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How to Pop Popcorn in a Brown Paper Bag in the Microwave

  • Author: Melissa Griffiths-Bless this Mess
  • Total Time: 7 minutes
  • Yield: 2-3 cups 1x


A quick and easy guide on how to pop popcorn in the microwave using just a paper bag, no oil needed. Making popcorn has never been easier!


  • 1/3 cup popcorn kernels
  • 1 medium brown paper bag
  • Melted butter and salt or other seasonings to taste


  1. Add the popcorn to the paper bag and fold the top over a time or two.
  2. Microwave on high until the popping has a one second gap in it, 1.5-2.5 minutes.
  3. Stop the microwave, dump the popped popcorn into a large bowl and season as desired.
  4. Repeat as needed to get the desired amount of popcorn.


  • The goal is to pop as many kernels as you can without burning the popcorn. The time that will take will vary depending on the age and water content of your popcorn, your climate/weather, and your microwave.
  • Don't walk away from the popping or you'll end up with a bag of burnt popcorn. Stand there and listen until, after the popping starts going rapidly, you hear a one second pause in popping. As soon as you hear that little break, stop the microwave.
  • Prep Time: 5 min
  • Cook Time: 2 min
  • Category: Snack
  • Method: Microwave
  • Cuisine: American

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