Young Women’s Camp Balloon Launch

The last night of camp, the night after the hike, we had testimony meetings with just the girls in our ward and then met together again. The little pieces of paper with our testimonies written on them, which we had written the night before, had been secretly tied to white helium balloons with colored LED lights attached at the base of each balloon.
At ten o’clock at night 300 lit balloons were launched into the night sky with our hearts written on attached papers. Three hundred lit balloons floated towards heaven in a very magical way. If you have ever seen the movie Rapunzel, it was very much like the floating lantern scene – gorgeous.
As the balloons and lights started to grow small the most magnificent and enormous shooting star stretched the length of the night sky, right where we were all watching. The bishop was behind me and he whispered, “That was no accident.” That phrase had already rung true in my heart before the words were said.
Camp was no accident. The girls who attended were not there without cause. The miracles that happened before and during camp were indeed miracles.
This last night I took the opportunity to talk to the girls in their tents as I tucked them into bed. I told them that I really felt like each of them was there that week for a reason. I challenged them to find that reason, to write it down in their journals, and to not forget it.
I think what made this camp so different from the many others I have attended was the opportunities we were given to know that the Lord knows us each as individuals. I felt that love and peace throughout the week and I know the girls did, too. Sure, we laughed, ate lots of treats, glittered-out shoes, did a service project, sang silly songs, and talked all night. Camp was still Girls Camp, but those extra opportunities to look inside of ourselves and to feel our Savior’s love for us as individuals made it a wonderful week.

As the mom/leader/friend, what are you doing to provide opportunities for your youth to gain a testimony that the Lord knows them? How do you turn off the distractions of the world? How do you help someone to listen and hear something that only a still small voice can tell them? How do you know that the Lord loves you? Being a mom is busy and loud. How do you find time to quietly know the Lord?

And there you have it, a wonderful week at girls camp and thoughts from my heart. Thanks for letting me put this out there.

I had my new camera for less than a week at this point and had no idea how to do much with it, especially in the dark. The pictures don’t do the even justice but were pretty fun none the less.

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Rob and Marseille

that is cool!

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