a special trip after they were in bed, and the thing is, I forgot most of the stores in town close around 6 pm! My only choices for shopping were literally KMart, WalMart, and Dollar Tree. There's no mall and no Target within hours of me and all the locally-owned stores were closed. Some things I'm just not used to in small town living, and Continue Reading →

Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark

I've been "fancy" blogging for just over a year now and this is one of the very first recipe I ever put up on Bless This Mess. It's a great recipe that needs repeating and the pictures have improved a bit this year too. I hope you don't mind a repeater. You can't go wrong with a quick caramel over pretzels all covered in chocolate. I made this for my goodie plates and packages last year and I made it again this year, so definitely worth repeating in my book!  

Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark


  • 1 bag of pretzels (sticks, knots, or waffled, just no rods)
  • 1 cup of butter (don't even think of a subbing margarine!)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Kosher salt or sea salt for sprinkling


Line a 13x18 inch baking sheet (jelly roll size) with parchment paper. No parchment? Foil, buttered or sprayed with oil will work. Place 1/2 to 2/3 of the bag of pretzels on the lined sheet and arrange so that they are some what in a single layer.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

In a small saucepan over medium heat melt the butter until it starts to bubble. Add the brown sugar and stir to combine. The butter will float to the top and the sugar sinks to the bottom. As the sugar warms it will combine with the butter. Stir occasionally just until the sugar and butter come together. DO NOT let the mixture boil.

Pour the caramel mixture evenly over the pretzels and then put the pan into the oven for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes remove the pan from the oven and sprinkle the chocolate chips evenly over the top. Put the pan back in the oven for 30 second to a minute - don't wait too long or your chocolate will burn. Remove the pan from the oven and using a rubber spatula smear the melty chocolate over the top of the pretzels.

Sprinkle the salt over the warm chocolate - more or less depending on your taste. Allow the chocolate to set before eating. Break into pieces to serve.


I've made this with every type and shape of pretzel they make. These waffle-shaped pretzels were called "butter snaps" and were excellent. I layered them evenly in the pan before adding everything else and they yielded a very uniformed crunch. Sometimes I just pile on the knots or pretzel sticks and kind of spread them around. That works too but you tend to have more pretzel per bite. It's a personal preference really because it is all very tasty.

  What last minute gifts are you makin' and bakin' this week?

Dark Chocolate Dipped Cookies with Crystallized Ginger

Are you ready for something so easy it's practically cheating? Ok, here we go. What if I told you that you could spruce up store-bought cookies easily and no one would even notice they weren't completely homemade? Well you can. Sure, we all love beautiful hand-crafted from scratch cookies, but we don't always have time for that now do we? This is a perfectly tasty way to cheat but still fulfill your inner domestic goddess. I was in the cookie aisle the other day and noticed the top shelf was lined with all kinds of wonderfully foreign cookies. It popped into my mind that I Continue Reading →

Double Dark Candy Cane Crunch Cookies

Can you believe it's already December?! It's such a fun month and the perfect way to start it off is with  these double dark candy can crunch cookies.  Chocolate and mint are such a natural and easy combination to work with this time of year, so this probably won't be the only recipe you see of the merriment this month. Husband doesn't like the combo. He always says "it's like eating a candy bar after you just brushed your teeth". So I rarely make it because I'll be the one eating it all. I just happened to need a batch of Continue Reading →

Salted Caramel Corn with White Chocolate

Caramel! Oh how I love the stuff. Here's another super recipe with, you guessed it, caramel. I adore caramel corn because of two things: caramel and popcorn (obviously...). Popcorn is one of my favorite foods and I eat it multiple times a week. Both of my parents hail from the Hoosier State and I spent 19 of my 27 years there, so I think the corn/popcorn love is just part of my genetic make-up. Indiana grows some intense corn (picture proof at the end of the post). This caramel corn is a non-sticky but not super crunchy caramel coated popcorn drizzled with white chocolate and then Continue Reading →

Homemade Soft Oreos from a cake mix

A few weeks ago I took dinner to a friend who had had a baby. She returned my dishes with these cookies inside. Who does that?! I was supposed to be helping her and then she bakes me treats... obviously she's amazing. The cookies were so beautiful that I took pictures of them and then got the recipe to share with you. These soft oreos that are made from a cake mix are super popular in Utah. I hadn't heard of them until I moved here. If you aren't in the mood for soft and cakey then you might like my other Continue Reading →

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart with a Graham Cracker Crust

Once in a while Amazon will have $5 magazine subscriptions  and when they do I normally snatch something up. I love magazines because they have lots of concise information that is fun and easy to read in short spurts. Can you tell I'm a mom or what? Anyhow, I'm getting Family Fun, Better Homes & Gardens, and Country Living right now (yup, each was only $5 for the year!) which is a perfect mix for me. Country Living didn't have tons of recipes this past month, but the few they did were amazing and I'm working my way through each. You can Continue Reading →

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Don't be turned off by "dark" next to chocolate in the title if you are not a dark chocolate fan. The ice cream is still very sweet. The color is very dark and the flavor rich but there is no bitterness. I promise you will love this and it comes together in a flash. This would be a fun treat to have after school with your returning kids. How are you all doing with the back-to-school madness? Do you love the return to a schedule? Glad to have some quiet or missing them to pieces? My oldest turned five this summer but I Continue Reading →

Fudge Pops

Here's the post I did for Honey Bear Lane last week. I thought I'd share it here too!Hello ladies! I hope you have a great 4th of July. After a big holiday my kids and I always go through a post-holiday funk. Cousins are gone, fireworks are over, and laundry seems to be coming out of the woodwork...post-holiday funks are the worst! In an effort to ease the real-life reality I've got a fun and simple recipe to share with you today. A little chocolate goes a long way, doesn't it? I scoured the internet for the perfect fudge pop recipe. My Continue Reading →

Guest Post at Honey Bear Lane

Remember 100 years ago when I said I was a contributor for a much bigger blog than myself?!  Well, the day has come for my first guest post at Honey Bear Lane! Heidi, the brains behind the wonder, has picked me to contribute recipes for the next year on her blog. I'll be over there every five or six weeks sharing something new. I'll be first to admit that I'm beyond pleased for the chance to grow and share. I hope you'll stop by and say hello and check out some of Heidi's treasures; she's known for her puff quilts, Continue Reading →

Triple Chocolate Brownies: America’s Test Kitchen

triple chocolate brownies

Here's that amazing brownie recipe that I promised you earlier. I love that it uses butter and three types of chocolate, there's no double-boiler needed, and it's so easy to make. I'll be the first to admit that I have this recipe memorized and can whip it up in a flash. You can thank me after you make these. Did you know that I've never been a believer in homemade brownies? 99% of all homemade brownies I have tried are dry, cakey, and lacking in chocolate flavor. This, my friends, is the 1% of homemade brownies. Dark, rich, smooth, dense, and full of Continue Reading →

Triple Chocolate Brownies- Teaser

Too many things have taken precedence over blogging today, so you are stuck with a teaser-post.I'm completely in love with the new camera. Taking pictures used to be a full-on production. I didn't have a table in the kitchen where the light is best, so I would get out two buckets, a board, and a tripod just to snap a picture. I did it with only mediocre results in the end.Now I'm living the life with a beautiful kitchen and a fancy camera. I plopped a few brownies on a plate, set them on the bar, and snapped a few pictures. Here is Continue Reading →

Homemade Double Chocolate Pudding

I love Mondays. The weekend is fun and a bit unorganized, but then Monday rolls around and things seem to straighten themselves back up. Laundry gets pushed through, menus get planned, workouts are attended. Any goal or task that I didn't get done last week is prioritized and I feel like I have a new week to get it done. Monday feels like a fresh new start to a bright new week; what's not to love? Mondays in this house are Family Night. One night a week we do something a little extra special as a family. We have a lesson, sing songs, and sometimes Continue Reading →

Classic Chocolate Buttercream Icing for Cupcakes

Here is the last of the cupcakes from the dessert auction that I'm going to post. We ran down to visit the in-laws yesterday and will be heading back home tonight. It was so nice last week that I planted my cold weather garden and now it's snowing! I'm so excited to go home and check on my little plants and seeds. IFA was supposed to get their chicks in this weekend too. I've wanted a little brood for years and now it's going to happen. Fresh eggs here I come. I love life as a country bumkin. Now for some chocolate. Continue Reading →

The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You’ll Ever Try

Well Chocolate Week is coming to a close. I've saved the very best for last. Plan on making these tomorrow after church! Chocolate chip cookies are little morsels of memories. I'm sure you too have more than one memory that has a chocolate chip cookie wrapped up in it. Chocolate chip cookies remind me of my sister. We call her Tia at our house. Tia has perfected her chocolate chip cookie. They are divine. Instead of asking her to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, we simple ask her to make "Tia Cookies"; she knows exactly what we mean. "I Continue Reading →

Dark Chocolate Cookies 3 Ways

All of the Chocolate Week recipes have been leading up to today! This is the mother of all baking discoveries! You can make 3 amazing cookies with the same dough! Read on...this might just be the most exciting news you hear all day. Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough 1 1/4 cups butter, at room temperature 2 cups powdered sugar 1 cup dutch processes cocoa or dark cocoa powder (I used Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa) 1/2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. vanilla 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cups flour In a stand mixer, with a cookie paddle attached, cream the butter and sugar together on medium speed until the mixture is light Continue Reading →

Homemade Mint Oreo Cookies

Don't you just love Chocolate Week?! I love posting these recipes I've been hanging onto, waiting to post this week! It feels like giving a little surprise party everyday! Oh the excitement... Now what could be better than a Homemade Oreo? A homemade mint Oreo! I love these and can't wait to make a milkshake that includes them! Is there a cookie that you can never say no to? These are mine. Love them! Homemade Mint Oreo Cookies Printable Recipe Dough 1 1/4 cups butter, at room temperature 2 cups powdered sugar 1 cup dutch processes cocoa or dark cocoa powder (I used Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa) 1/2 tsp. salt 1 tsp. Continue Reading →