What I’m Thankful For:

It has been a crazy year for us. Remodeling while living in the mess is hard, physically and emotionally. The work was not the hardest part for me; living in it was. Today isn’t a day to lament the past though. It’s a day to be grateful for today.
Today I want to celebrate all of the changes I’ve seen in a kitchen since last Thanksgiving.
Last Thanksgiving my “kitchen” was a stove and fridge in a hall. No sink, no cabinets, nothing more than what you see here.

Our lives took place in one small room in the back of the house. It was our bedroom, living room, play room, and dining room all crammed into one. Plus, without a kitchen sink I had the honor of washing dishes in a bucket on my table. Dishes for five in a bucket for almost nine months. Yeah, it wasn’t easy. Plus, there’s no running water in this room, so I had to pack it in from the shower.

Living room, bedroom, baby’s room…

There’s the toys and “pantry”:

And the kitchen area. There are no work surfaces where the stove and fridge were so I prepped everything in this room. When cooking I had to run back and forth between the stove, table, and fridge. Let’s just say I burnt many things in the process!

This is the old kitchen before we tore it out:

And while I was living like a squatter in the back of the house, magic was slowly being worked in the real kitchen area:
Eventually I moved out of the hall! Still not ideal, but better…
What’s that I spy?
A pantry! Dreams do come true!
And I was lucky enough to snag a hutch to paint at a garage sale that just happens to fit perfectly in my new kitchen!
And there you have it. After a year of hard work and hard living I now have a beautiful kitchen to call my own. That is indeed something to be thankful for.
I’m also thankful for perspective, time, and a husband with ninja skills.
You know what else I’m thankful for? This blog and you great people who take the time to read it. The blog, like the kitchen, was just a dream last Thanksgiving. Now look at how far we’ve come. Thank you for helping me through this journey. You have no idea just how much I love it. You’re the best.
Happy Thanksgiving all. Eat a piece of pie and be thankful, Melissa

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Debbie Brushwood
Debbie Brushwood

what a beautiful kitchen… and the new hutch fits perfectly in there. gives it a very personal homey touch.

Cami @ You Seriously Made That

Happy Thanksgiving!! Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL. Stunning. Worth waiting for 😉 Hope you are doing well!!


Happy Thanksgiving! I’m glad you have that beautiful kitchen this year… You are amazing to have done that… Recent experiences here have been close… But you still take the cake 🙂


Congratulations on your new kitchen! All that’s left to finish in ours is painting and lights 🙂

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