Homemade  Cottage Cheese

You can make homemade cottage cheese -- AND it's super simple, fresh, and delicious! One of my favorite easy cheeses to make and a fun introduction to cheese making that doesn't require any special ingredients or tools.


Place milk in a large pan, and bring up to 120 degrees F. over medium heat.


When milk reaches 120 degrees F., take it off the heat and slowly pour in vinegar while stirring. A big ole' curd will form. Cover the pot, and allow the milk/giant curd to sit for 30 minutes.


After the time has passed, place a cotton tea towel in a colander, and drain the curd from the whey.


Once the curd is in the towel, gather up all of the corners of the towel and wash the curd, under cold water, for 5 minutes. Hold onto towel and future cheese under the water, and massage the curd to wash it until the water runs clear.


After you are done washing, squeeze all of the extra water through the towel.  You will end up with small, dry curd when you are done.


Place curd in a bowl, and add the cream and salt (to taste) to the curd right before you serve it. If you are only going to eat half, only add half the cream to half the curd.

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