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Vanilla Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Icing and a Kitchen Aid Giveaway

white cupcakes with chocolate frosting

Today I start another round of Feel Great in 8 and I'm so very excited! I had such a great time forming new habits, loosing some weight, and doing something hard last time that I really felt like another go at it would be good for me. So in honor of my giving up sweets for 8 weeks I thought we should celebrate with some sweets and a Kitchen Aid giveaway!!! Ok, Ok, maybe we should have celebrated with a celery giveaway or something, but cupcakes are way more fun. Everyone one needs a vanilla cupcake recipe with chocolate icing in Continue Reading →

Spring Snack Mix

spring snack mix1

Spring has sprung! And I have a Spring Snack Mix that is going to put a little hop in your step (get it... hop, bunnies, spring!) I'm so pleased to be participating in the 12 bloggers fun this month because the recipes look amazing and it's just in time for Easter and spring. This group is 12 fun bloggers, sharing 12 recipes, 12 ingredients or less. Now that is a lot of joy in one post if you ask me. My recipe isn't much of a recipe today, more of an idea, but I know you'll like it. We aren't big candy eaters and Continue Reading →

Double Chocolate Cherry Cordial M&M Cookies


I love enjoying foods in their proper season. The kids begged my to buy a watermelon last week at the grocery store and I told them no. Watermelon is not meant to be eaten in February. I explained to them that it is a "summer food" and things taste even better when you have to wait a little while to enjoy them in their proper season. Candy follows a similar pattern in my life. I love Cadbury Mini Eggs at Easter, candy corn at Halloween, English toffee at Christmas, and cinnamon lips at Valentine's. Having to wait all year to enjoy Continue Reading →

Rich Dark Chocolate Valentine’s Cookies + A Chocolate Lover’s Giveaway from King Arthur Flour

KAF cook

Valentine's is just around the corner and that means two things to me - sugary treats and chocolate (preferably together). As I was planning out the year for my blog I knew I wanted to do something centered around my love of chocolate for you all in February. Recipes are great but a giveaway is even better. I contacted my good friends at King Arthur Flour and they were more than willing to help me put on a giveaway for you guys. So today is not just lots of chocolate and treats to enjoy but a chance to win a Continue Reading →

Ice Cream Party with Tillamook

ice cream party baby

Way back in the beginning of January I sent Tillamook an email in hopes they'd want to work on a project together. They were super kind in their response and let me know about their "Love Loaf Tour" happening this summer and wanted to know if I'd work on something around that time. Score! I love Tillamook, have taken the fun factory tour complete with a cheese sample at the end, and now I get to blog with them! I assumed I'd be working with cheese but I got an email not too long again that said they'd like to Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Recipe

homemade peanut butter chocolate sauce

Ice cream season is upon us and I couldn't be more pleased! I've already made three batches of deliciously simple homemade vanilla ice cream (and just realized I've never shared the recipe with you...). I love vanilla ice cream because it goes with everything. Ice cream with a side of berries, pie, or cake, is just a good thing. If I don't have a side for it I like to have a little something to offer on top. More often than not I'll enjoy it nice and plain but sometimes it needs just a little chocolate. Everything is better with Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Sundaes

Chocolate peanut butter sundae

Aww gurl. Sometimes the stars align and things just work like magic. This recipe is one such example. Hello chocolate peanut butter perfection! Just imagine the most perfectly rich and moist brownie with peanut butter swirled on topped, smooth cold ice cream, and chopped Reese's cups. And it isn't just drizzled with any old hot fudge either... it's topped with peanut butter hot fudge you'll be tempted to drink for breakfast. Dessert just got taken to a whole new level. So if you remember from months past I'm part of a group of bloggers who do a little chocolate party every Continue Reading →

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Don't be turned off by "dark" next to chocolate in the title if you are not a dark chocolate fan. The ice cream is still very sweet. The color is very dark and the flavor rich but there is no bitterness. I promise you will love this and it comes together in a flash. This would be a fun treat to have after school with your returning kids. How are you all doing with the back-to-school madness? Do you love the return to a schedule? Glad to have some quiet or missing them to pieces? My oldest turned five this summer but I Continue Reading →

Classic Chocolate Buttercream Icing for Cupcakes

Here is the last of the cupcakes from the dessert auction that I'm going to post. We ran down to visit the in-laws yesterday and will be heading back home tonight. It was so nice last week that I planted my cold weather garden and now it's snowing! I'm so excited to go home and check on my little plants and seeds. IFA was supposed to get their chicks in this weekend too. I've wanted a little brood for years and now it's going to happen. Fresh eggs here I come. I love life as a country bumkin. Now for some chocolate. Continue Reading →