Fresh fruit in the winter can be tasteless. Sure you can still get whatever you like, but flavor-lacking fruit is not usually worth the high price. Eating fruit when it is in season is a great practice. You are sure to pay a lower price and get better quality! Oranges and pomegranate are in season in the winter months and normally peak right at Christmas.
I occasionally get a Bountiful Basket which is a food co-op group. You order a basket on Monday for $15 and then pick it up at a various location on Saturday morning. You never know what you are going to get, which is a lot of fun. Last week the basket included things like apples, tangerines, bananas, grapes, blackberries, radishes, lettuce, spinach, and cucumber. I think it is a fun way to try new things (Jerusalem artichokes and persimmons were new-to-me basket items). The quality is not always amazing and you do get things like blackberries in the winter. Blackberries are a late summer to early fall fruit, not winter. Macey picked one up, popped it in her mouth and said, “Ew. It tastes like a marker.” Now, I’m not sure what markers taste like, but blackberries should not be compared to them. Ever.
What do you do with less than ideal fruit? Hide it in a fruit salad! Super sweet oranges, pomegranate, and fresh pineapple cover up the tastelessness of the blackberries. A dollop of vanilla yogurt and a drizzle of honey also help to sweeten things up!
Winter Fruit Salad
3 cups of assorted winter fruit, washed and cut up (any citrus, pomegranates, persimmons, kiwi…)
1 cup or less of any fruit you shouldn’t have bought
3 T. Vanilla yogurt
1 T. honey
Mix the fruits together and top with yogurt and honey. Serve right away. Refrigerate any leftovers.
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