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About Bless This Mess & Myself

Hello!  Welcome to Bless This Mess! Why such a mess you may ask? Well there are a few reason – cooking messes, crafting messes, messiness from raising backyard chickens, and then our biggest mess of all – remodeling our house while living in it. Those are the type of messes you’ll find around these parts. Since you’re here why don’t I give you a little tour!

In 2011 when I started this blog we were knee-deep in a huge remodel, all while living in the mess. I washed dishes IN A BUCKET for over nine months while we worked on the house. And with a family of 5 (at the time) that was such a hard task. Here’s what was happening in the kitchen as I was in the back room of the house with my trusty bucket and 3 tiny kids:

But in May 2012 I got a kitchen sink!

Remodeling was an on-going project and I love to keep you updated, so be sure to check out the Our Biggest Mess tab for all the details, floor plans, and pictures. Plus, we have found the weirdest/neatest/wackiest stuff hiding in the walls (like a violin and turkey down in a bag!). The posts about the treasure we find in the house are some of my favorites and I know you’ll like them too. And just because we can, here’s one more look at that glorious kitchen sink (as of October 2012):

how to build a house on a budget, remodeling on a budget, home remodeling DIY

This fun little house in all of its newly remodeled glory wasn’t meant to be ours for long though. We moved to my husbands tiny (really, really tiny) hometown in April of 2013 and put the house on the market. It sold in September of that year, almost 2 years to the day that we bought it. But don’t worry, we have many other projects to share with you! We are currently living in a rental house while my husband and his dad are building a hardware store. Owning a hardware store in conjunction with the current little grocery store is Husband’s dream job and we are excited for him to live that dream.

Now we own “The Shanty“, a dilapidated old house built in the 1890′s. We are starting our hobby farm dreams on the property as we finish building the hardware store and hope to remodel (maybe…) the house this fall. I grew a massive vegetable garden, enjoyed having my backyard chickens there, and we also tried our hand at raising lambs for meat (and what a journey that was!). This hobby farm dream is super fun for me to share with you all.

Hobby farm

My hobby farm goal for 2014: raise turkeys!

And of course we took a few of our family pictures with the hens :)


My second “Mess to Bless” if you will: I love to cook!  I definitely consider myself a food blogger and Bless this Mess a food blog. I’d say about 70% of the posts here are recipes. Now, cooking with no kitchen, no sink, not even running water in the one room we were living in all last winter was tough. Through it all though I still had to cook. It is something I truly love.  Poke around the recipe index; I know you’ll find something to drool over.

Here’s a bit of what you’ll find (sorry, the pictures aren’t links) – family friendly recipes and plenty of dessert:

collage of recipe from Bless this Mess cooking blog

This blog is a place for me to share all of my messes with you. If you are into cooking, crafting, chickens, thirfting, furniture painting, gardening or remodeling, I think you’ll find something you like.

Here’s to some good cookin’, quick (or not so quick) remodeling, craftin’, and life livin’.  Enjoy.

And if you’d really like to know… here’s some of the nitty gritty.

This is me:

Melissa profile picture, professional headshot for food blogger

I’m tall.  Really tall.  Like 6 foot tall kind of tall.  I have mousy hair and squinty eyes, forget to wear make-up more days than not, and my toes have been painted with the same color of Barbie pink for the last 7 years.  I adore my freckles and milk glass cake stands.

I love my kids something fierce.  I have a strong momma-bear instinct and sending my oldest to Kindergarten this year made me bawl.

I cook.  I love all things made from scratch, I buy butter by the 30 pound case, and I grind my own wheat.  I garden, I can (you know, glass jars and boiling water), and I am not afraid of whole milk.  Chocolate chip cookies and crusty bread are my weaknesses.

I sew.  I like it, I do it, I’m learning.  My mother is a master seamstress.  She’s amazing and did all my sewing for me growing up.  Multiple states now separate me from her, so it’s time I learn for myself.  I like to make things up; patterns scare me.  I’m finding I have quiet a knack for it.  I hope you think the same.

I thirft. Garage sales are my favorite place to shop and I believe that spray paint can fix about anything.

I have an Etsy shop. Handmade makes me swoon.

This is my family (standing in The Shanty!):

IMG_2563 hh

Still needing more? Just ask!     blessthismessplease (at) gmail (dot) com
I’d love for you to stay in touch. I started and continue to blog because I enjoy it, but I really want to be successful, grow, and make a buck too! I can’t do that without you, so stick around.


26 comments on “About Bless This Mess & Myself

  1. Wow! Its awesome to find others that share the same interests as I do! I am recently a sahm to my two children (4 & 3 months) and am running our hobby farm, among many other things. We raise our meat (pigs and chickens), as well as raise a small herd of mini milking goats. I also can and garden, cloth diaper and make all of my own baby food. I will definitely stay tuned and look forward to your next blog!

  2. I found your healthy eating (2 week challenge) on Pinterest. It was so nice to finally see someone else believes in the 80/20 rule, whole milks and cheese, and everything else in between. I am so happy to have found your blog I have so many of the same interests. I can’t wait to read more:)! Are you on Instagram?

  3. Hi! I discovered you through pinterest and made your pizza crust tonight. It was so good but I used honey instead of sugar. Still good. It made two large pizzas and a couple calzones. Looking forward to reading more here. Your family is adorable.

  4. how do you have time to do all that? I have a 2 year old and just had another baby a month ago. Im working a little more than part time some days I just seem so overwhelmed. my house is constantly a disaster. I want to grow my own food and raise animals and do all the things you ladies are doing but i don’t even have time to clean my house.

  5. Just found your blog, love it! I am now a SAHM and can’t wait to get back to the country life, as we are currently citified. Thank you for this awesome blog, I can’t wait to wander around it and find all the good stuff!

  6. Just came across your blog while looking for a not too sweet fruit dip. I am going to try the Healthy Fruit dip this weekend. You have so much going on, I don’t know how you do it and have time to share with the rest of us but I am glad that you are.

  7. Hi! I just came across your blog after seeing Shannon from Life After I Dew post about your clean eating meal plan today, holy guacamole I cannot wait to try this plan our! I need to shake things up and this looks fantastic, thank you so much for posting!

  8. Hello! I’m so excited to find you! I stumbled upon your blog while googling clean eating meal plans and LOVE all the posts I’ve read so far. :)

  9. Just came across your blog and I love it!! I too am a mom of 4 but my kids are all grown now. My baby is going into his second year of college this fall. Boy we have alot in common. I LOOOOVE TO BAKE AND COOK. And refurbish furniture, decorate, crafts and more. Sounds like you might know the Lord? I to when my babies were young was a momma bear. Funny stories if ya ask my kids now. Anyway just wanted to thank you for this awesome blog and I enjoyed the pics of your remodeled home. I too want chickens… I wished I lived on a farm but we live in Alaska. Not that we couldnt have a farm but would have to have more land. Again thanks for sharing your recipes.


    1. Thank you so much for connecting Brenda! That really made my day. And I do know the Lord, it’s just a quieter/more personal part of my life. I do hope it comes through though! ALASKA! Let’s be friends and I’ll come visit :) Have a great day friend.

      1. I guess were sisters in Christ, a more quieter/personal time for me too! And yes from what I see it does come through. Yes Alaska and we love it. Gods most beautiful state. The season of garden time is too short tho. I’ll be your friend:) And you have a great day today. God bless you and your family.. Thanks for the zucchini post to I just got some the other day and am planning to make some bread!

  10. I came upon your blog while looking for easy healthy recipes on Pinterest. I am so excited to have found it. We share a lot of the same interest and although we (me, my husband, and our three boys) currently live in the suburbs I hope to one day live on a good size piece of land in an old country home with all sorts of animals. I love to garden but haven’t had much luck in the past. Maybe some of your post will help. I’m looking forward to reading your blog, especially the recipes. I love good food. Thank you.


    1. Casey!
      I just love connecting with like minded people. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, it really made my day! I think we should be internet friends :)

  11. You have such a cute and handsome ( husband, lol ) family. You remind me of my friend I grew up with and went through grade school and high school with. You are a younger version of her. I enjoy your blog and recipes, even though I am a 60 something woman!

    1. Thank you Marijean (love your name!) I think they are cute and handsome too. Here’s a fact for you, most of my friends in town are your age or older. I’ve always felt more comfortable with older ladies… what can I say, we were meant to be friends! Have a great day lady!

  12. Wow! Just stumbled across your blog whilst looking for ideas on painting furniture. It’s like someone took EVERYTHING I am about and put it in one place!!! :-) Thank you so much……and the fact you are a six footer like me makes it just seem better! I am in England so will have to ‘translate’ some of your fab tips as I continue to renovate (‘remodel’!) my home and develop my small holding (‘hobby farm’) all with the help of me little man (7 year old son). I am so looking forward to reading more and learning more. Thank you so much, you are an inspiration :-)

    1. Penny! It sounds like we are meant to be BFF’s! I’m always so pleased to meet another member of the 6 footer club. Add some remodeling and a hobby farm and we are gold. Keep in touch!