Zion National Park Vacation Rental

Gorgeous affordable Zion National Park vacation rental

This summer I have had all kinds of people email me to ask for food and lodging recommendations near me and I’ve also been lucky enough to host multiple families that were passing through my neck of the woods (Hi, Katie!). Living near Zion National Park has it’s perks. I have a dear friend that just remodeled a 100 year old house (the home her husband grew up in, no less), and now it’s a Zion National Park vacation rental. I had the honor of taking pictures of her home, so I wanted to show them all to you just in case you might be passing though. It is lovely! You can rent via Airbnb HERE or on VRBO HERE. If you are looking for a gorgeous affordable Zion National Park vacation rental, this should be on your list.

Can you see that painting? It’s an original that the owner painted. How neat is that?

Gorgeous affordable Zion National Park vacation rental

Now let’s take a little stroll through this lovely home! When I was taking pictures Connie (my friend and the owner) kept telling me she was going for “100 years fresh” for the style and I think she nailed it. The colors are lovely and there’s so much warmth and character from the home and antiques she has brought in. I kept teasing her that we’d like to move in and just pay her monthly rent.

This house is called Pinkie’s Place and here’s why: “Roger and Connie love this sweet house and named it “Pinkie’s Place” after his mother. She was nicknamed Pinkie by his father and signed all of her love letters to him “Pinkie.” Pinkie fell in love with Stub when she was 5 years old.
Roger was raised in this home and has always stayed in this area. He learned to be a mechanic from his father and runs the Sinclair Service Station a few miles south. Connie is an artist and loves quilt making and now teaches art at the high school.”

The pictures turned out great too. I felt like I was shooting pictures for Better Homes and Gardens and it was so much fun. I can’t wait to have pictures of our house like this one day.

Gorgeous affordable Zion National Park vacation rental

Gorgeous affordable Zion National Park vacation rental

Gorgeous affordable Zion National Park vacation rental

Gorgeous affordable Zion National Park vacation rental Gorgeous affordable Zion National Park vacation rental Gorgeous affordable Zion National Park vacation rental Gorgeous affordable Zion National Park vacation rental

So Connie teaches art across the street from my house, we fill up at their gas station, and she is going to be my paint color selector when it comes time to paint my own house because I am in love with all of the colors she chose. I hope this helps you as you choose a Zion National Park vacation rental, and when you are in town, let me know and I’ll cook dinner. I’m serious too!

Pin this for a future vacation and when your friends are traveling here, I’d love for you to point them in Connie’s direction. They won’t be disappointed..

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deb c

What a cute place! And the painting by the original owner is priceless! I hope there is a book in the house that tells and shows vacationers the history of the house, painting, love story and other fun things about the area! Its neat knowing what the walls have seen and heard! I had fun reading the Hoover story in your old house as it unraveled……in a vacation rental it would be just as entertaining and heartwarming!

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