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Hello!  Welcome to Bless This Mess! Why such a mess you may ask? Five young kids, a love for all things tasty, a huge garden, lambs, backyard chickens, and many other life adventures give me a whole lot of mess to bless.

Bless this Mess is a happy picture of a quiet small town life. We moved to the Middleofnowhere in 2012 and have never looked back. We live an hour and a half from a Costco or Target but it’s the perfect place to raise kids and animals.

Bless this Mess is home to lots and lots of family friendly recipes. I love to cook with “real” food. Seasonal ingredients that I can grow at home or find on sale in my little grocery store are the best. It’s healthy real food, no health food store needed. I have a no-nonsense approach to eating the way our great-grandma’s did. Bring on the butter! We eat lots of healthy foods which means we have plenty of room for dessert. I feel like we have a real life balance to eating well and I hope you feel the same. Hungry? My recipe index is a great place to start.

To read more about my philosophy on food, as well as access to a free two-week real food meal plan, check out this post.

PicMonkey Collage

After remodeling a house for 2 years (and washing dishes in a bucket for over NINE months!), we now own “The Shanty“, a dilapidated old house built in the 1890’s. We are starting our hobby farm dream on the property while we build and open a hardware store here in our town (Husband works at home part-time as a Civil Engineer, but the hardware store is his dream too). I grew a massive vegetable garden, enjoyed having my backyard chickens there, and we also tried our hand at raising lambs for meat (and what a journey that was!) at The Shanty. This hobby farm dream is super fun for me to share with you all.

Hobby farm

We expanded our farming dreams by buying a farm in the summer of 2014! Well, it’s not much of a farm yet. It’s more like a pole barn, a neglected orchard, and alfalfa fields, but we have a grand vision. We started building our dream house there on January 23, 2016. We think it will take us 2 years to build the house ourselves and consider this the ultimate DIY!

barn raising2

We live in the prettiest place in the world. Right outside of Zion National Park in southern Utah.


Family pictures are a must share!












This blog is a place for me to share all of my messes with you. If you are into cooking, crafting, chickens, thrifting, furniture painting, gardening or remodeling, I think you’ll find something you like.

Here’s to some good cookin’, hobby farming,  crafting, and life livin’.  Enjoy.

And if you’d really like to know… here’s some of the nitty gritty.

This is me:

Melissa profile picture, professional headshot for food blogger

I’m tall.  Really tall.  Like 6 foot tall kind of tall.  I have mousy hair and squinty eyes, forget to wear make-up more days than not, and my toes have been painted with the same color of Barbie pink for the last 7 years.  I adore my freckles and milk glass cake stands.

I love my kids something fierce.  I have a strong momma-bear instinct and sending my oldest to Kindergarten last year made me bawl.

I cook.  I love all things made from scratch, I buy butter by the 30 pound case, and I grind my own wheat.  I garden, I can (you know, glass jars and boiling water), and I am not afraid of whole raw milk.  Chocolate chip cookies and crusty bread are my weaknesses.

I sew.  I like it, I do it, I’m learning.  My mother is a master seamstress.  She’s amazing and did all my sewing for me growing up.  Multiple states now separate me from her, so it’s time I learn for myself.  I like to make things up; patterns scare me.  I’m finding I have quiet a knack for it.  I hope you think the same.

I have an Etsy shop. Handmade makes me swoon.



Still needing more? Just ask!     blessthismessplease (at) gmail (dot) com
I’d love for you to stay in touch. I started and continue to blog because I enjoy it, but I really want to be successful, grow, and make a buck too! I can’t do that without you, so stick around.


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  1. Hi Melissa – just ran onto your blog – looked at the cute pics of your family. Where in Utah do you call home. It looks like it could be somewhere near a bit of heaven in southern Utah/northern Arizona i know well.

      1. Just discovered your blog and am loving your chicken leg recipes. We are trying to cut down on fat. Have you ever used skinless chicken legs or thighs in your 8 chicken leg recipes?


        1. They work great, just adjust the cooking time so that you don’t dry out your meat. I think a thermometer for checking the meat is the best option to avoid over cooking!

  2. Hi Melissa,
    Love your family photos. What a beautiful life and family you are blessed with! I just purchased your e book cookbook and am looking forward to making some of the meals this weekend. I’m unable to download the book via the link. I also sent an email and am looking forward to your response. Hope your home building project is progressing as planned. You’re such an inspiration!

    1. Karen, I sent you an email with the book in it! Did you get it?! I sure hope so, I’m sorry that it was tricky for you. Sometimes the security settings on iphones make it hard to download. Hope you have a great weekend! M.

      1. Thank you so much for your quick response! I did receive it and the cookbook is beautiful!!!! Cannot wait to try some of the recipes this weekend! You’re such an inspiration!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and I can see that I’m going to have to pace myself on reading it…or I will spend the next few days getting nothing else done! Lol. My daughter visited Zion National Park in November and loved the area.

  4. What an adorable family,and such a lovely story!Would love to subscribe to your blog.Adding fresh,healthy,new foods into my rotation,pin madly as well! Thanks and God Bless Your Mess!?

  5. Just found your God Bless Your Mess….Love the salad dressing recipes. So tired of store ones. Looking forward to your e-mail s. Thank you.

  6. Hi there, made your Lemon Energy Balls for dessert along with fruit platter last night as something extra as son’s girlfriend cannot have anything with dairy. Gosh they were super easy to make and were a hit as they had good texture and were tasty.

  7. I just came across your blog! It is lovely and uplifting! What a great combination and then I realized that you too are in southern utah! No wonder I am in love!!! I live in Saint George and work at Contempo tile!! I am always curious about building because that’s my job and passion so I love to listen and read stories about how people do it. So fun! I am looking forward to more reading. :)