Homemade Hamburger Helper

Homemade Hamburger Helper is all of the simpleness and ease of the stuff in the box, without the box! This dish is a creamy, cheesy, pasta and hamburger recipe that’s super fast to make.

Let’s get started!


In a large skillet or high sided saute pan add the ground beef and cook over medium-high heat until the beef is cooked through and no longer pink, breaking it into pieces with a spoon as it cooks.


When the beef is cooked through, add the cornstarch, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and black pepper. Stir to combine and cook for 30 seconds. Add the chicken stock and stir to combine.


Add the pasta and stir to combine. Bring the pan back up to a boil and reduce the heat so that it’s simmering steadily but not boiling hard.


Cover the pan with a lid and cook until the pasta is cooked al dente, stirring often, about 15 minutes.


When the pasta is cooked through remove the lid and stir in the heavy cream.


Add the cheese and stir to combine until the cheese melts. Simmer for 1-2 minutes until the mixture thickens slightly. Serve while hot!

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