Five Ingredient Sides for Thanksgiving

Five ingredient sides for Thanksgiving will save you time this holiday season - and there are 8 easy recipes for them here!

Let’s get started!


Mashed potatoes are awesome, and sweet potatoes are even better, but roasted and then mashed sweet potatoes are my all-time favorite! 


These are simple to make and fun to eat. You don't need much more than a little olive oil and some salt and pepper for this Brussels Sprouts Recipe!


Long live the butternut squash. This is such a simple way to enjoy it, and if you have leftovers, you can throw them on all the things.


I've never had a potato that is so fluffy and creamy. You must try these salt potatoes as soon as possible; they are going to change your potato world.


Butter and green beans, enough said. Make sure you get some good quality green beans for this garlic green bean recipe!


I love carrots, and this is a fun way to eat pan seared carrots without turning them into the ever-popular candied carrot.

Bread bun

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