Slow Cooker Yogurt Recipe

Slow cooker yogurt is an easy, healthy and inexpensive way to make homemade yogurt without a yogurt maker. Prepare it in five minutes, go to bed, and wake up to a freshly made breakfast!

Let’s get started!

"It turned out lovely! - Doris


In a large crock pot, add the milk. Add the lid.Turn it on low for around 2 ½ hours*.


1. After that time has passed, unplug the crock pot and let it sit for 3 hours.


After the 3 hours has passed, stir in the ½ cup of yogurt. Replace the lid of the crock pot and cover with 2 big towels or a blanket. Let rest for 8 to 12 hours (overnight works well). In the morning you'll have yogurt!


Place it in a ½ gallon mason jar and refrigerate for a few hours before serving. It will thicken up in the fridge. Keep a ½ cup of this yogurt for your next batch!


You can also let the yogurt strain in cheese cloth in the fridge for a few hours and you'll get a thicker Greek yogurt!

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